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Heinrich Himmler St Francis

The stone

Recently Tom Goodrich, the author of the most relevant book in English so far this century, introduced me online to one of his friends as a “WN in Mexico City who is desperate to create a very low-budget, but effective YouTube film on the crimes against Germany.” But I am not a White Nationalist. This is what I wrote in the final essay of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour:

White nationalism is only a stone in the middle of the rapid-flowing waters of a dangerous river; an over-the-water large stone that can help us in our endeavor to jump to the other side. I myself used that stone in my crossing from Christianity and Liberalism to National Socialism. In fact, I could even write down such a spiritual odyssey in a text that might be titled “From St Francis to Himmler.”

Well, I’ve started writing the odyssey, which will take me years to complete. For the moment I cannot imagine a better way to introduce the subject of what National Socialism really is than quoting extensively from what the Führer himself said. See the entries from most of the 1941-1944 table discussions at Hitler’s headquarters (Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier) that, one per day, will be accumulating: here.

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This David Irving quote could appear as a hatnote on every single of the 192 entries of my new series “Uncle Adolf’s table talks”—excerpts of Hitler’s talks—that will keep me busy for the next six months. But I rather put it in this comment section of what will become a sticky post for half a year. Irving wrote:

I have dipped into Mein Kampf but never read it. It was written only partly by Hitler, and that is the problem. More important are… Hitler’s table talks: daily memoranda which first Heim (Bormann’s adjutant, whom I interviewed) and then Picker wrote down at his table side.

It must be noted that Franklin Ryckaert’s taking issue with a light-weight Hitlerite like Carolyn Yeager about Uncle Adolf’s plans to expand his Reich eastwards is explainable if we consider that Ryckaert and quite a few white nationalists are not integral apostates from Christianity, only a semi-apostates.

franciscan-monk-with-amerind(Left: The Franciscan and the Indian by Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco.)

As to my confessional, literary project see here and here.

my-patron-saint-himmlerI’m still not sure which will be the final title. For the moment I have changed the title from Exterminio to Hojas Caídas; the other auto-biographical work I’m planning to write, En Busca del Alma Gemela, is the one that might be renamed as De San Francisco a Himmler.

Cesar, I do not know if you are at all familiar with William Gayley Simpson’s magnum opus Which Way Western Man? This is a confessional autobiographical work promoted by Pierce’s National Alliance.

Simpson chronicles his life story from an Evangelical Christian preacher with strong Socialist leanings to an independent Franciscan living in a small religious community.

Later in life he would repudiate all ties to Christianity, becoming a Nietzschean mystic and a Nordicist.

It is remarkable the degree to which his final beliefs align with yours.

I didn’t know. Thanks for the tip. I can only add that if your mind goes to the extreme yin the inertia will swing the pendulum to the extreme Yang, with time. This might also happen with the West’s zeitgeist after we hit rock bottom in the suicidal “empire of yin.”

Two germane comments by OD’s admin from this thread:

My view is that most WNs just really aren’t all that committed to their cause. They have been educated over the internet. They have been converted to the WN worldview. At the end of the day though, what they really care about is preserving their middle class lifestyle, and they aren’t going to take any risk or make any sacrifice, however small, that places any of that in jeopardy.

The bottom line is, if WNs don’t stand up for their own cause, if they are afraid of being “exposed,” it is not going to go anywhere.

DS’s article on the subject discussed at OD: here.

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