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“I hate Hitler” —Matt Heimbach

At the recent Council of Conservative Citizens Matt Heimbach talked about “Christian principles,” the impossibility to expel “a hundred million of non-whites” from the US either using “nuclear weapons or neutron bombs” and that “that’s not desirable either—as a Christian… we identitarians… our faith in Jesus Christ…”

In spite of all that, since Heimbach seems to put race first he may be considered in my category of “Christians that I do respect.” However, at Occidental Dissent an apparently non-Christian commenter opined about his speech:

Heimbach seems to think we can achieve this peacefully. Yeah, that’s a nice pipe dream.

Secession caused a war, as well as the German racial ethnostate. We lost both times, and that more than anything has defined our current situation.

Minus the system failing or some kind of worldwide cataclysmic event, I don’t see much hope on the horizon, unfortunately.

He seems to want to partition the US instead of conquering it and removing all non-Whites, because that’s not feasible and it’s too violent. Well how the hell does he think even partitioning and removing non-Whites that live in the area he wants is going to happen?

We face violent opposition even at the local level, Heimbach knows this himself. Even having a civil discussion with these people is difficult. How many times are these types of conferences cancelled because the location was threatened and bullied into refusing the event.

Later on the same thread, a Christian commenter added:

Matthew Heimbach proposes a quaint and peaceful ethno-state for white people somewhere within the confines of the north American continent. Nothing the Federal government could not crush in less than a week. Unless there is some kind of “Fight Club” permeating every level of our government, you are really asking for a genocide. No, Dorothy, you can’t click your heels three times and get back to Kansas. I am still amazed that Southerners like Matt just don’t get how foolish his proposition is.

However, I did like his comment that the solution to 1984 is the Spain of 1936. Unfortunately, we are living in 2013 Amerika. The scales have been tipped too far to the left. The cult of equality has blinded the well-meaning. We have been sucker-punched and will have to stand trial for defending ourselves like George Zimmerman.

It is a shame if Matt “hates Hitler”. Either his emotion has gotten the better of him or he is pandering to the left. Never hate, especially that which you do not know. If he ever studied the man Hitler, he would not “hate” him but he might learn something from him.

I would recommend Heimbach to read the articles under the heading “On the need to undemonize Hitler” at the sidebar of this blog.

13 replies on “Heimbach”

The same could be said of Richard Spencer, who won’t touch the JQ. There is too much pandering in WN; I understand that if you publicly state some issues, you risk sounding like a lunatic or possibly you will lose your job/university scholars/public credibility.

But if our hands are so tied that we cannot embrace Hitler or bring up the JQ, then we have already lost, so what’s the point?

May be we have already lost, and all of these WNs are just milking the system for ego gratification, and in some cases, money. I don’t have a better explanation … you have to be an idiot to not see that WW2, Hitler, and the JQ are all positions we need to WIN on in order to gain white support. You cannot avoid these issues.

I disagree with Greg Johnson on a lot of issues, but that man is not a coward and doesn’t avoid the big questions.

I agree with your assessment of Greg. Originally I started to follow Richard Spencer and in the very first radio show he interviewed Larry Auster, and I surmised that Spencer was perfectly conscious of the JQ (unlike Auster). But after that he shifted to the Left and apparently the topic became taboo.

I agree with Linder that we cannot share bedrooms with these fancy girls.

To be fair, there are times when silence or moderation is good.

(95% of the time silence and moderation are just cowardice in disguise)

But as an exception, Pat Buchanan (who perhaps is working for the enemy, but I assume not) uses his public platform to espouse ideas which are in spirit fascistic and racist, but are said in a literal way that is neither fascistic, nor racialist.

Buchanan wrote an entire book addressing WW2 called, “The Unnecessary War.”

He also wrote books which expose the Jewish Strategy in detail; but he never explicitly names who is doing this other than the ‘Frankfurt School’.

That’s not pandering, that’s doing the best you can to disseminate and alternative view without losing all credibility.

“I hate Hitler” —Matt Heimbach

By the way, I have a friend who told me Heimbach is a Nazi supporter (I think he also has relatives who fought for the Third Reich), so he’s probably just saving face.

The same with Dennis Mangan. I stopped trying to post at his site when he said that WW2 or “the H man” were basically forbid at Mangan’s.

Another fancy girl…

This is not a serious person. Jews are masters at using naive people of limited experience and/or intelligence and purposing them to their will by flattery and the spotlight which these people crave.

It may be that he simply had a sheltered Christian upbringing and so is just very naive and late to the racial game. There is some evidence for this in that he seems to be gradually becomming a little bit more White. For instance, he now actually says the word White. He used to say “Western”. He had jigaboos in his Youth for Western Civilization ads and portrayed them as “us”. Now he at least acknowledges that we are not negroes. That’s progress.
The other alternative is that this is simply as good as it gets. He just may be a very active and vocal guy with very limited intelligence and conflicting loyalties. He may just believe that a dead Jewish underemployed carpenter governs the universe and will judge him after he dies. If that is the case, we can not expect that his loyalty lies with our people. Ultimately, he will just throw loyal Whites under the bus to curry favor with Jews and other races as is common practice among conservatives.

We are in a war for our very survival. I do not accept people with conflicted loyalties. If theey something neat every now and again, that’s cool

Woops. I’m on a cell phone and abortively bumped the send button on my phone.

Ah well. I wish him all the best in whichever direction his spirit takes him. As of now he has conflicted loyalties. I have enough comrades who love their race unequivocally, love our historic leaders unequivocally are tougher and smarter. Hopefully he’ll gow up to be a worthy comrade. He’s not there yet but I wish him well.

The world is large enough for all sorts of crazy people and ideas.

Every idea he expresses in this speech is as old as the hills. He’s talking about a separatist homeland as if noone has ever heard of this before.

Hey Matt! There are already three existing White seperatist homelands in the US!

Since you expressed a desire for only Christians and you wanted it in the South, there are two which fit your desires. Pastor Dan Gayman has a Christian White seperatist community in Missouri called the Church of Israel. Go there and help it grow.

If you don’t like that one, go to Elohim City.

For those who do not put religion before their race, they can go to Kalispell Montana and help the PLE there grow.

We’re decades ahead of you, Matt.

“Heimbach seems to think we can achieve this peacefully. Yeah, that’s a nice pipe dream.”

This guy is not daydreaming, he’s in a state of coma.

Matt it’s like countless of youngs (me) that know something it’s wrong but don’t know where to aim their hate because they’ve been brainwashed to hate things that he’s not supposed to hate.

It’s the fault of the baby boomers … the biggest group of Judeo-narcissists ever born. Unfortunately our entire culture is saturated by retardation because of these people.

The McDonaldization of the world, ironically was fomented by the supposedly anti-corporate boomer-hippies.

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