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Who is one of us?

My recent posts, “Was Nietzsche one of us?” and “Was Evola one of us?” move me to ask the central question in the movement. This is my response. A white nationalist:

arthur-kemp(1) sees all history and the world of ideas through the prism of white racial preservation. He must know by heart the historical facts collected by William Pierce in his last book, Who We Are and Arthur Kemp (photo) in March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race;

(2) is perfectly aware of the Jewish Problem; and

(3) envisions the ethnostate as the solution to our problems, which means expelling all non-whites (including Jews) from Europe, North America and Australia, independently of the cost of human lives that the implementation of such project would require.

In his more recent interviews Kemp strongly disagreed with the late Pierce’s bloody revolutionary fantasies to reclaim white societies, but pace Kemp that is exactly what will be needed.

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The poor philosophy department has suffered so much abuse recently!

A question that comes to mind is: Was Darwin one of us?

Well, it depends on how he was feeling that day:

I have watched how steadily the general feeling, as shown at elections, has been rising against Slavery. What a proud thing for England if she is the first European nation which utterly abolishes it! I was told before leaving England that after living in slave countries all my opinions would be altered; the only alteration I am aware of is forming a much higher estimate of the negro character. It is impossible to see a negro and not feel kindly towards him; such cheerful, open, honest expressions and such fine muscular bodies. I never saw any of the diminutive Portuguese, with their murderous countenances, without almost wishing for Brazil to follow the example of Hayti; and, considering the enormous healthy-looking black population, it will be wonderful if, at some future day, it does not take place.

That’s probably his most embarrassing quote. However, his actual personal contact with Negros was pretty limited. I’m reminded of Thomas Jefferson getting all idealistic about the Indians he never knew, while bashing the Negros he knew very well.

Looking back though his writing, his basic understanding of racial science is actually very strong. He notes things that a lot of modern people can’t think of, despite their supposed education.

I guess my main point with the thought experiment is that we couldn’t just get mad at Darwin and start ignoring evolutionary theory, even if – upon closer examination – we found that he wasn’t any sort of nationalist and we in fact didn’t like him personally (I wouldn’t go so far, I think he was just a little naïve).

Likewise, even if Nietzsche was being an imbecile or a troll at some point, we can’t ignore parts of his theory that are useful to us. And if none of it is, what has he really done, even if we liked him personally quite a bit?

I do sort of get the whole “cult of Nietzsche” thing getting silly, especially since Nietzsche is just a terrible figure to try and set something like that up around. So maybe taking him down a peg was useful, at least forcing people to weigh the things he says (which contradict each other at points anyways).

On the other hand, I don’t want to see useful writers “purged” over some issue not central to their work. I think Nietzsche did have useful ideas, namely about the end of the Christian mindset in modern times.

Since Darwin can’t really be dismissed nor slavishly followed, I thought he might make for a better analogy.

Likewise, even if Nietzsche was being an imbecile or a troll at some point, we can’t ignore parts of his theory that are useful to us.

Of course!

On the other hand, I don’t want to see useful writers “purged”

My wish to start adding articles debunking Western philosophers has to do with the fact that, unlike Greg who’s more like a reactionary, I am a hard-core WNst and, by showing that Martínez is right that the “Wisdom of the West” is mainly a desertic wasteland, I might move some visitors to start studying the history of their race instead of spending their time in pointless cultural dissertations.

For instance, these days Lew has been discussing with John Morgan at Counter-Currents about (intellectual charlatan) Alex Dugin. Morgan is co-proprietor of Arktos, which publishes Dugin, Faye and other well-known reactionaries.

I despise all that. They have brains for sure but they look like eunuchs before my eyes. I can only tolerate people like the characters of Pierce’s novels and feel an enormous desire to, as Linder would say, “attack conservatives!”

I’ll admit, my defense of Evola and Nietzsche doesn’t extend to Dugin. Nothing good of his is new, nothing new of his is good, as the old saying goes.

I don’t much like this trend towards “New Right” political correctness. You brought this up with regards to Counter-Currents awhile ago, and you were spot on.

In that context, I see why you’re picking at some of the old idols. After all, isn’t that Dugin-esque reaction a stone’s throw away from the “Cross and Culture” focus of the Spanish? The idea that led to the hordes of Natural Republicans that now make up the country? And Mexico’s problems are all in America too, these days.

I agree Dugin’s ideas and Eurasianism amount to a dead end if the priority is white survival. I don’t think white survival is the main priority for most of his admirers.

As Bruce Lee said; “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”

Chechar, I’ve been visiting WN’list websites for a few years now and yours is the very first attempt I’ve seen being made to try and define what a WN’list is all about.

I think your definition is cogent, terse and powerful and that it is in itself a platform of action for the movement. I suggest you put the link for this post on the side-bar of the blog as a basic reference for what the ideas upheld here are all about.

Great advice. Thanks. I’ve just added a page almost at the top of the sidebar, “Who’s one of us?” under the title of “The Fundamentals”, where I modified a little the above entry.

Note: A “page” is not a regular “entry” insofar as it doesn’t appear as a daily post, but it is still visible for all those who want to read it.

Should awareness of the Jews possibly be expanded to a willingness to confront them openly? I think a lot of their apologists basically understand them but hope to “sneak up on them” (ht: Rockwell) or convince them to reform themselves or just avoid seriously rocking the boat.

I wouldn’t like to imply that these people could be “woken up” with more data on the Jews.

(Reposting again because I had put the wrong link below)

“Betty White”, a Body-snatched Pod from Santa Cruz in California, tried to post a couple of entries in this thread that I won’t let pass (Betty: this site is not for Pod people):

“Who We Is?”
Let me see if I can translate your three criteria into reality.
1) Must be able to read two books. (I’m afraid that alone is going to pose a bit of problem for a significant portion of your constituency)
2) Must believe that Jews have tails and webbed feet. (Except for Jesus, of course)
3) Must cherish some moronic, utterly superficial fantasy to expel darkies and Jews “from what used to be all-white lands.” (Included in these “used to be all-white lands” are North America and Australia which, by the moronic fantasy’s “all-white” standard, were “all-white” for about 200 years … or one half of one percent of human history)

And this one:

It says, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” That’s a nice, euphemistic way of putting it. Nicer than, your comment is awaiting censorship … following its failure to meet our standards of political correctness.

May I direct Betty’s attention to another thread about another Pod woman?


P.S. Betty: we are not even Christians here; you have not even read the featured posts.

I definitely will tell others your ‘suggested’ reading requirements, Chechar, and tremendous thanks for your intellectual work in regard white nationalism. In the meantime, 1984 is upon us.

Thanks. I am not saying that those who have not read a couple of books are not WNsts. No. What I say is that those who claim being “us” must have basic knowledge of white history, which is not the same thing (unfortunately, besides Kemp and Pierce no other has bothered to write a history of the white race).

I agree Dugin’s ideas and Eurasianism amount to a dead end if the priority is white survival. I don’t think white survival is the main priority for most of his admirers.

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