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Was Evola one of us?

Cannot believe it. Just a cursory search on this guy adored by Greg Johnson and so many commenters at Counter-Currents—for God’s sake!: this is Wikipedia’s lead paragraph on Julius Evola—:

evolaHe was never a member of the Italian National Fascist Party (and thus rejected for not being a member), or the Italian Social Republic, and was furthermore engaged in constant criticism of fascism and declaring he was an anti-fascist. Evola regarded his position as that of a sympathetic right-wing intellectual…

One of his successes was in regards to the racial laws; his advocation of a spiritual consideration of race won out in the debate in Italy, rather than a solely materialist reductionism concept popular in Germany.

—and Evola looks, at first sight, like a typical coward conservative, not even a race realist of the kind of Jared Taylor.

“Spiritual consideration of race” rather than “the concept popular in Germany”? Jeez! Unless the wiki got this all wrong, this single piece of data corroborates what I said in my entry about this guy and the pompously called “Buddha,” and it also vindicates my putting one of his books into the trash can, where I guess other of his works also belong.

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Evola was reactionary to the max. He didn’t believe in evolution or even scientific knowledge in general, since it was a product of The Dark Age. I don’t even think he liked matter or perception very much.

He wasn’t a conservative Buckley type by any stretch, and his issue with fascism was always that it was too modern / leftist / democratic / rational / whatever. I guess he’s sort of like those hardcore Catholics who maintain the Church was right about geocentrism. I guess you have to admire his grit…

Also Nazi race theory wasn’t purely “materialist,” it was just non-dualistic, and frankly far superior to Mussolini’s confused system (which never freed itself from the Roman statism which set up its own downfall).

Frankly,I think a large part of Evola’s popularity is that he obscured the race issue enough to avoid full-on confrontation with modernity, instead going to issues he considers more “fundamental” and modernity itself considers more trivial. Maybe that’s just cynicism.

Evola’s a cool guy, but I’m wary of making him out to be some sort of central figure. At least Serrano’s mysticism was more hard-core.

Might have been somewhat cool but I’d like to add something to my post about the so-called Buddha and Evola. The following is a paragraph from a book-review written by a western buff of Buddhism, “Uncompromising view of Buddhism based on questionable scholarship,” published on November 22, 2010 at Amazon:

Is Evola’s perspective on Buddhism believable? He has used the Pali Canon, the oldest set of Buddhist scriptures, to try to capture the original Buddhist teaching transmitted to the original sangha school that gathered around the Buddha. He has rejected any Buddhist teaching that derives from later scriptures (the various sutras) or from later schools (such as Tibetan Vajrayana). First of all, scholars are undecided to what extent the Pali Canon represents original Buddhism.

Second, if you look at the Pali Canon, it is huge, and must contain a lot that is not represented in Evola’s work. Since he doesn’t discuss his research or his methodology of interpretation, it’s hard to know whether he has basically cherry-picked or effectively summarized the Pali Canon. I don’t have enough background to make a guess.

However I can say that Evola’s work on Zen (The Religion of the Samurai), while not an outright distortion, shows signs of lack of exposure to source materials and scholarship. I suspect the same is true here.

So my hunch that Evola did not study the whole Canon Pali was right. I have had the magnificent recent English translation in my hands. And it’s not only huge but something like the oriental version of the writings of the Classical German Idealist philosophers. Prohibitive for non-scholars!

Again, Evola could not have read it since the translation to a Western language is so recent…

Julius Evola spoke at least 7 different languages; while he may not have been fluent in Pali, he could read the Pali Canon in its original form.

For instance, Evola learned German in order to study Schelling and Fichte in their original form because no translation was available, the same was the case with Pali.

Other traditionalists who commented on Buddhism, such as, Guenon, spoke 11 unique languages.

Coomaraswamy spoke 30 languages (Pali included)! No, I’m not making that up … 30 languages including Iclandic and Mandarin.

Traditional scholars are geniuses.

“Evola looks, at first sight, like a typical coward conservative, not even a race realist of the kind of Jared Taylor.”

Evola fought in WW1 and desperately tried to get the Eastern front to fight the Russians during WW2, but was disallowed due to his political stance. Repeatedly he risked his life climbling some of the most dangerous mountains in Europe. He hobnobbed with some of the greatest warriors (including Junger) and aristocrats within Germany prior to WW2.

Coward? Are you serious?

He was injured walking around admist a bombing campaign, questioning his fate while everyone else was in a bunker …

Perhaps crazy, but no coward, quite the opposite.

That description of yours in no way fits a coward. Regarding his stance on race, it sounds like he just would not accept the vulgar materialist conception that the positivists proposed .
And in some ways I do understand him.

Which is also why I have a problem with generic reductionist “white nationalism”. This ideology is totally unsuited for europeans with their distinct cultures, languages and spirit.

“Which is also why I have a problem with generic reductionist “white nationalism”. ”

Me too. Collectively, the white race is superior to all other races. And I acknowledge that we must maintain a homogeneous population, so technically all whites are important to the cause of Western civilization.

But it is only the unique and excellent specimens part of the natural aristocracy of talent (say the the top 15% or less) that have ever displayed virtue, intelligence, and true charisma.

WN, as a term, is sort of silly. The West was nearly >95% white for most of the post-WW2 epoch … yet so little greatness was created and that population which grew up under those circumstances is anti-white and liberal-Marxist.

Do we want to go back to a period of ‘White Nations’?

Evola and Spengler were right, we need some form of benign monarchy and caste system (not a sprawling middle class with no responsibility).

Mister Deutsch

When thinking on the term “white nationalism”, I picture various boneheads and hillbillies sporting their nazi regalia.

I must admit that I have a hard time identifying with these people. On the other hand I admit that these people are important for winning fights on the street. No matter how you view the situation, they will be the backbone of any volkisch movement. The Golden Dawn is a prime example of this in modern times, just like the national socialists in Germany.

I suspect the european football crowds in the various european countries will have a decisive role to play, if any nationalist european revolution is to come about.

“Evola and Spengler were right, we need some form of benign monarchy and caste system (not a sprawling middle class with no responsibility).”

I agree. Things went downhill with the french revolution, when the traditional aristocracy was exchanged for a technocratic and rootless elite.

Yes, the image of idiot-rednecks supporting Nazism is deliberately sponsored by you know who, but that’s not the real problem. People who dress up in uniform … hey, at least they are alive.

It’s the hypocrtical white (spiritually) bourgeois consumers who are the bricks and mortar that the Jews stand upon.

Ofcourse, saying that is offensive, but it’s the truth.

Was Evola one of us?

I have a related question: was Nietzsche one of us?

I haven’t read Evola, or Nietzsche, or anyone else’s books. A few days ago, I read a blog article about Hervé Ryssen’s latest book “La guerre eschatologique” (the eschatological war). Ryssen is a French author of books about Jews, and a critic of both Evola and Nietzsche, and of other philosophers who go around in circles, and seem a waste of time for practically minded anti-replacist Whites.

Ryssen says that Nietzsche, who liked to criticize Christianity, refused to understand anything to the Jewish problem, even though there was no lack of German intellectuals giving all the required explanations at the time.

For example, in Beyond Good and Evil (§ 251), Nietzsche writes that “it would perhaps be useful and fair to banish the anti-Semitic bawlers out of the country”. The only book by Nietzsche that Ryssen liked is Zarathustra. He says that Nietzsche’s popularity has been encouraged by our anticlerical establishment. So, why is he still popular with White Nationalists?

Counter-Currents has lots of interesting articles, but their articles about Evola, Nietzsche, Guénon are probably a waste of time for the anti-replacist cause.

They even had a series of articles about “Deleuze, Guattari, & the New Right“. One of the commenters (Will) wrote this : “At its worst, Deleuze’s philosophy is post-modernist claptrap”, and a little further: “The French have a peculiar talent for saying in four hundred pages what could have been said in four.”

I think that post-modernist claptrap is largely a Jewish thing. Deleuze was French, but who was responsible for his intellectual status, and who made it impossible for normal clear-thinking French intellectuals to develop an audience? The Jooz! I once listened to Deleuze on French TV. He was a big intellectual all right. After an hour of listening to him, I still didn’t know what he was talking about.

I also don’t like Greg Johnson’s expression of “the American new right”. It’s great to have people like Johnson and Parrott who sound like intellectuals and still talk about the main thing: race replacement and the Jewish lobby. The Occidental Quarterly is useful in that way too. But discussions about Evola are less useful. Also, very often, the ideas expressed by Johnson and co. in skype debates are just as interesting as the articles in written form.

In France, the main intellectual who was in the smallish “French new right” group is Alain de Benoist. From what I understand, he is still into intellectualism today, but no longer resisting race replacement. Anyway, I’m sure he never expressed his views as forthrightly as Greg Johnson, Matt Parrott, Kevin MacDonald, and other like-minded Americans. It has to do with Benoist’s character, but also with the problem of Jewish dictatorship, censorship and intimidation. There is no first amendment in France. We have to rely on the American first amendment and read American blogs!

Last month, Ted Sallis had an article about “What the Immigration Debate Really Should Be About“. He said that the race replacement problem doesn’t boil down to the problems of illegal immigration, overpopulation, low IQ, the impact on the economy, the impact on the culture, and so on. In his conclusion, he says that it’s about race and genetic interests.

Sallis is right. At the same time, it is natural, on an anti-race-replacement blog, to discuss the impact of immigration on culture, the economy, and the environment. It is also possible to talk about other issues, that are interesting in themselves, and only loosely related to the race replacement problem. But I’m not really interested in Nietzsche and Evola. Of course, I realize that Greg Johnson has his own interests, and that his blog’s main goal is not to give me weekly entertainment.

I knew that about Nietzsche because I did read some of his books. It’s a shame since his brother-in-law was perfectly conscious of the JQ.

I believe that John Martínez is totally right: the philosophical scene has been, since the Greeks to the present, a wasteland desert for racial preservation—including the guys that Greg is fond of discussing in his peculiar blog.

Just curious: what would happen if I had fluent French, go to a café for the sophisticate in Paris and with my highly resonant voice (which I do have in real life) spoke aloud of the subjects I discuss in WDH. Would they arrest me?

“Just curious: what would happen if I had fluent French, go to a café for the sophisticate in Paris and with my highly resonant voice (which I do have in real life) spoke aloud of the subjects I discuss in WDH. Would they arrest me?”

Although you’re addressing your question to Armor, I can’t resist saying this: I speak French and although I’ve never been to France, judging from the French I have met in life, the answer is no. You would not be arrested. You would be severely beaten up by the folks around you and THEN you would be arrested.

But the depressing truth is that things are more or less like this all over the West, right? The US still has the First Ammendment that makes it possible for race realists to speak their minds there and also allows for blogs like this to be hosted on American soil. But for how long? The commies and the kikes in the Supreme Court, like Elena Kagan, have now and again indicated that they would overturn it if they could. Since we are just one more Democrat president from a solid leftist majority in the Supreme Court, the prospects for the the 1st Ammendment are bleak indeed. And you bet the Press, Blacks, Hispanics and most liberals (not to mention the Democrat Party) will celebrate its shredding to pieces as a sing of tolerance and progress.

About Evola:

This guy has never deceived me. I’m wary of folks who hang around with a plate that reads “Lover of Wisdom” hanging from their necks.

Chechar, I don’t know if you’re addressing this question (what to make of Greg’s podcasts on Socrates) to me or to the previous commenter, but if it’s me you’re talking to, well…with all due respect for Greg, I find I find them utterly irrelvant. But as Armor put it, it’s his website. The many great articles it features makes up for a few nonsensical one it occasionally publishes. That’s normal and that’s fine with me.

About the above post on Nietzsche, you’re right, he was not one of us. The guy used to lambast his fellow Germans and brown-nose the kikes. So much for “Übermensh”.

Chechar I live in France and I can state that publicly you can state only tough on islam, but then you have to be extremely precise not to stigmatise all islam but only extreme muslims. That’s all we’re allowed to under the judeocapitalistic dictature here. Otherwise we can get killed by antifa’s and i am not kidding (followed the news lately?). We can say nothing on jews or arabs or invasion of our home lands. Privately though you can be harsh on arabs but still nothing on jews, only to your closest friends, and even then as I’ve found out you will notice that half is crypto jew ( had detected 3 jews among my closest friends unknowingly).
But hey it is even worse in Holland and Germany were my family is from, I lost half my family there doubting the holocaust.

Chechar you should clear up what your goal is here. We all know your stance on christianity, now you take on the philosophers. You are not too harsh on jews and blame most on ourselves. You don’t like the WN scene. You hate every modern expression of white music (rock for instance 🙂 So what’s left for us, hang out in museums?
You have any alternative actually? Allthough you make many valid points on the BS of philosophers (who lived in an all white world, who were not aware of any danger emerging from other races anyway, so yes their intellectual masturbation was an in – race job) Is this blog critizicing for the goal of subverting or will you come to a rational manual of a form of white sophisticated chechariszed nationalism.?

I don’t think any nationalist has been killed by modern antifas in France.

There was the murder of François Duprat in 1978.
Jean-Marie Le Pen’s apartment was also bombed in 1976 (video).

“Just curious: what would happen if I had fluent French, go to a café for the sophisticate in Paris and with my highly resonant voice (which I do have in real life) spoke aloud of the subjects I discuss in WDH. Would they arrest me?” (–Chechar)

I’m not a good judge of popular opinion. I always tend to think that most people have similar opinions to me, which is probably a mistake. I’m sure that most people won’t care what you are saying in a café. The violence against right-wing people usually comes from the antifas, and they are only a minority of sub-intelligent ruffians. Your reputation as an incorrect thinker must be well established before they will try to bother you. If the café manager called the police and you were arrested, I guess you would only be detained for one or two hours. In the last months, there have been cases of arbitrary arrests by the police of people who simply wore the T-shirt of the protest movement against gay marriage. If you start ranting against race replacement in a café, I think you won’t be sued in court unless you specifically mentioned a racial group. Whoever wants to sue you would probably contact a Jewish “antiracist” organization (LDH, Licra, SOS Racisme…). Two years ago, there was the case of couturier John Galliano, who was in the habit of talking nonsense in Parisian cafés when he was drunk. So, they brought a video camera and made him talk about the Jews. He later received a 6,000 euro suspended fine, and lost his job. If you keep your anti-replacement ranting to the internet, the worst that can happen to you in France is a fine. I think there is a similar trend in other Western countries. Even though the governments are becoming more repressive, there is more freedom, thanks to the internet. They cannot fine everybody. Super-activists like Ryssen and Reynouard receive special treatment from the judeo-French government, but that is because they are super-activists! And Reynouard actually thinks that being jailed by the French government for claiming that there is no proof of the gas chambers having existed is actually proof that there is no proof. He is making a point. But if he is sent back to jail, the media will simply ignore it.

Evola was a waste of time for me, had to toss his books. Nietsche not a waste but nothing to hang your hat on. What I see happening is this: whites will separate from blacks, libs, hispanics, into economic zones for success, look at Colorado, secession of the north from the south is on the verge of happening. Atlanta suburbs are separating from the black city to form their own county. This sort of separating is also economically feasible, it will spread to other areas. I also think we need politicians to be on our side and form up like Golden Dawn in Greece. The founders of the U.S. were politicians, warriors, scientists, all rolled up into one. This sort of alliance is necessary for successful retaking of our culture. Once whites see that they have leaders with vision then they will jump on board. As it is whites have no leadership in halls of power and they know it, that is why they sit frustrated with no direction. I think that as whites are sorting out what they want a solution will avail itself, like trying to solve a difficult problem, sleeping on it, then waking with the solution. It will come. Alex

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