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Most recent interview of Sunic

A couple of days ago Kyle Hunt interviewed Tom Sunic: an interview that I’ve just listened. It strongly reminded me my most featured post in this blog today, “The Course of Empire,” a series of paintings that evoke both the fall of Rome and the ongoing fall of the American Empire: both caused by “gluttony” and the “inevitable decay” of the spirit of whites.

Surely there were Semites inside the confines of the Roman Empire. But ultimately the fault lies upon those Western Ring Wraiths, as Tolkien called those empty-eyed men: outer shells of their former selves “who command us to abandon our morals and artistic heritance in pursuit of the gold promised by the Ring.”

Who’s to blame: Sauron or us? Most white nationalists blame Sauron. But a few of them are starting to realize that the fault lies on those men who sold our culture and blood “for thirty pieces of gold to forge our own insignificant rings.” For example, in Hunt’s interview of Sunic this Monday, the Croatian thinker said during the segment dedicated to his parting words:

“Folks let’s stick together: Don’t blame the Other with a capital ‘O’: blame ourselves for all that we are now enduring and experiencing. Don’t blame those other guys. You know whom I mean. They are not responsible: it’s ourselves. It is our petty petty egoism, it’s our trivial disputes what’s hampering us in promoting our cause.”

Speaking of trivial disputes, just disregard the degenerate music chosen by the interviewer before the Sunic interview. 🙂

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I blame the Jews and their shabbos goys for the decline of western civilization. All three of my siblings are shabbos goys, as has been the Catholic church since the murder of President John Kennedy, due to its modernization efforts during the 60’s, praising of the Jews.

Chechar, thanks for posting this interview. I agree with you that the music is not very good. I had been meaning to change it for a while now, but was finally inspired to do so today. The new intro should be updated at the link you posted above. Regards, Kyle.

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