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For your bookshelf

Not long ago my entry “Ten must reads” elicited some attention. Two things have happened since then: William Pierce’s last book has finally been published and therefore can be treasured in our bookshelves; and I have read a book that was not in my original list, authored by Tom Sunic (below, flanked with white margins), that I have been discussing in the previous entries.








Roger Devlin’s is not included here only because it has not appeared in book form yet. I hope Devlin will get together his already published articles in The Occidental Quarterly and elsewhere to make them available in a single book cover.

Enjoy the reading!

7 replies on “For your bookshelf”

Thanks for recommending “Hellstorm”. I bought this book and read it, and frankly I am amazed that there has not been the typical Jewish “hellstorm” in response to its printing and marketing, simply because it is not complimentary to world Jewry and presents the truth of that awful attempted genocide of the German people.
My mother grew up in Germany and was a young woman living there during WW2. After the war she married an American soldier and moved to the states. As a young boy going to school in the 1960’s and early 1970’s I was aghast at the twisted history that was presented as “truth” about National Socialist Germany and Hitler. My mother kept me apprised of the truth- the history she recalled from her days of living through the horror of the carpet bombing her city (Augsburg, Germany), of the deaths of a large percentage of Germany’s finest young men, of Hitler as he really was- not the theatrically distorted image that the Jewish media force feed to Americans through television and America’s “education” institutions. Because of her I was immune to the brainwashing anti-German propaganda that was spewed daily in school and on the media outlets.
So, I never imagined that I would see anything resembling an honest rendering of what happened to the German people during WW2 make it into print -ever: let alone during my lifetime. Well, here it is, and “Hellstorm” deserves to be read by anyone wanting to know the truth about those awful years following the end of the war and how the Allied occupying forces actually dealt with the German populace whom they had conquered.
Chechar, I see that you are a fan of Maxfield Parrish’s art work. I had the opportunity to see many of his paintings at his home in Windsor Vermont back when it was still a museum and before those paintings were transferred to San Francisco CA. Trust me when I say that no photo reproduction can do those paintings justice. The originals must be seen in person to appreciate their beauty.

I guess I must visit San Fran again… And yes: Goodrich’s book is my first recommended book. Now we need lots of documentaries and films about what really happened to Germany…

Thanks to the Internet you have the opportunity to make those documentaries and films and post them for all to see on YouTube! I am certain that you could do a marvelous job since, after all your talent is obvious from this very well done website.I realize that funds are an issue, but as more and more people sicken over the new no-commentary policy at Occidental Observer, there will be more traffic here and perhaps more donations enabling you to buy or rent the equipment necessary to produce such videos. The bigger problem will be setting up new accounts as YouTube successively shuts down existing ones…just ask Harold Covington about the problems he has had in that regard.
And by the way, Occidental Observer serves its purpose for the intellectually inclined, but the average white person of today needs visual stimulation- graphic imagery- to rivet his attention to the problems facing white people today. Most will need to have the dots connected for them visually and to have the scope of the problem facing us fed to them in easy to digest bites.

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