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Homo americanus is also Homo judaicus

A week ago I mentioned that Tom Sunic’s conference in Copenhagen was a revelation for me. I also said that the price to save the white race from extinction is apostasy from Christianity. The reason for this, I explained, is that what is killing whites is their Euro-Semitic operating system. In the words of Sunic at minute 6:53 of this section of the Copenhagen conference, “Homo Americanus is also Homo Judaicus.” I would use stronger language, like “the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem” (see my recent exchange with Pat Hannagan in one of the threads to clarify the latter).

If Homo Americanus is also Homo Judaicus it follows that Murka must burn to save the white peoples. Alas, I don’t have the power of Karellen, an extra-terrestrial visitor in Arthur C. Clarke’s 1953 novel Childhood’s End: a classic in science-fiction where the religions of the primitive earthlings were erased before more substantial changes could be performed by Overlord social engineering.

This is what Karellen and the Overlords did without actually killing anyone or violating his rights:

It was known that the Overlords have access to the past, and more than once historians had appealed to Karellen to settle some ancient controversy. It may have been he had grown tired of such questions, but it is more likely that he knew perfectly well what the outcome of his generosity would be. The instrument he handed over on permanent loan to the World History Foundation was nothing more than a television receiver with an elaborate set of controls for determining co-ordinates in time and space. It must have been linked somehow to a far more complex machine, operating on principles that no one could imagine abroad Karellen’s ship. One had merely to adjust the controls, and a window into the past was opened up. Almost the whole of human history for the past five thousand years became accessible in an instant.


Though it had always been obvious to any rational mind that all the world’s religions writings could not be true, the shock was nevertheless profound. Here was a revelation which no one could doubt or deny: here, seen by some unknown magic of Overlord science, were the true beginnings of all the world’s great faiths.

Within a few days, all mankind’s multitudinous messiahs had lost their divinity. Beneath the fierce passionless light of truth, faiths that had sustained millions for twice a thousand years vanished like morning dew. All the good and all the evil they had wrought were swept suddenly into the past, and could touch the minds of men no more.

Humanity had lost its ancient gods: now it was old enough to have no need for new ones.

See again the Sunic video linked above in bold type if you have doubts that he believes that a Judeo-Christian zeitgeist among European-derived peoples is behind the empowerment of the tribe (keep in mind that McDonald was present during that conference).

19 replies on “Homo americanus is also Homo judaicus”

Hitler was spot on when he said that America is one half judaized and the other half negrified.

The more exact quote as part of a speech delivered to the Reichstag is, ” Amerika is a nation of Niggers and Jews.” (Note: No colour distinction made between White Niggers and Black Niggers.) Ergo, Jewger culture.

Fertility was fine with pre-Christian pagan peoples, and only became an issue during Caesar’s imperial times (exactly what’s happening today: a degenerate and multicultural Rome / West relapsing into hedonism). And fertility was fine in post-Christian Nazi Germany also.

The Anglo-Saxon Christians were the ones who killed the baby (the new paradigm) in his cradle. Had post-Christian Germany been allowed to live hundreds of millions of Germanics would live now as far as the Urals.

Yet Wilson’s Darwin’s Cathedral suggests the very opposite. MacDonald writes, in his review of the book that religion, as examined by Wilson, is adaptive.

“particularly interesting is the discussion of early Christianity based on the work of Rodney Stark (1996). Early Christianity emerges as a non-ethnic form of Judaism that functioned as a way of producing cohesive, effective groups able to deal with the uncertainties of the ancient world. The ancient world was a very unpredictable place indeed, characterized by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, rioting, epidemics, brutal military campaigns against civilians, famines, and widespread poverty. Navigating this world was greatly facilitated by co-religionists ready to lend a helping hand and to establish economic alliances. Wilson has no hesitation in supposing that Christian charity in extending aid to fellow Christians suffering from the plague involved altruism, as indeed it did. But the result was that more Christians survived these disasters than did Pagans: Christianity was adaptive at the group level. The adaptiveness of Christianity also stemmed from its emphasis on several attitudes that were notably lacking in the Roman Empire: encouragement of large families, conjugal fidelity, high-investment parenting, and outlawing of abortion, infanticide, and non-reproductive sexual behavior. The bottom line is that Christian women did indeed out-reproduce Pagan women.”

Neuordnung Europas then becomes a question of in order to ensure the survival of an Aryan-Nordic race was it reasonable to exterminate, expel and/or enslave most of the Slavic peoples and others regarded as “racially inferior”? It is doubtful a south Slav like Sunic would abide such a “new paradigm”.

Points taken, and good points they are, however you lead off by exposing the bias that you rightly criticize, i.e. “Tom Sunic’s conference.” It was no such thing; the possessive case is false. The conference was presented by the Danish Society for Free Historical Research. Selection of language is a bitch. Your opening selection of language is Murka-centric. It is difficult, nay impossible, to criticize the contents of the box if one is still stuck inside the box. It is both a moot and important point to make. Language is THE reflection of ideology. Selection of language is more often than not unconscious.

Sunic does not go far enough. Murkan White Nationalism is an adjunct/element of Murkan cultural imperialism, ergo political imperialism. It is a last gasp at point of Empire collapse. The only ethno-racialist out is to be the Inverse Other, i.e. the contradiction of, i.e. new secessionist identities.

Purporting to start a new Murka all over again, a la Covington, is a waste of time and grasping at straws. White Euro secessionists need to comprehend/understand something with contemporary clarity: Murka burns and its replacement(s) can have nothing and will have nothing to do with anything that is “Murkan.”

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are right and that a white republic á la Covington with half of its population Christian is now historically impossible in a corner of what today is the US. What would you say about a similar fantasy: Pierce’s, that reclaims not only a corner but the whole territory with no Judeo-Christians on charge? Is that also a historical impossibility after the coming convergence of catastrophes (precisely because there are lots of Judeo-Christians in NorthAm)?

There’s another scenario, where Europe awakens and reclaims its lost hegemony, starting with ethnically cleansing their lands. Do you mean that after the convergence the US will fall into chaos while, thanks to social entropy, Europe will put its house in order?

I cannot visualize what you have in mind.

Re “I cannot visualize what you have in mind.”

Literally new ethno-states on the NAmerikan continent which, in turn, imply new identities. The industrial nation-state is finished. As for the monstrosity that is the EU, it will implode back to its given ethnic states…or even smaller, i.e. pre industrial era. That’s as good a guess as any, but then, who really knows. The only given, IMO, is that Amerika (and Kanada) are cadavers.

Well, well: I love that scenario of yours. It strikes me as very plausible. (The only trouble I see is which among these new states will inherit the nuclear weapons.)

P.S. About the term “Sunic’s conference” I was thinking in Spanish, where the word conferencia also has the meaning of “public lesson” by a speaker. Is that second meaning absent in English?

There are those who argue that the Christian modification of Greek philosophy leading to and encompassing the Thomist synthesis was an important positive for metaphysics, and to a point this may almost be accepted.

However, such a view ignores the scenario that, absent a Christian influence, Greek philosophy would have flourished outside of this alien Semitic influence in important ways.

Also, it may be interesting to speculate about the course of Christianity had certain heresies, such as the Marcionite belief, triumphed. As we know, Marcion (for whom scholars such a Hermann Detering argue produced much of the Pauline corpus) taught a dualism wherein the Old Testament Jewish god was essentially evil, and responsible for all the troubles of the world. We do not know of Marcion today, but at the time, Marcionism was quite popular. However it was essentially destroyed by the Catholic church, and its tenants lost to history. Today it would be considered anti-Semitic.

Yes: I have heard of Marcion. But the point in Kemp’s and Pierce’s stories of the white race is that by the times of Jesus (“Joshua” being his real name, as Sunic pointed out in the conference) the Roman empire was well in its way of mongrelization, with millions of non-Latins clinging to mystery cults that had nothing to do with the original religion of the Indo-European derived peoples.

Jews do this all the time, they take something that already exist and claim that always belonged to them.

I haven’t listened to all of Sunic’s presentation due to time constraints, however, I find your ongoing posts on the subject thought provocative of a multitude of things, especially White Nationalism and Catholicism, and welcome in that regard.

Sunic says:

“Homo Americanus is also Homo Judaicus.”

I myself use the term Judeo-American when discussing the prevailing “American” mindset. What I mean by this is the nature of their Puritan religious formation, a basis that is philosemitic, as well as Jewish in the sense that financial matters dominate spiritual matters, the law is rigidly judging with no remit for developing a people, their national beliefs are to be carried to all nations of the world which must convert or die. This is a precis of the idea.

I also mean it sarcastically, but truthfully, in that Americans have foist this new term “Judeo-Christianity” upon the West. Popes now use it as does my own Cardinal. I have written to him on the matter to receive a useless reply.

(New historically; feel free to examine how recent the term is.)

The term is to at the outset inveigle a new understanding of our own underpinnings. That what we had, and have, is at root Judeo, i.e. from the Jews.

Such a notion is false historically whether regarding theology of Catholcism, or culturally in the ongoing creation of the Western (White) people. But, such is the power of propaganda, inserting one word to capture a whole world.

Thinking of nationalism and the traditional and true Catholic response to such an idea I providentially found this discussion of the subject by St. Thomas Aquinas just now.

The subject is: “Whether we ought to love more those who are connected with us by ties of blood?”

The whole short piece is linked above, and here is the Saint’s answer in shortened:

we ought out of charity to love those who are more closely united to us more, both because our love for them is more intense, and because there are more reasons for loving them.

If however we compare union with union, it is evident that the union arising from natural origin is prior to, and more stable than, all others, because it is something affecting the very substance, whereas other unions supervene and may cease altogether. Therefore the friendship of kindred is more stable, while other friendships may be stronger in respect of that which is proper to each of them.

It is odd to note that where we now are told to regard our entire history as “Judeo-Christian” we are at the same time to not take example of Jewish ethnic solidarity but rather lay our own families, our own ethnicity, at the feet of the Jew’s. Thus “Judeo-Christian” does not mean, “Be like the Jews and hold fast and hard to your own.” but rather, “Submit your own to the Jew’s own.”

We could use the Jewishness of Jesus against them.
Jews will have to turn the other cheek, or they will burn in hell(Matt. 5:38), as Jesus was Jewish. This isn’t usual logic, but Talmudism teaches that Satan is logical.
Another memeplex that increases birthrates, breaks up Christianity and Holocaustianity at the same time:
“Abortion is worse than the Holocaust. Jesus was a Jewish swine, in Hell he burns just fine”.

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