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Europe’s vagina

I had posted this entry on February 5 but want to repost it so that it may be read along with my previous entry on Nietzsche’s very traditional views about what used to be our most sacred institution before Western man committed racial suicide: Marriage.

The subject of the virtual abolition of Marriage is, to my mind, more important than the Jewish question. Those who want to know why are advised to print Roger Devlin’s article “Sexual Utopia in Power” and study it carefully.

During pre-Christian times Nordics began emigrating in wave after wave heading south. The original Romans, themselves the descendants of one of these waves, would later refer to the German-Scandinavian area as vagina gentium, the womb of white nations. Also, the land which ultimately comprised Russia ought to be hugely significant for white nationalists because it included the Caucasus area, the original source of the “Indo-European” (Caucasian) peoples.

What pained me the most while reading both William Pierce and Arthur Kemp’s stories of the white race is that Europe’s vagina was closed and raped into the Asiatic gene pool in the course of the Asiatic invasions. After those interminable invasions that lasted centuries the Caucasus area ceased to be the womb of the Nordish peoples. “It was perhaps the single most important racial genocide in history” wrote Kemp.

The aggressor was external of course. But during my lifespan I have witnessed the destruction of whites by whites themselves on a scale no seen since the Mongolian invasions. With reproduction levels below the minimum relacement of 2.1 per family, we, not the Huns or Genghis Khan’s hordes, have closed the womb through the so-called sexual liberation movement, feminism, the pill, the legalization of abortion, the empowerment of women, mixed marriages, and the destigmatization of lesbianism and male homosexuality.

It is my hope that, after the dollar crashes and Western society falls into utter chaos—and, thanks to the laws of social entropy, ethno-states are formed at both sides of the Atlantic—, Roger Devlin’s dream to reinstitute heterosexual marriage will become reality.

pride-and-prejudice 2005 film

If our civilization is under the grip of liberal mores, especially the belief that non-discrimination on race and gender is the highest moral value, when values are transvaluated back to Austen mores our women will be having six or more kids.

If whites are to survive as a people the vagina gentium must be reopened, whether our spoiled women like it or not…

12 replies on “Europe’s vagina”

What makes you so sure western society will fall into utter chaos as opposed to maybe experiencing a slow disintegration? And would we want utter chaos… just look at what happened to the Whites in Zimbabwe when that fell into utter chaos.

Western cicilization seems inherently flawed… maybe we need to abandon all our assumptions and start over again.

A world without the White Race does not deserve to exist.

Work in resource extraction, get rich, help to accelerate global warming et cetera, crash the environment so billions will die. Whites will survive, and thrive again.

“The subject of the virtual abolition of Marriage is, to my mind, more important than the Jewish question.”

Sometimes both go together. In France, a pet project of the socialists, who came back to power last year, is to legalize homosexual marriage, what they call marriage for one and all (“mariage pour tous”, in French). It’s hard not to think that it is mostly a Jewish project.

It was adopted in the Assembly last Tuesday. The next step will be the Senate. Together with it, they are preparing measures to facilitate what they call PMA and GPA.

PMA is Medically Assisted Procreation. They describe it as a medical procedure, but it is simply a matter of inserting some sperm in a vagina without the man and the woman having sex together.

GPA is Gestation Pour Autrui (Gestation for others)
The idea is to pay women so as to provide homosexual couples with babies.

Last month, the education minister, a Jew, blamed the catholic schools for resisting the idea of homosexual mariage and failing in their obligation of neutrality.

Use Catholic morality to break the last Jewish influence. We can rid ourselves of White guilt and improve our birthrates at the same time by declaring that abortion is worse than the holocaust.

It is funny to me that France, as secular and postmodern a country as there is, evidently has a much stronger Catholic morality than US Catholics, who by vast majorities insist upon contraception, abortion, divorce, and in general insist upon their being still Catholic while repeatedly violating central tenets of what the Catholic church holds as fundamental.

Ann Barnhardt (interesting on financial matters, total nutso maniac on religion) has claimed that the US Catholics are on the verge of a schism with Rome (and further that this is all planned by the Communist homosexualist Satanist infiltrators she is sure have infiltrated half the Vatican, but I consider that unproven and unnecessary for the observed results). That would make sense to me, and may be a major reason why American cardinals are out of the running for the Papal election.

Regarding the OP: in spite of the repeated invasions, Ukraine is very white. I have particularly noticed that each city-region’s population often has a certain distinct look.

At least, the women do. I wasn’t looking so hard at the men.

Women aren’t spoiled, they’re psychologically enslaved. You’re falling for the argument that this is about women’s lib when in reality, it’s a strategy of psywar which the men have hitherto been too stupid to understand. It’s not women’s role to understand anything. She bears the fruit, it’s up to the men to protect their women, their minds and as a result, their families.

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