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Two subjects


At last William Pierce’s last book, the very one which could not reach the printers because he died, has been published. It is available from Lulu.

On the Addenda I’ve added images to my abridgement of Who We Are. If you don’t have time to read the printed book, or even my abridgement, skip the first eight prehistoric chapters if you wish—but don’t, don’t miss the history of the white race!

Changing subjects, I have just added a Donate button [Note of April 2013: Presently at the bottom of the page]. Join the Knights of the Grail! Help Parsifal to heal Amfortas (the average German) from his overbearing sense of guilt:

(Note of 2014: The YouTube clip that used to be embedded here has now been deleted)

4 replies on “Two subjects”

I am glad that you purchased it! Amfortas’ unjustifiable sense of guilt is having dire consequences for the entire Aryan race, and Pierce’s last book helps to lift our spirits just as the voices from heaven in the above Parsifal scene…

Hello Chechar;

I left a post a few days ago stating that if you were to insert a Paypal donate button on your site, then I would donate $50. I want you to know that I have kept my promise and made that donation at 6:04 EST (here in the US). I may be able to make more such donations in the future, and if so, then I will. Good day to you and I hope that your site prospers and that the hope of relieving the German people of their sense of guilt meets with success. Formerly such a great and proud people, what a shame that their conquerors (Jews) have destroyed their culture and sense of self-worth. Best regards to you.


Thanks a lot.

It’s evening now. I received a notice of the donation from PayPal. Tomorrow I’ll check if it has already been transferred to my bank account.

I’ll keep in touch…

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