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Miscegenation Portugal


The Departure of the Portuguese
Royal Court to Brazil in 1808

The blog Anthrocivitas: The Gate of All Nations reposted my post “Portugal and the One-Drop Rule” adding images that didn’t appear in my original entry. A commenter of that forum said:

What is wrong with a Portguese [sic] having black blood or mixing with a black person? I am not saying that the Portuguese aren’t white, but what is wrong with Portugal being swarthy?

I registered yesterday to respond but even today I have not been allowed to respond. Surely the admin has not given me commenting privileges. But a female commenter that blogs under the penname of Honest Guy responded to the above comment:

There is nothing wrong with it my opinion. The authors and commentators of the above blog, including a Brazilian, a Mexican and a suspicious looking South African seem to think that there is something wrong with it. In fact, their thesis is that if you have black blood and mix with black persons you will end up like Portugal, with the assumption that Portugal and being Portuguese is inherently negative or undesirable.

Firstly, although I was born in Mexico, I feel being called “Mexican” almost an insult. Physically and psychically I don’t resemble the average Mexican at all. But to respond directly to the above, these guys didn’t even read the article properly (that’s why I’m calling them “dishonest”). Both John Martínez and I made very clear in that post that, to steal a phrase from William Pierce, “a 5% decline in average IQ would cause our civilization to collapse.”

This is exactly what happened in Portugal after reaching the height of European power some centuries ago, before they committed the sin against the holy ghost. And this is what’s happening throughout the West: many whites are repeating Portugal’s blundering on a colossal scale.