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My first comment…

at American Renaissance:

“If you weight the good & the bad Jews in the US have produced, the good is incredibly more important & ‘heavy’ than bad” —Bardon Kaldian

This is an old fallacy: confusing apples with oranges. Jews are never over-represented in organizations or movements that represent the interests of the ethnic majority, only in those that weaken that majority. See my article that marked my saying bye bye to my former philo-Semitism (here).

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I doubt a lot of Amren’s readers and writers are getting much closer White Nationalism, instead orienting themselves further towards viewpoints of what I would call “racial-upper caste supremacist” to the extent where its almost a eugenicist-like view of the world.

That’s why Steve Sailer and the HBD sphere uses abbreviations like NAMs (non-Asian Minorities) denoting what non-White people would be OK in what supposedly should be an all White country.

So despite most its works being wholesomely in the anti-negroid and anti-mestizo mindset, many of these men don’t show much proper loyalty to their tribe.

Being Academic, and likely worldly, they’ve no doubt rubbed shoulder with a lot of the cognitive elite of Whites, Asians, and Jews. The academic environment also seems to have infused them with a kind of classic liberal elitism: particularly a dislike of low-I.Q., rural and poor whites.

I’m fearful that men like Steve Sailer and John Deryshire (with his Asian wife and halfbreed children, which makes me wonder if he’s developed some guilt of this as he becomes more racialist) would, if given the option by some magical ability, replace the entire population of the notoriously poor and uneducated Appalachian Whites with upper-I.Q. Koreans at the drop of a dime.

Jared Taylor is at least staunchly anti-miscegenation, for which I commend him for not taking a “tolerant” position.

I feel at times that many of these men, Jared Taylor especially, have more proper viewpoints then they let on, particularly on the Jewish question. What they may have done is decide to take a tactic right out of the Jewish playbook: create an appearance different from one’s true character, and use the fabricated appearance to further the goals of one’s own selected group.

One can only hope I suppose.

“Jared Taylor is at least staunchly anti-miscegenation, for which I commend him for not taking a ‘tolerant’ position.”

Jared Taylor’s wife is supposedly Jewish which some say may be the reason he invites Jewish speakers to his Amren conferences. In any event, David Duke is no longer welcome at them after some Jews stood up and walked out of an Amren conference a few years ago.

Taylor isn’t “staunch” about race mixing when it comes to gentiles (small case) and Jews (upper case). But for many, Jews aren’t a race. They are considered a dessert topping and a floor wax.

“Jared Taylor’s wife is supposedly Jewish which some say may be the reason he invites Jewish speakers to his Amren conferences”

I’ve heard this as well, for which I hope is false and merely an implanted rumor by the ADL or some other cognitive dissonance action. If she is, I hope she is one of the half-breed secularized American Jews, which would be cause me to consider more compromise in accordance with how I see Mr. Taylor.

What I hope, and I mean hope in the most unfounded, one-can-only-dream kind of way, is that Mr. Taylor avoids and openly suppresses the Jewish question because he wishes to capitalize on as most exposure as he can muster. You must admit that in terms of other dissident right publications, American Renaissance has made some fairly impressive publicity and viewership relative to the rest of the WN and Alt-Right kind of sphere.

If he joined the rest of us and ran around naming the Jew, do you think he would have nearly the amount of publicity he has accomplished? I highly doubt it: the Jews are very effective thought-police.

One of the most effective tactics of the Jews was convincing their Western elite counterparts that they were in fact not racially Jewish, but only Western elites with a “Jewish” religion. It was highly effective, and one of the reason they gained so much implicit control over the West.

I think we should emulate that strategy, as I hope Jared is doing. We need all forms of White Nationalism present: that includes “Jews included!” forms like Amren, that can be secretly run by men well-aware of the Jewish question. Jared Taylor has made some very good progress getting Whites to think racially, which is the first and most important step to awakening the deracinated masses.

As for David Duke, I’m not sure what to think. The rumors against him are legion: interracial gay sex in prison, wasting donated money on casinos, all kinds of things. Whether unfounded or not, I can’t help but feel that David Duke is compromised, and we must look for new men to lead the way forward.

Obviously we need a new man. What you say in the other thread is apropos: we need very violent men. Very (not like Duke and the AltRighters). It’s the only way. See what I say here.

I agree that in the end, force will need to be used to get what we want… as Léon Degrelle said, everything in history has been created by the sword, “whether we like it or not”.

But I hope you realize that as of now, we are simply outpowered and outnumbered ∞ to 1 by the democratic, antiracist forces of the NATO/UN.

It is not infinite, and reread why we still can do something. However, I agree that for the moment the wisest thing is do nothing and wait for the dollar to crash. Then the opportunity window will be wide opened…

“Jews have been & are very useful American citizens, since they, as individuals, contributed enormously to the wealth & health in the US, from medical to technical discoveries, from entertainment industry to higher forms of artistic & intellectual culture”.

Such rot. There have been some good Jewish musicians (NOT composers) in America and in Europe, but it is nonsense to call their contributions “enormous”. Jews have been pedalling the worst kind of degenerate music in America for decades. Adorno? Schoenberg? Glass? Reich? Feldman? Monk? Copland? Bernstein? I don’t think these people have made “enormous contributions to higher forms of artistic culture”. They make the lesser European composers sound like Beethoven, by comparison. Let’s not even go into people like Sumner “Redstone”…

As for films, anyone who thinks the Jewish influence in Hollywood is more positive than negative is necessarily anti-White, and necessarily supportive of decadence. The few good Hollywood films tend to be good in spite of the presence of Jew producers (e.g. the Lord of the Rings), but never because of them.

Their influence on visual art has also been abysmal. Guggenheim? Rothko? Frankenthaler? Pure crap. I cannot think of a single good Jewish artist, but I’ll conceded that it is not my area. Perhaps there is a rare diamond like Felix Mendelssohn hidden under the mountains of Jewish vomit.

And regarding “medical and technical discoveries”, there is nothing a Jew has achieved that a well-educated White could not.

Nope. Stop with the paranoia already.

He is just trying to appeal to the masses and gain followers, and for that he eradicates “scary things” in his discourse. Just like Don Black did when he gave orders to forbid any discussion of Breivik on Stormfront.

Will it work? No. Is the effort appreciable? Yes.

I agree, he’s been at it too long. I believe that one reason he may be so clean on the JQ is that his racialism was likely heavily influenced from his Japanese upbringing.

Japanese are unapologetic racialists, but its a fairly simplified version compared to the colonial European or Nationalist Socialist view of race.

I too, Chechar, like Jared’s style. His White Identity book is a pristine example of academic quality and rigorous clarity. One can only dream that one day, after we get our “opening for an awakening”, Jared will come out and say he’s understood the JQ all this time.

I am for “Let’s a thousand different flowers bloom” in the white movement. Even monocausalists. I have nothing against Taylor. (On the other hand, when someone starts calling me Jew within the text of a Majority Rights article, I become upset.) Even if Taylor doesn’t come up speaking out about the JQ I’ll like him. Conservative racialism in the old-fashioned sense definitively has a place with all of us. I look forward to reading his book.

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