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A modest proposal

by Hunter Wallace

We invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the negro in the White House, and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress.

In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal.”

What do you say?

One reply on “A modest proposal”

Some say the Founding Fathers were members of secret societies : freemasons of some kind. How quick they were to flush Colonial Script down-the- outhouse -shithole during the Constitutional Convention and return a newly so-called “independent” and “sovereign” nation right back into England’s precious banking system, right back into the den of the lion : god Mammon forbid ” The City of London ” should lose even a half-pence because the colonies “rebelled”.
Then there’s the matter of including the legal right of The President to issue the ever-so-convenient Executive Order ; “Orders” that very much have the Full Force and Power of The Law behind The Order : Just like The King’s Proclamation of days gone by had The Full Force and Power of The Law ( in other words, the force and power of the military). It’s all very Constitutional, and all very above-board, of course; It’s a free and open society, “We” all know that ; That’s why there’s masonic halls all over the country. You know, where “our” leaders take solemn, sacred , and lifetime oaths to never testify against another member of “The Temple”. ” Bounden by Oath”, freemasons are bounden and obliged by oath to Lie in American courts of law to protect a fellow member; Even if the fellow member has committed the most heinous crime(s). The freemason oath professed, taken, and affirmed in seclusion and subreption, trumps the oath taken on the Witness Stand.
Then there’s the matter of our books : All are abridged, our history books being especially abridged…..
Me thinks our so-called “representatives” we call the Founding Fathers
invited King George III back very soon after winning their ostensible victory at Yorktown: ” Vicissitudes” and all that, in a manner of freemasonry speak. I guess it doesn’t really matter after all; England seems to be in even worse shape then Her persnickety and so-called erstwhile Colony.
“Deo dignus vindice nodus” : A knot worthy of God to untie.

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