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Lady Godiva

Painting of the day:

John Collier’s Lady Godiva ~1898

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

2 replies on “Lady Godiva”

O pessimist! I still have hope that a former friend of mine was right:

In fact, 180º turns are very common. You mention the failure of Hitler’s Nazism. Well, after World War II the mythological narrative of the Western Christian civilization mandated doing everything 180º opposite to Nazism. Things that had been the most natural, such as European nationalism, was turned around 180º. And this is the derangement syndrome we now suffer severely under. Once this American/Anglo/French totalitarian horror show has crash landed, I can assure you a 180º turn away from their position. Another example is the French Revolution, which was a 180º turn—even 180 degrees away from normal sanity and common sense.

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