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5 Replies on “Hylas and the Nymphs

    1. As is the previous one. This week will be dedicated to the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and especially to J.W. Waterhouse. In the next weeks I will “visit” museum after museum and the paintings won’t be that famous.

  1. you should do a “top 10 paintings I believe White Nationalists should revere and be inspired by” section or something along those lines. I’d enjoy your choices, and I think it’d be interesting work.

  2. I adore Waterhouse. He is an artist of the romantic and almost mystical past. It saddens me to see this utterly eroded and forgotten.

    On a lighter note, I’m happy that you include such works of art without the god-forsaken effluvium of rock’n’roll accompaniment. It is such a breath of fresh air!