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Fuck Anglo-Saxons!

A recent article about a psychiatric pill in the United Kingdom that “cures racism” elicited some lively comments at The Occidental Observer of which I’ll only reproduce a few:

Fender said…

“Why am I not surprised to see that such a ‘study’ should come out of England?”
(Jarvis Dingle-Daden)

The Anglos are natural schemers and utopians, just like the tribe [the Jews]. That’s why they’ve been natural allies for the past four centuries. Along with the tribe, they feel they have a right to “improve” and rule over the world.

This is why I’m starting to believe that the Anglos, and to a lesser extent, the Western Europeans, need to be miscegenated out of existence by the lower races. They’re a downright dangerous race of people—basically the vicious bulldogs of the tribe, attacking anyone who stands up to them.

The Northern and Western European nations are hotbeds of Marxism, “antiracism,” and utopian thought. They’re a threat to Central and Eastern Europe, where many people have been immunized against Judaic nonsense due to their past histories with communism. We never, ever see studies like this [the search of an anti-racist psychiatric drug] coming from Russia, the Czech republic, Ukraine, etc. Estonia recently honored its SS heroes and its government actually prevented the dumb antifa from interfering. Tens of thousands of proud nationalists openly march the streets of Russia and Ukraine. The governments of Belarus and Hungary are explicitly pro-White. These are the governments and nations that the Anglo-Jewish power establishment wants to destroy.

This may offend some, but if the European races hope to survive, its most infected limbs need to be amputated. In my mind, this means the Anglos and Nordics. Both tribes are fiercely Marxist, universalist, and suicidal, and they cannot be allowed to take the rest of Europe down with them.

Bobby said…

Fender, I agree with you completely on the views you hold of the groups you mentioned. I have had a theory about this for quite a while now. Let me try it out on you.

After the disaster for Europe called World War II, most Europeans were devastated in a way that Americans cannot even imagine. War, or any aggression at all, became anathema to them. They became sick and tired of any conflict. So they decided to throw themselves fully into materialism. The factories of Europe started going and because of the Soviet and American distrust of each other a mere two to three years after the war, the U.S. quickly lost any “moralistic” ideas of punishing Germany any longer. Instead some money was pumped into Europe not out of any altruism, but for the practical purpose of helping to defend America’s interests.

So Western Europe experienced a boom in prosperity that it had never known in modern times. You could see this by the increase in car ownership, and the general state of better living. In fact, the German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, a trained economist, announced that concentrating on economics would be Germany’s salvation. All kinds of frivolous activities were engaged in and it continues. What I’m saying is that Western Europeans, unlike their poor and caged-in relatives in the East, became lazy, supermaterialistic, and confused.

The confusion was the result of the widespread leftist egalitarian teachings in almost every single university in Western Europe. And of course, along with this teaching went the usual guilt-trip that whites were the problem and need to repent and change the world, etc. The Western Eurocrats got away with pushing this stuff, because the economies of Europe were good and no one saw a reason to complain.

So, even though things are rapidly changing in Western Europe, due to economics and the left’s successes in preaching egalitarianism, [what] this sixty-plus year brainwashing and shangrilla Western Europe experienced is still the model in the minds of most Western Europeans, even though the paradigm is changing.

Things are most dangerous when an accepted paradigm no longer has relevance and a new one is about to emerge.

Hasbara Matata said…

Slavic superiority. Right.

The root of the problem with all Whites in this regard­—being “liberal” [means] suicide—is Christianity. Like Marxism, which is Christianity’s twin that was born second, Christianity is proxy-Judaism; it makes us self-destructive, since we’ve internalized universalist kosher hokum along with a Jew as the savior and creator of the universe. Unfortunately, after 2000 years of Whites soaking their brains with Jewish myths, there are very few who are psychologically capable of accepting it.

It’s a lesson that even Kevin MacDonald himself needs to learn.

Fender said…

Apartheid was constructed because the WASPs thought that, deep down, blacks are just like them. Same thing with Manifest Destiny and colonialism: these never happened due to racial supremacism, but because WASPs thought savages can be civilized. Now the WASPs think White racialists are the savages, and that they too can be civilized, in their “altruism” they’re going to murder and oppress any Whites in their attempt to improve and civilize the world.

I’ll grant you that Slavs have a grin-and-bear-it mentality, but let’s not forget that the Jews needed to mass murder millions in the East to gain power while they took over the West without firing a shot.

Vened said…

Fender: I have an acquaintance. She and her parents were born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). They left Rhodesia long time ago for obvious reasons. She still thinks that giving up that land to blacks was the right thing to do. She is of English descent. I see exactly the same Anglo mindset in the United States of America.

As an Eastern Slav, my blood boils watching Anglos abandoning North America…

9 replies on “Fuck Anglo-Saxons!”


I can say what I want about the Greeks, but there is a group so powerful it insists on, and gets, an absolute veto on how it is discussed (or even whether it is discussed)?

How did the Jews amass so much power they even control the way we think about their power and how they use it? That’s the interesting question. It is an amazing accomplishment, so amazing one would think it would be the subject of much intellectual debate. It is one of the most interesting questions of our time, with massive implications in terms of general political control. Of course, we’re not allowed to ask it, or even think about it. Atzmon has some theories. He touches the third rail in a way that might cause some people to think, and thus needs to be harried out of existence. Atzmon has created a kind of political theater, the reaction to which proves the larger point.

Theoretically, what if a group of people who think of themselves as distinguished from the larger group of human beings acted in concert, often covertly, to accomplish group supremacist goals, all of which are completely evil? What if they were able to use their power, and their covert exercise of power, to control even the way we think about them? What would we, could we, should we, do to stop them?

at 3/09/2012 08:53:00 PM 7 Comments

Slavic _superiority_?

There’s a story from South Africa or someplace similar. Old Mbwanga is sitting in his hut. The lights are off, the air conditioning is off, the toilet has been backed up for years, the refrigerator is just a dead metal box. Suddenly, with a hum, the machinery all flickers to life! The old man shouts to his wife: “Get the machetes! The whites are back!”

The point of that is the stupidity of valuing your own kind to such an extent that it means more than all the accomplishments of civilization put together. Loving one’s own kind is good and important, but also there are REASONS why one loves one’s own kind: because of the peaceful, orderly, prosperous, _good_ communities and society that they create. This is why everyone else loves our society, too, of course.

The unavoidable systematic pattern of history has been that Western Europe led and Eastern Europe followed: in culture, in science, in dynamism and accomplishment of every sort. The two notable exceptions thus far have been 1) the USSR reaching the hydrogen bomb and orbital spaceflight first, 2) the incidence and remission of communist totalitarianism. But as a general rule, the Slavic world follows the West – and is completely, constantly aware of that fact! Highway signs are written in both Cyrillic and Roman lettering. A society _not_ keenly conscious of, and with a bit of a complex about, the seemingly superior next-door neighbor wouldn’t do such a thing. This has been a factor ever since the tribes of the Ukrainian plains asked the Varangian Vikings to be their ruling class, thus forming Kievan Rus, and it’s something Russians and Ukrainians are really sensitive about.

To talk about Slavic superiority in this context is just not proven. Superiority in what meaning? Superiority by what metric? That they haven’t – yet – been overtaken by the mindwar? The talk of those countries being proudly nationalist and thus immunized is at least partly wishful thinking. I know for a fact that Ukraine at least is facing bits and pieces of the same immigration invasion trend as the west has suffered – what has prevented it from becoming such a major issue so far is simply that there is less money to be had there, so less of a draw. But the people there are noticing the influx of strangers, and are at a bit of a loss about what to do about it.

This seems far too much like putting hopes on something utterly unproven and untried, out of despair.

France gets a steady 10-15% of the voting electorate that picks Front National, in the midst of one of the most dogmatic and culturally absolutist countries in Europe. Denmark and the Netherlands are willing to openly address (if not yet actually take) the first steps that will be necessary. Germany and Scandinavia aren’t there yet, but their weakness is their strength: if and when a critical mass of the people swing around to the opinion contrary to the liberal one, those nations will pursue it as single-mindedly and effectively as they currently chase suicide. England … well, England may be too far gone. But to give up the war without fighting it is the surest way to lose.

The point of this entry was to point the finger at the US and the UK as the primary criminal states, the Jews’ bulldog as Fender observed (and behaved like such in WW2) or, as Sebastian has just put it in another thread of this blog, “Amerika is a crass, vile, criminal, obscene, etc. nation. ‘Da Joo’ has contributed towards this, but always in compliance with Amerika’s own ruling elites. Always.”

I think he’s right.

Eastern Europeans are not very smart, are they? In fact, they have the lowest IQ’s in all of Europe – not far from Middle Easterners. The upside is that low IQ is more tribal and resistant to change.

Jews work in the utmost interests of their own people. This automatically makes them akin to Eastern Europeans than to other. You cannot pretend otherwise.

Western Europeans, especially Brits, work almost entirely against their own people with pure malice intent. Their political class is strangely perverse, highly treason, and genocidal.

To rub salt into their wounds, you suggest that Anglo’s ought to be bred out of existence, along with Nordics, which is nothing short of diabolical. Sounds very twisted – even demented to suggest this is what a people deserve when their government turns against them??

Do abused children deserve to die because their parents turn against them as well?

You’re not wishing civil war on them, are you?

The simple fact is: The British government isn’t British anymore. It is the most anti-British establishment in the world. Understand? We are not talking about genuine Anglo’s, but imposters who are Marxist and communists – ideation which comes from Eastern Europe I might add.

The same could be said for Sweden.

Typical of supremacists (like the people who wrote this article) who really have an inferiority complex, is that they contradict themselves at every turn in their arguments.

The opposite is true: We could argue that if Eastern Europe had been eradicated, Western Europe would still be safe and thriving. No thanks to Eastern Europe ideation and all of their Jew Zionists, Western Europe (and America) is in great peril.

You say Eastern Europeans are not that smart, yet they’ve always made better fighter planes than anyone else.

Just look at the record, the Yak-9 was superior to any fighter the Germans had. The Mig-15 was better than the Sabre. The Mig-21 was superior to the F-4. The Su-33, 35, and Su-37 can beat anything America had in the 90s. And lastly the new PAK/FA they have is superior to the overpriced shit the Americans are stupidly calling the Raptor and that piece of shit F-35!

If you faggots are so superior than Slavs then build a better fighter jet than the Russians for once!

Russian engineers with their pencil-drawn prototypes can still beat all the high-tech crap you faggots waste your money on.

Without the fucking Anglos Hitler could have defeated the commies. Slavs are so mixed with Mongols that they are not as pure as Germans. By allowing Jewish takeover after the October revolution Slavs became fair game for all the plans that Hitler explained in his table talks. The same could be said of the Judaized US today but, alas, there’s no Aryan superpower capable of conquering the US today.

Just look at the record, the Yak-9 was superior to any fighter the Germans had.

Okay, let’s look at the record. Here are the top-scoring flying aces of WW2:


Something like the top 150 are all German, with two of them (though I’ve read three) scoring over 300 kills. After them comes a Finn (allied with Germany) with 75 kills. The highest-scoring Soviet ace shot down 59 enemies. Almost 200 German pilots scored more than him.

What is your opinion of the Yak-9 being “superior” based on? Erich Hartmann said that the average British pilot was worth three Soviets, and that the targeting on the Soviet fighters was lousy as fuck. As for the post-WW2 aircraft, it’s difficult to judge since the Soviets never faced a world power in open warfare.

And what about tanks? The German Tigers were said to have held up entire Allied divisions. Just like with the fighter aces, the highest-scoring tank aces of WW2 were Germans. Franz Staudegger was a Waffen-SS Tiger commander who went up against 50 Soviet T-34s during the Battle of Kursk and destroyed 22 of them, causing the rest to flee the field. WW2 was quality (German) vs. quantity (Soviet).

This might shed some light:

Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they travelled in countries where the gentry had not yet suffered or enjoyed this admixture (223).

From: Reflections on Jewish Intermarriage into Native Elites

Which basically means: The English ruling elite need to be totally eliminated.

By the way, I never understood why Hitler held back during the “Phony War” in 1939, when the Wehrmacht could have captured the British army near Calais, and then pushed on across the channel to occupy the country. That would have eliminated any possibility of a Western Front later, since the Americans would have had no staging platform for their invasion.

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