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Mark Steyn

Steyn at the center, wearing a Kippah with Jews at Toronto

This month at Toronto, the famed author Mark Steyn said that Western society is complicit in a resurgence of anti-Semitism that may lead to a second Holocaust, for which humankind will have no excuses. “There is something profoundly wicked in the contortions that Europeans are willing to make with respect to their own complicated history with the Jewish people,” said Steyn. “We are on the verge of the biggest, most disgusting and evil event of all, in part because of the complicity of the West” (see the Jewish Tribune article where these statement and many other similar statements by Steyn on “anti-Semitism” have been recorded).

Either Steyn is playing the fool by willfully setting aside from his consciousness the vast pool of information about the role of the Jews in the ongoing Western collapse, or he has not heard this sort of info during his long career as an intellectual who presumably defends our civilization. There’s no third possibility.

Considering that Steyn said every recorded word at Toronto assuming that any anti-Semitic sentiment must be pathological, it is impossible to discuss what he said this month without basic information about the Jewish Problem.

If the Jewish Problem (1) does indeed exist, Steyn is either playing the fool or simply someone who has not heard of the Jewish Problem throughout his life, as stated above. On the other hand, if (2) the Jewish Problem is sheer white nationalist paranoia, Steyn’s recent statements make sense from the historical and ethical viewpoint. Everything has to do with these two possibilities.

The long quotation that below comprises most of this post—9,000+ words—conveys the idea that #1 is the right approach to understand Steyn’s mind.

Rather than a quotation it’s a series of excerpts that I typed directly from an academic work by Albert Lindemann, a Jewish scholar who specializes in anti-Semitism and acknowledges the reasons why Jews have been so disliked.

No ellipsis added between unquoted excerpts:


Note of February 23, 2013. I have moved the long book quotation elsewhere.

11 replies on “Mark Steyn”

Eventually, those on “our” side must come to the realization that the situation we are in or are presently entering is similar to that of the period between the two world wars which occurred in Germany, which of course eventually resulted in the turning on the jews as scapegoat.

This may be hard to understand, but the jew has made himself a “sacrifice for sin”, by rejecting the real sacrifice in antiquity. Therefore, his complaints and never ending victimhood in his preaching the so-called holocaust and beating the “anti semitic drum”, is actually “calling forth” for his own punishment/ crucifixion.

This is what Steyn is doing. You see it with more frequency in news, etc. He and they don’t realize it, but they are actually calling into manifestation the “answer” to their own cancer parasitism.

They think nazi Germany was bad, but they aint seen nuttin yet.

Steyn was supposedly baptized a Catholic and confirmed as an Anglican. He claims the last Jewish female in his line was one of his paternal great-grandmothers. However, his surname is clearly Jewish, and he may be a crypto-Jew.

In any case, Steyn is a self-described “culturist” (i.e., not WN), and he thinks universal suffrage is one of the good things about Western culture.

That Steyn is actually to the right of many so-called “mainstream conservatives” today just goes to show that Dr. Revilo P. Oliver was right, decades ago, when he abandoned conservatism as a useless cause, instead preferring racial nationalism.

The Holocaust happened because people said Jews are sinister, rootless, cosmopolitan people, who are not citizens [with] allegiance to a conventional nation state.

Ooooooooooo, THE “holocaust”!

Sends shivers down my spine.


There’s only so many times you can drag that old nag out of the pit and still expect people to salute it.

The holocaust happened? I don’t give a fuck.

No more than any other fucks than I am prepared to give for any other holocaust.


Besides the truth of the matter as relayed by Steyn: Jews are sinister, rootless, cosmopolitan people, who are not citizens [with] allegiance to a conventional nation state.

Totally agree.

I suspect that our era is more similar to that of the Ukraine than it is to pre-war Germany. I don’t think that people can see just how close it is that we are to an attempted annihilation. Not jews. Whites and Americans.

We are still treating treason as an academic social question. The same networked treason by the establishment of monopolies, which has been working relentlessly within America – and internationally – for at least since the 1880’s, has gained ascendency. It is past the time to worry about whether or not calling a jew a jew, or calling them liars for proven lies, is “anti-semitic”. It’s time for Whites and concerned Americans to unite, and I think you will find that the prospect of a White unity, whether it is for any potential offense or a self-defense, is the real “anti-semitism” which is feared and “detested” by jewry.

Chechar, You may be interested in the text within the end part (dealing with Illuminati – sorry I can’t be more specific) of this tract, an excerpt from it was left at AoT [Have you heard from Tan recently?].

“The International Jews found in ILLUMINISM, the perfect weapon for their world takeover and the German Jews embraced ILLUMINISM by the droves. They helped finance Weishaupt, until his organization became a danger to the throne, whereupon, figuratively speaking, the Khazar Jews, the Ashkanazim, took over ILLUMINISM, “lock, stock and barrel.” The results were a nightmare in Europe for the next 100 years.”



I’m sure that you must have mailed him already, Chechar. I lost contact and addresses I had when changing accouts on my email and just never got around to reestablishing contact.

In fact, what we have slowly been learning about the Jewish counter-jihadists is nothing new. The Jews had been playing similar games long before they invented the word counter-jihad. I recently listened to a 1997 speech by William Pierce called Patriots vs Jews. It can be found here. I couldn’t find a transcript.

In that speech, Pierce begins with a few comments about a Jewish news story that complains about a Russian antisemitic street demonstration against the TV network NTV, which used to belong to Vladimir Gusinsky :

“Now the Jews make up less than 1% of the population of Russia. But they would have us believe that the fact that private television broadcasting in Russia is dominated by Jews is just a coincidence. They would have us believe that it is a coincidence that the top man in private TV broadcasting in Russia is also the top Jew, the president of the Jewish congress.”

Pierce’s next topic is censorship in Canada :

“We sell many books to patriots in Canada. The Jews in Canada have succeeded in having legislation enacted making it illegal for Canadians to buy books which are critical of Jews in any way. The consequence is that the Canadian secret police often intercepts our book shipments at the border [ . . . ] Most Canadians aren’t even aware that politically incorrect books are banned in Canada. Canadians believe that they are still free. In that regard, they are worse off than the Russians were under communism, because the Russians at least understood that they were not free.”

Then Pierce goes on to talk about Salman Rushdie :

“A couple of years back, there was a big hullaballoo when the Iranian government banned a book by an expatriate Iranian, Salman Rushdie, and condemned the author. The book, Satanic Verses, was considered sacrilegious by Muslims. Large bookstore chains in the United States and in Canada, among other countries, made a big show of defying the Iranians and selling Satanic Verses despite the ban. It had to maintain the illusion that Canadians are free to read anything they want.

The Canadian newspapers and other news-media in Canada have not bothered to explain to the Canadian people that while it’s permissible to say nasty things about Mohamed or Allah, it’s not permissible to say things that Jews find offensive. And of course, they are pushing hard for similar laws in the United States. President Clinton’s current call for laws against what he calls hate crimes and hate speech is the result of Jewish urging. Just as in Canada though, they will be talking out of both sides of their mouths at the same time, pretending to be champions of free speech at the same time they seek to ban any criticism of themselves, or any public exposure of their hidden motives or activities.”

I think the last sentence is a good description of what the counter-jihadists are doing. ~ ~ ~

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