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Judeo-reductionism Mein Kampf (book)

Esoteric v. exoteric

Did it bother the host of The West’s Darkest Hour that I was quoting the Führer (the last time I did so was this one)? Jamie’s last comment got me thinking a bit. If it is true that they are playing mind games with me, I am forced not to publish the rest of the twelve entries I had planned quoting Mein Kampf (which can be read, anyway, on this other website). However, about what was to be the eighth entry in that Mein Kampf series, ‘The Enemy’ referring to Jewry, I would like to say something.

As I have said countless times, Hitler’s worldview had both an exoteric side—prolefeed for the Christian Germans, exemplified in Mein Kampf and his public speeches—and an esoteric side—anti-Christian statements to a select group of friends—. What was to be the eighth entry, ‘The Enemy’, is indistinguishable from the worldview currently held by white nationalists!

For new visitors to this site, my post from the day before yesterday, ‘Christian Cup’ is so compact and didactic that yesterday I edited it slightly and promoted it to what is known in WordPress as a ‘page’ to distinguish it from ordinary ‘posts’. I’m referring to the articles that appear in red letters at the top of this page by clicking ‘Menu’. As can be seen, there is a new entry with a long title, ‘My difference with white nationalism in a nutshell’, which applies both to American white nationalism in this century and to the exoteric facet of German NS in the last century.

It is curious that none of the white nationalist Americans who have devoted themselves to studying NS, such as Mark Weber and Carolyn Yeager, are well-versed in the esoteric side of NS. I guess that they still have ties to many Christians in the movement and that they don’t want to rock the boat with these disturbing revelations. And to be completely honest, even compared to the esoteric part of the NS we have taken a step further than Uncle Adolf did in the previous century, as can be seen from what I say on pages 159-160 of this PDF.

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Thanks so much for the info. The so-called jewish psyop called christianity is a very serious, and highly dangerous weapon of war that has allowed the jews to enslave, exploit and destroy the european people, for centuries. I wish more who understand this psyop as a jewish weapon spent some time getting above, and outside of it, and look, not only at its effects, but what it hides (NSDAP called it the eternal struggle). If one truly looks at it objectively, it’s a very sick, twisted, sadistic system. The horrific violence throughout, the cannibalism of communion, the depreciating view of the goyim (born sinners) while elevating jews as a god’s chosen, the race mixing, the false worldview, this end times, and on and on. Keep up the good work! We must not let the jews win. EVER! This is the only purpose of our lives. DO NOT LET THE JEWS WIN!

Once most Whites become aware of this, (especially the younger ones, under 40) we will be able to stand up to the enemies. Fortunately there are still millions of us around the world, something the Jews have tried to undermine with population control, lgbt propaganda, porn, feminism, black music and sports. We have a 10 or 15 year window to do something before the total extinction of our race by invaders and traitors. We must win over as many as possible to our cause, the development of this great unifying project will be determinant in our survival.

Hey Mr Tort, I hope you find yourself well. Though I hold in high regard some historical figures such as Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera (Spain), Enrique Gorostieta Velarde (Mexico) and Cordneliu Zelea Cordreanu (Romania) who may be considered, I guess, Christian warriors who fought against the Communism of their time… those times are no more. I have often thought about Pedro Varela of Libreria Europa. He is a Catholic vegetarian who has spoken very highly of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. He, no doubt you are aware has in the past spoken in Mexico City. He has also openly ridiculed the view of Miguel Serrano and his view of Kalki. This he did publicly at the Primer Congreso Internacional Identitario held in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) on May 1 to 3, 2015. I wonder what he thinks of the material found in the Table Talks or, for that matter the Lebensborn Association. Though I can find some virtue in the fact that this man has proven himself a man of principle when the system threw him in prison for selling books that cast the Third Reich in a favorable light, however, in the end (from what I have gleaned from his speeches) his suggestion to the youth seems to be for them to cultivate a high moral character (…from Catholicism?) and that this will help them in facing the big Internationalist System. A message of course totally opposite of this site. What are your thoughts on the man and his message?

I was unaware that Varela had come to Mexico City, and the Catholics who organised it didn’t invite me to the 2015 congress in Guadalajara.

In recent years, no Spanish speaker has tried to contact me to see me. I am better known in the English-speaking world than among Spanish-speaking fascists, with whom I have no contact, not even by email.

I suppose if you keep actively posting and participating in sites like the occidental dissent, you will eventually drag attention towards more like minded individuals who are fed up with christian apologetics and jewish monocausalists since their numbers are growing every year, as conservative Swede once predicted.

As for the site, I don’t have enough technical knowledge on server migration, but are you still considering moving is somewhere else?

I might be able to find someone to help you out.

Zensurfrei give all the technical support free the first year and later must be 240$ at year but they give all the technical support i was thinking using Ghost and Zensurfrei but if you follow i think is not necesary because here literally i see write all my personal worldview.

I know Pedro Varela gave a conference in Mexico City because a video of it was on YouTube a while back. Most video of him on YouTube has been gradually taken off.

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