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The new ‘theme’ (this is a WordPress technical term) that I have been using on this site for a few months, lacks the sidebar where, in the previous theme, the most recent comments were properly displayed. So here, although it is off topic (Aryan beauty), I would like to add something about my discussion with Adunai about Robert Morgan’s theory on white decline (“let’s blame technology!”).

The point is that following his reasons—that many Asians (does he mean e.g., those in India?) aren’t fully industrialised and that is why they aren’t Woke—Morgan doesn’t take into account that Latin America is already Woke (for those who know Spanish, watch Agustin Laje’s videos on YouTube), but they aren’t fully industrialised either.

In short, Morgan’s hypothesis is disproved in most of the American continent.

By the way, I don’t write much about Latin America, even though I live in one of these countries because there are very few whites here (like the girls dancing above), the only beings I’m interested in saving. But let it be clear: the people here are as Woke as the peninsular Spaniards.

Your point about Latin America is actually amazing (I myself often forget about that continent’s existence)! Although the normies might get confused due to such cultural icons as the brutal Peruvian & Nicaraguan Communists and equally brutal Mexican & Colombian drug cartels. By the blue pill, are you referring to the acceptance of feminism & LGBT in the Latin American urban culture? (I know that you also mind the racial cuckoldry of the Mexican criollos, but to an outside observer, all Latinos largely look like Indians, so it’s a bit of an arcane point.)

Regarding the geography of cuckoldry, there can be made an argument that under Maoism, China experienced a higher demographic growth among the non-Han ethnicities, but it is indeed grasping at straws. And I personally would view Maoism as a lesser evil than Chiang Kai-Shek’s open Christianity.

South Korea is a fascinating example of a non-savage country undergoing thorough Christianisation and liberalisation in real time. There are reports of Christians destroying ancestral shrines there, and of such cults as the Unification Church openly celebrating marriages with Negroids. And that’s coupled with secular BLM paraphernalia and reportedly deranged feminism. (Meanwhile, northern Korea liberated women in order for them better to worship Kim Il Sung and kill Americans, see A True Daughter of the Party.)

Japan is an example of a self-centred culture that has mostly avoided both Christianity and feminism, yet has the highest proportion of incels. Although it might be caused by their defeat in WW2 and lack of land? In a case of a blockade, tens of millions would starve anyway.

Iran is the most curious example. Iran’s traditionalism feels in places as fake as Russia’s. The most recent Maidan-esque chimp out there was caused by a Kurdish foid. The Azeri Turk minister has outright called the state’s policies a failure in raising the youth (something you can see on Jew Soloviev’s Russian TV). And their “Islamic” revolution back in the 1980s must have been really milquetoast as it was a time before the real radicalisation of Islam, at a time of the old USSR, naïve literacy campaigns and ultimately female rights (leading to a ridiculously low birth rate). In queer reality, Iran looks like one of the more Westernised countries, not unlike the Ukraine or Tunisia. Just compare the religious zeal of DPR Korea, ISIS or the Taliban to Iran.

Apologies for the lengthy account, it only underscores the devastating relation between decay and Christianity. One more crucial point – even in the worst examples, there is no Holocaust legislation in place prohibiting the rise of racist organisations. Iran has the Basij and the morality police, Japan has the Nippon Kaigi, and south Korean rapper PSY was forced to apologise for calling for the death of American soldiers’ families. Meanwhile, the Christcucks have online honeypots, and my Jew-led country has Azov…

“are you referring to the acceptance of feminism & LGBT in the Latin American urban culture?”

Yes, even in the Woke legislation. But my point stands: Wokeness in its current metastasis does not affect countries that have not gone through the transition from Christianity to neo-Christianity. We can dispense with Morgan’s hero theory, the Unabomber.

“Although it might be caused by their defeat in WW2 and lack of land?”

Japan has the largest USA military garrison of all, even bigger than in Germany.

They are certainly more afraid of pagan japanese than of cucked christianized Germans. But like Germany, they have no choice other than to accept and consume American rotten culture and media.

More than half of that American force is based in Okinawa which is not part of Japan proper. Japan is not Christianised aside from stray memes and a few secret societies (hence 7 Christian prime ministers). They are surrounded by mortal enemies and import food, this is why I would consider them part of the Christian experiment (a defeated nation on artificial life-support by America).

That said, I would admit they have much more hope than the Aryans. Let’s take the Slavs – in case of war, all that my countries are doing is suck off different bands of Jews, be it NATO glowniggers or Bolshevik kikes. Japan would not have similar maddening confusion in case Chinese nuclear missiles started to land. Even the worst country in Asia retains a sense of both civic and racial nationalism.

It’s one thing to remove the rot of prosperity, but what would be revealed underneath? This is why I’m afraid that even a civil war in the USA would only be fought by different groups of Christians, no Aryan identity visible.

I think you are missing the point: Japan is not Woke (liberalism is not Wokeness). See instalment 39 of Dominion that I’ve just posted to grasp what’s the core issue here.

Japan has been forced to pay lip service to the abominable transvestites on the Tokyo Olympics recently, it’s the only Mongoloid country with legalised pornography, and they do import some SEA wives (“Asian migrant brides in Japan”). It’s just homeopathic amounts compared to the overdose on love in the Christian countries.

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