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Complementing WWA

That a Chinese is now the world chess champion (see my Wednesday post) is symptomatic of our times.

Among the racialist sites, The West’s Darkest Hour is the only one that has, over the years, done an ad campaign for William Pierce’s Who We Are (WWA). Before I go on to continue to quote Tom Holland’s Dominion, I must say that in WWA, the history he wrote about the white race, Pierce focused on prehistory, the Middle East, Greece and Rome, the Jewish problem, the Middle Ages and made a quantum leap to the greatest catastrophe of all time: the Second World War.

I ignore the reasons why Pierce skipped modernity, the period when the virus of Christian ethics mutated into secular liberalism: a crucial stage for understanding the egalitarian, individualistic and universalist infection of values that whites suffer from today. In the comments section on my Dominion quote yesterday, I was telling Adunai that a famous quote from Nietzsche, which Holland himself quotes in his book, explains the psychosis of modern Englishmen.

Today in the early hours of the morning, after a few years, I re-watched the first episode of the first season of Downton Abbey. This 2010-2015 series, which begins when the Titanic sank, attracted a lot of attention to the native English. But now I saw things I missed the first time I watched it.

For example, already from that episode the law that used to prevent women from inheriting large estates starts to be discussed (at the end of the series and subsequent 2019 film Mary would inherit the estate when, in the 1920s, the zeitgeist changed in England). I have already written about Downton Abbey on this site, but in the early hours of the morning a scene that I had already forgotten caught my attention: a homosexual liaison between a duke and a would-be butler.

All that, women who would be empowered in the decades following the sinking of the Titanic, and later even the gradual tolerance of homosexuality on the island, has to be understood in the light that Holland showed us in our last post about the fanatical crusade of the 19th-century English to liberate blacks, even in the Muslim world! The exploration of that stage that Pierce skipped in WWA, very odd considering his country is involved to the core in such rampant liberalism, is vital; and I think Holland’s book is doing a superb job of explaining it.

Dominion, which I have yet to post a dozen more posts until we reach the final metastasis of Christian ethics, can be read as an excellent complement to WWA to understand the history of the mental virus that is killing whites.

2 replies on “Complementing WWA”

I believe Dr. Pierce didn’t want to mention the modern anglo decadence since most of his audience were english speakers and he already had a hard time trying to communicate with americans.

I also heard simmilar stories with dissidents in the UK. They gather hard facts to the public about the current race problem and media lies, but they ultimately end up frustrated by how stupid white people generally are at understanding all of this. Pierce had more success educating Americans and, especially, continental Europe).

The main obstacle, I believe, is that none of the above mentioned had even a fraction of mass media power to effectively communicate with the public and counter the sea of irrelevant information.

Perhaps Arthur Kemp was right and Pierce should have started a political party instead of just educating the public.

What I find absurd is trying to talk to men and women. I don’t have pictures of the meetings Pierce did, but if there were women, he was making concessions to ethnosuicidal feminism.

Yesterday I watched other episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey. I was surprised to discover that the show had, from its inception, a feminist slant.

That series can serve to show us how the principle of equality increasingly demands more and more equality, although its English creators had no intention of criticising feminism.

As I said, the series ended in 2015 but in the 2019 film version the principle of equality demanded more equality: now it was the turn of the aspiring homosexual butler. The funny thing is that, although the intentions of the creators of Dowton Abbey are liberal, it is possible to use their series to show how the woke monster (the final chapter of Holland’s book) originated.

It is pathetic that a substantial part of the American racial right fails to repudiate feminism.

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