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Mein Kampf (book) Pedagogy Savitri Devi Souvenirs et réflexions d'une aryenne (book)

Against compulsory education

It’s curious, but these days I have been thinking that what was missing for my worldview to be complete was a critique of the traditional pedagogical system (which, by the way, contributed greatly to destroying my adolescent life). And today, in the same chapter of the Heydrich quote I posted yesterday, I come across this passage from Savitri Devi:

The absolute rejection of ‘free and compulsory’ education—the same for all—is another of the main features that bring the society that Adolf Hitler dreamed of establishing, and already that of the Third Reich itself, closer to the traditional societies of the past. Already in Mein Kampf the idea of identical education for young men and women is rejected with the utmost rigour.

It isn’t possible to give the same education to young people whom Nature has destined to different and complementary functions. Similarly, one cannot teach the same things, and in the same spirit, even to young people of the same sex who, later on, will have to engage in unrelated activities. To do so would be to burden their memory with a heap of information which they, for the most part, have no use for while, at the same time, depriving them of valuable knowledge and neglecting the formation of their character.

Later on, Savitri continues:

Hitler considered the superficial study of foreign languages and the sciences to be particularly useless for the great majority of the sons (and even more so for the daughters) of the folk… But there is more, and much more. In a European society dominated by its Germanic elite, such as the Führer would have rebuilt it (if he had been able), education, culture and even more the practical probability of advanced spiritual development, had to regain the secret character—properly initiatory—which they had had in the most remote antiquity, among the Aryan peoples and others: the Germans of the Bronze Age as well as in the Egypt of the Pharaohs, and India. They were to be reserved for the privileged.

And finally:

The secrecy of all science in the future Hitlerian civilisation and the efforts already made under the Third Reich to limit, as far as possible, the misdeeds of general education—that ‘most corrosive poison’ of liberalism—evoke the curse that, thousands of years ago and in all traditional societies, was aimed at all those who would have divulged, especially to people of impure blood, the knowledge which the priests had given to them.

Can you see why the science educators who used TV for the masses, Bronowski and Sagan, were wrong on this point?

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CT, appreciate this entry. While I have read much of Devi’s work, I think I must’ve missed this insight. Very well stated and of course, completely true. This idea is explored in detail by Plato, obviously, and we in the West sometimes forget that the dialogues were not just an academic exercise for the old Greeks, they were deadly serious and were meant to discover divine order. The castes must be kept. That is the first commandment.

Reminds me as well that the penalty for profaning or revealing the Mysteries to the uninitiated was death. The Latins honored this solemnity as much as the Greeks. And also, of course, Socrates’ statement that the truly wise should never disturb the minds of the ignorant. Liberalism has made “disturbing the minds of the ignorant” the frontispiece of its politics. Each day we see the results.

This wisdom was not confined nor invented by the Greeks but is plainly common pre-Christian sense. Only after every hominid was decided to be equal in the eyes of YAHWEH did we also decide that everyone must have the same capacity for sense as they have for salvation.

Prior to Universal Abrahamism no such standard existed, or at least no serious person would’ve believed this nonsense, as souls were recognized as having greater and lesser capacity, just as everything else in nature. Is this not what we all know in our hearts? That the soul of an African cannibal is not only many orders of magnitude beneath us, but probably even beneath some of the higher order mammals which begrudgingly share the savannah with them all.

So this fundamental mistake (equal souls) then precludes all others (equal sense). And then every other gradation or duality is destroyed until all descends into chaos.

But if there is one truth in the Abrahamics’ plagiarized creation story, it is this: chaos is the first necessity for a creator. And from this soulless, mindless, degenerative chaos we see unleashed around us everyday, someone must eventually put it all into order.

Hi Coel Hen, your views are very insightful and I appreciate them.

I have a question for you.

What do you think should be the qualities of a man that wants to bring order to chaos?

Curiously enough, I always loved school, the spirit of competition with my peers that it brought. In earnest, I strove for an orderly society, akin to an army or prison, hating those parts of school life that did not punish the increasingly degenerate and chaotic children. I view the current anti-fascism and disorder as a result of Christian human rights.

That said, it doesn’t mean I gobbled the specific teachings from my local school, I was always immune to propaganda. But I do think obedience and loyalty to be manly virtues. All too often the disparagement of education turns to the promotion of individualist anarchy.

And regarding science education – first, didn’t Hitler muse about erecting an observatory in Linz in place of a church? And second, wouldn’t the ethnostate be forced to make do with meagre human resources to keep up its nuclear capabilities?

> “particularly useless for the great majority of the sons” – from the passage above.

All boys are Aryan in an ethnostate. Savitri is explicitly against public schools, against teaching people both science and even reading (see “Lightning”). Strong meat like that.

Even in a Fourth Reich, education should be provided only to a select group of boys. It is all too obvious that most Aryans aren’t prepared for things like what I find myself reading now (a book by Roger Penrose dealing with cosmology, quantum mechanics and human consciousness).

There’s been quite a lot of discussion on those topics in the light of recent AI breakthroughs indeed. Although I wonder how many of the people engaged in it are non-White, and how many are delusional Whites living in ivory towers (Penrose is part-Jewish, Yudkowsky is Jewish, etc.). Methinks, it’s much more intelligent to develop 600mm super-large MLRS until the enemy draws his last breath.

There is no longer any point in talking about whether someone has a drop of Jewish blood. Not even the Nazis cared about that! It is said that all Spaniards have a drop of Jewish blood because of the centuries that Jewry lived with them. If that is true, all Latin American Indians and mestizos have a drop of Jewish blood, insofar as there are hardly any pure Indians anymore.

The fact is that Penrose has a splendid book disproving what Dr Robert Morgan (who here commented under another pen name) believes so much about Artificial Intelligence: The Emperor’s New Mind (not the one I am reading now). I was glancing through The Emperor’s New Mind a week ago, although I didn’t buy it. But I did buy that day Penrose’s The Large, the Small and the Human Mind.

Both books are fascinating reading for those whose career is in mathematics! But I highly recommend visitors to this site to watch Penrose’s talks on YouTube, as without equations, diagrams or graphs he explains these abstract concepts admirably.

Jews have absorbed a lot of European DNA these last thousand years to the point that several of them can hardly be considered jews anymore, but they preserve their semitic/oriental ugliness and degeneracy in their myths and culture.

That’s why they are so eager to make profit out of porn, negro music and whatever vice corrupts the Aryan soul.

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