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Quotable quote

‘In the old America, every citizen was considered equal under the law, as well as in the eyes of God’. —Tucker Carlson tonight

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Note of the Editor: And white nationalists only blame Jewry for our woes (‘Old America’ means the US before the Jews took over their media)…

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The Christian Bible, a thoroughly Jewish production, was the first book printed, and has outsold every other book. I think that the King James Bible, alone, has sold at least a billion copies. I think that for my part, I have purchased four King James Versions. Jews have always owned the media, in the Christian age. Even before the age of print, Classical works were destroyed and only works of Judeo-Christian mythology were copied in the Scriptoria.

If Jews own the media, then you only have Christianity to blame for that.

Tucker Carlson wants to go back to the good old days where everybody was deemed equal in the eyes of Yahweh.

Tucker is one of the worst traitors there is.
With his news platform he deceives millions of his white viewers from awakening and becoming racists.
He does his red-pilling act but then cucks-out in the end, leaving the viewer with false conclusions.
“It’s not about race, it’s about cultural change”.

If news reporters like Tucker where assassinated regularly, it would accelerate Angry Mode Murka.

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