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Evil Christians

In his yesterday correspondence, Gaedhal said: ‘There is a certain class of sicko who, the eviler they find out the god of the Bible to be, then the more they love him. This is true of Calvinist extremists. The Calvinist-extremist god is the evilest being ever dreamt up in the fevered mind of a theologian, and Calvinists love this god precisely because he is evil’. And in his today’s mail, Gaedhal added: ‘If you worship this [Hebrew] god, you are a devil-worshiper’.

What perverse mind can worship the NT god who wants eternal fire for us gentiles (note that Yahweh doesn’t threaten his chosen people with eternal fire in the OT)? But the saddest part of the case is that many, among the racialists who believe they have ‘woken up’ to the JQ, still worship the evil god. Why?

Christians, as Nietzsche put it, are thrice Jews; and those WN Christians that still believe in eternal damnation are evil people.

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Regarding the question I ask above, incredible as it may seem, the answer could be in my autobiography, on the page where I quote a Swiss writer who asks the question ‘Why does mankind worship such horrible gods?’ The Swiss woman implies that it is precisely because we had horrible biological parents. Remember that the idea of divinity is nothing but a parental projection. If our parents behave well, we will have the gods of Olympus. But if they behave badly, as they have done since Constantine, the projection will be towards evil gods. Remember what I wrote in Day of Wrath about psychohistory?

Is unrelated to the topic, but I just wanted to thank you, Caesar, for the essays of “On Beth’s cute tits”.

I just finished reading those anthologies they have been very revealing. I clearly understand now that leaving women running free is a mistake and about the need for a patriarchal society.

More importantly, I understand much better my responsibility as a man.

I value these teachings and I am glad you still around in these moments of darkness.

Although this comment might be better placed in my recent post on Breaking Bad, what is so striking about this cult series is the relationship between Walter and his wife. More than 95 percent of Walt’s problems could’ve been solved by simply ignoring his wife’s demands and eternal questions. But he did the exact opposite: he treated her as an equal. No marriage can work under those circumstances, let alone if it involves an illegal business like the one run by Walter White, the main protagonist.

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