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The more normie the more hits

Not so many years ago, when YouTube cancelled the channel of Stefan Molyneux, the biggest promoter of what was then called ‘Alt-Lite’ in contrast to the Alt-Right (as Moly, whose mother was Jew, has served as gatekeeper for the Jewish question throughout his vlogging career), and moved to other video platforms, something happened that caught my attention. According to Moly himself, who uploaded excellent videos on the IQ differences between the races, only a tiny fraction of his YouTube subscribers re-subscribed to his new platform on Odysee.

If we use my metaphor of crossing the psychological Rubicon and those stuck in the river unable to cross it, it’s understandable that there are miscellaneous people in the water—from what used to be called the Alt-Lite, who at least have one foot in the water, to those who are just a few steps already inside the river. Never mind that there are people like Moly who will never speak honestly about the JQ: a step in the right direction is something so significant for the thought police that YouTube took down his channel (the same day YouTube took down the channels of Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer). But Moly was by far the most important of the three in terms of the hundreds of millions of hits his channel had garnered.

When I learned that only a negligible fraction of his supposed fans had subscribed to Moly’s new channel on another platform I thought that, rather than having been awake, those ‘fans’ had only been logging on to his YouTube channel out of curiosity but without real conviction.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the comments threads on webzines that address topics Moly didn’t touch (and doesn’t touch on his new channel). But even in the comment sections of forums that go so far as to address the JQ, I’m always left with the impression that I’m encountering normies or semi-normies. Think of the hundreds of commenters on The Unz Review for example: a webzine that republishes what Andrew Anglin writes in Daily Stormer. As far as I know, none of the authors Ron Unz publishes is aware of the Christian question, and very few commenters are aware of it, or that the US had a bad birth. (Unlike Europeans, Americans have never gone through a civilisational stage where there was not a single Christian.)

I am capable of rejecting both flags of the county where I was born: the tricolour flag of the eagle on a cactus devouring a snake—that is, an Aztec flag—and the previous flag, which some Criollos associate with New Spain. I reject even the latter because the first thing these Catholic idiots did was marry Indian girls. There is a very vulgar saying in Mexico that I have heard from the Criollos who live here: “Carne buena y barata sólo la de la gata” (‘Good and cheap flesh only that of the Indian maid’).

Not being aware of CQ is similar to Moly & Alt-Lite’s company not being aware of the JQ. As Adunai said in our Monday’s post, Robert Morgan has tried to break the taboo in the comments section of The Unz Review about how CQ explains the first anti-white war perpetrated by the Yanks in a time when Jewry hadn’t yet taken over their media. But if one starts from a primitive pride in one’s nation and stupid worship of one’s ancestors, one will never diagnose the causes of white decline. It is as if I were to blindly honour, say, New Spain by removing from my conscience the fact that the New Spaniards committed the nefarious sin of mestization.

My great-grandfather Damián Tort Rafols exemplifies
the saying “Carne buena y barata sólo la de la gata”.

Why is it that if I can disown the culture I was born into, and even my ancestor who married an Indian, the normies and semi-normies who argue in racialist forums cannot disown their culture? Never mind that the Spanish and Portuguese have been mixing since the 16th century and the Anglo-Germans from the North until the present century and the end of the last century. Both cultures have the same perpetrator as a common denominator: the universalist religion that equalises all human ‘souls’.

I started talking about Moly’s Alt-Lite, which reached half a billion hits on YouTube, because I have the impression that, as a blogger or vlogger moves away from Normieland and into the river, his hits begin to diminish. Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, who had taken a couple of steps further towards the other side of the river, certainly didn’t have the audience volume that Moly had when they cancelled all three, not remotely. And someone like me, who has virtually finished crossing the river, has become an obscure blogger that no one mentions or links on racialist forums!

It seems that obscurity, in the sense of fewer and fewer hits, is directly proportional to the distance from crossing the Rubicon to the other side.

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Women are the perfect normies – and normies worship power. The question is thus why there hasn’t appeared a single power structure furthering a kind of an anti-Christian culture. The only such multi-generational project that comes to mind is the Mormonist church, but it cucked.

I’m not an expert on organising cults, on manipulating people. This is why I’m not discounting your approach – function-wise, your religion of the Four Words does have potential to stir hatred in a few hearts. But it needs a cruel (irony) organisation, and an organisation needs a fertile cultural soil – which is barren. (Until the collapse!)

“an organisation needs a fertile cultural soil – which is barren. (Until the collapse!)”

This is why there are no White revolutionaries atm. Those who are so inclined have gauged the wind and find it would be suicide to act. So, they wait and watch.

ATM – At The Moment

Probably should have written it out. Abbreviations are a bad habit, but I do so hate the pop-up keyboards on mobile devices.

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