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Mixing what can’t be mixed


How many Christians are there in the movement?

‘The woke ideology, liberalism and all leftist or progressive ideologies are the final and ultimate fruits of the invasive weed called Christianity. Our Führer was 100 per cent right when he called Christianity the very first bolshevism’.

—A concerned reader

Let us consider the thousands of comments by semi-normies in The Unz Review, or the hundreds of comments in American Renaissance or The Daily Stormer. If the racial right were red-pilled (instead of merely purple-pilled), posts like what we said yesterday about John Mearsheimer would have already received a lot of comments. But Andrew Anglin just wrote: ‘I have realized that I serve God Alone, and Our God demands that we crush idols. When Charlemagne was taming the heathens, he did not use pleadings and prose–it was all blood and fire’.

Of course, like most white nationalists, Anglin is wishfully ignorant about what William Pierce or Arthur Kemp have written on Charlemagne. For example, by ‘heathens’ Charlemagne meant those who refused to worship a Semitic god, in contrast to the Aryan Gods before the forced conversion of the Saxons. [1]

But Anglin’s is not an isolated case. Can someone tell me what per cent of the people in the American racial right are Christians? Half? More than half? This is fundamental since, if our diagnosis is correct—see epigraph above—the American racialist movement won’t get anywhere unless they become apostates.

Tomorrow I will post the last entry of the translation from French to English of Savitri’s book. Her book gives me the impression that, regarding Christianity, people like us have been preaching in the desert. However, thanks to my free time starting tomorrow, we will continue with the German-English translation of another book, that of Karlheinz Deschner on the criminal history of the Jesus cult that Anglin and company follow. And I would like to use this post to thank W.R. for his contribution today. Since those of us who believe that Christian ethics is the primary factor in Aryan decline are a tiny minority, even an occasional donation helps us to move forward.


[1] In the above-linked article Anglin confesses that he doesn’t like to read. In addition to the two stories on the white race by Pierce and Kemp, I think he should read The life of Charlemagne by Thomas Hodgkin published by Ostara Publications, a racialist publishing house.

10 Replies on “Mixing what can’t be mixed

  1. and don´t forget to raze everything Christians built like neoclassic, gothic and baroque churches, and go back to living in huts made of shit and straw.

    1. Xtian dogs like those that built those monuments to the fellatio of a dead, fictional rabbi did not invent the techniques of the styles mentioned in your snippet of a brain fart. They borrowed from Roman and Greek architecture which was innovated by those deemed by xtians like yourself to be nothing more than “evil pagans”, their use of cities notwithstanding.
      As for “huts made of shit and straw”, Europeans did not really use such. If anything modern African xtians are the ones who inhabit such structures. This of course means that the biggest growing chunk of Xtianity survives in a dung hut with a leaky roof. Truly a house built on sand. If only the missionaries of the past could see their fruits when mass starvation hits Africa like a hurricane.

    2. Neoclassic, gothic, and baroque architecture has their origins in Pagan Pre-Christian Greco-Roman Civilization, they have their cultural origins in the historical legacies of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Christianity is an alien Semitic implant from the sands of cursed land called Israel, I can’t believe you could believe in such, and absurd nonsensical book or fairytales conjured by a tribe that is the very biological and ontological opposite of the Aryan. To believe that a Jewish loser “died” on the cross for your supposed sins is ultimate form of psychoticism and mental derangement.

      1. “Careverga” is probably Dr Morales. The Brazilian Morales (who uses this pic as an avatar, where he says he’s “fighting God’s satanic creatures”) has been trolling this site for years (see for example here). He currently comments on Adunai’s blog (e.g.,  here). I think it’s best to ignore him (“Don’t feed the troll” they say), though from time to time I get lazy to run a software to guess who’s using a sockpuppet under a proxy IP, and we get comments like the one above.

      2. This guy might even be the same commenter who’s posting comments in racialist forums under the penname (my real name!) of “César Tort”, as I warned recently.

        As Mauricio said this very month, “Such a time wasting troll, that Morales”. But keep in mind that according to this Brazilian he is fighting God’s satanic creatures, the racists.

    3. The Aryan spirit of exploration and creation was the driving force which made it possible to build such monuments in the first place, not some petty religion. Aryans could have adopted any religion or belief, and the culture we would create surrounding that would be superior to any non-Aryans who follow the same religion. The truth is that Notre Dame has been a testimony that our ancestors, still poisoned by the ‘Mashiach’ were not able to suppress at all their European creative impulses, against the will of the spiritual parasite. What have to do these gargoyles to christianity? Most of the vast artistic imprint that they expressed there has little or nothing to do with that christianity which hates the world, with that iconoclastic, messianic, hysterical and ignorant Christianity, eager to tear down idols. On the contrary, Notre Dame has been proof in stone that the European spirit never died at the hands of christian poison.
      Do you think that non european christians could conceive or build anything like Notre Dame? The answer is obviously not, this piece of art is an expression of the European genius, a genius that has its roots in the DNA of our Aryan ancestors. No other people but Europeans could conceive gothic architecture. It just happened that christianity was the main worldview at the time, that is, a fortuneless accident. Therefore, believing that gothic architecture or aryan culture in general is inherently christian is stupid.

  2. Hi Caesar, i read here most days but have only ever commented once or twice. What is there to say that hasn’t been said already. Our people must suffer much more before they are ready to do what must be done. Our ongoing genocide is too abstract for most to comprehend. It must become more open before enough grasp it. I agree that Christianity is the fundamental problem from which all else follows, but 2000 years of social conditioning cannot be overturned so easily. Look at how long it took for it to be successful, it will take as long to murder it. But the process is in train. I believe a general collapse of civilisation and a reversal of technological progress is likely where hope lies. It is our technology which has facilitated the movement of other races into our lands, without post ww2 air travel just how many negros would the Jew have been to ship into Europe. We are the newest and next stage in human evolution which the Jew is trying to reverse, but the God’s of the copybook headings will have their way. Thanks for all your work here.

  3. “Anglin confesses that he doesn’t like to read.”

    There you have the great majority of Americans who won’t even read their “holy” bibles but will wear them as necklaces if they could.

    This majority holds back the tiny minority that Dr. Pierce wished to appeal during his weekly broadcasts, and ultimately failed.

  4. The greatest *virus* infecting our race is the Slave Morality that underpins Christianity and all of the usual suspects, e.g. Liberalism, Progressivism, Egalitarianism, Wokeism, etc. Some of the not so usual suspects e.g. White Nationalism, Trads (Catholic and Orthodox), Conservatives, and even most Pagans are also infected with the virus of Slave Morality.

    Despite the latter having a greater unease with the most egregious manifestations of Slave Morality e.g. BLM, LGBTQ, and the Welfare State, these types can’t be trusted to return the Aryan Race to its rightful place as the Master Race of this planet. In the same sentence they’ll righteously oppose BLM and reference MLK’s message as their reason for doing so. They’ll perform the most extreme mental gymnastics to frame their healthy instincts as anything but racist or sexist.