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Great power politics

Although on racial and important historical events (Hellstorm Holocaust) professor John Mearsheimer is a normie, it is worth listening to what he has to say about great power politics (here and here).

This is where I see that the criticism of American white nationalism by the retired Canadian Sebastian Ronin is spot on. Even the foremost mind of the movement, William Pierce (1933-2002), suffered in some ways from patriotardism.

For example, in Who We Are Pierce omitted the history of his native country, and in his weekly podcasts he blamed the white shark (Jewry) without wanting to see the megalodon (the US): both trying to eat alive the white race. Unlike the patriotards, another American, Robert Morgan, who comments in the comments section of The Unz Review, exposes how Christian ethics was always behind the emancipation of blacks in America. I would add that Christian ethics was also behind the empowerment of Jews in the US: just look at the pro-Israeli philo-Semitism of the evangelicals.

And when it comes to great power politics in the international arena, things are much worse! What John Mearsheimer tells us is that the United States set out to become a regional hegemon, and Imperial Germany and Nazi Germany had to be destroyed in the process—the two World Wars…!

Listen to what he says linked above. Not to understand this is to understand nothing. The gap in Pierce’s book, his history of the white race, must be filled with this chapter by Mearsheimer. But except for Francis Parker Yockey and more recently Michael O’Meara, who used to publish on Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents, no one in racialist forums has dared to weigh in on the matter.

In a nutshell, if you want to save the DNA of white North Americans, America delenda est.

1 Reply on “Great power politics

  1. Hi Cesar, I wanted to make a comment on this and ask you several doubts that I hope you could help me clarify.

    So the USA wanted to become a regional hegemony and therefore that was the main driving force to destroy imperial and national socialist Germany (I would also include imperial Japan).

    Jews with their influence merely took advantage of this.

    But what about the soviet union and the cold war? Why would it let that entity intact but not Germany? It is because of Jewry?

    Also, why would it let China to grow so strong as to eventually challenge it?

    That goes against the goals of political powers, unless this is a manifestation of the decay brought by Jews.

    Lastly, theoretically speaking, do you think something will change if Canada or Mexico were to declare war to the USA now?

    Mearsheimer mentioned that the USA only could aspire to become a regional hegemony because it has no threats on the continent so I imagine that its neighbors could serve the purpose of keeping its military aggression abroad restrained.