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On WN traitors

The petrodollar is the basis of the dollar as global reserve currency. And nowadays Saudi Arabia even refuses to allow US government agents to visit them to negotiate as they did before. While the world watches the US collapse internally, Jamie commented today:

There can never be a third world war because the second one has not ended yet. The USA never signed a peace treaty with Germany and even today is still occupied by USA forces (same as Japan). The war, the ideological war of quality vs. quantity, is still going.

Indeed: World War II was an ethno-traitor war in which the Americans betrayed themselves for the second time since the Civil War. That the war is not over from the West’s POV is evident from the fact that Hitler and his Reich continue to be demonised 24/7 even more than seventy years after the fighting ended. If the white man doesn’t wake up to this reality—if he doesn’t focus on rethinking what happened in WW2—there is no way he will recover from the collapse of self-image he suffered after the war, and he will continue on the road to extinction.

This cannot be achieved as long as American white nationalists continue to worship the god of our ancestral enemies. For example, while I have been quoting Andrew Anglin both here and on Twitter these days, today, in the article ‘Putin Holds Massive Stadium Super-Rally in Moscow – Glory to Russia’, he wrote:

But those people look like me, and they worship the same God as me, so it is difficult not to feel a greater kinship with them than the multiracial, anal, atheistic hell that is current year America. I don’t think that makes me a traitor. If it does, then I will say that I would rather be a traitor to my country than to my God and my ancient heritage as a member of Christendom.

But it is not this kind of betrayal, worshipping the god of the Jews, that I wanted to talk about today. What prompted me to write this post is that recently Richard Spencer has been writing some nauseating things on Twitter. I don’t even want to link or quote them, but he goes around saying that he is one hundred per cent on NATO’s side and that he even supports a no-fly zone in the present Ukraine-Russia war!

I remember when in 2010 Spencer opened his website, the now-defunct ‘Alternative Right’, distancing himself from the neocons and the war in Iraq. But not since I discovered white nationalism a dozen years ago have I witnessed a second blatant betrayal as the Spencer of 2022. The first betrayal was that which happened years ago with Matt Heimbach, on whom many racialists had pinned their hopes to lead a movement claiming to be National Socialist on American soil. We know what happened to Heimbach after the Parrott scandal, but even before that he had called the idea of discriminating against negroes who want to marry white women ‘Satanic’.

Fortunately, the vast majority of American racialists today don’t identify with NATO’s interests or with discriminating against blacks at the marriage altar. But still, it is important to record how Spencer has fallen from his famous speech in 2016, which made headlines all over the American media, and his hawkish neocon stance these days.

14 Replies on “On WN traitors

      1. His tweet was deleted and link no longer works.

        Here is what Varg wrote:

        “Is interesting to see how these Christian nations use Muslim mercenaries against fellow Christians. Not even “heretics” but fellow orthodox.

        (Then shows a picture of muslim chechens fighting for both sides)

        This shows that Christianity is NOT a wall against Islam. Christians invite Muslims to kill other Christians.”

  1. Richie Spence blabbers stupidity once again. NATO should have been dissolved after the fall of the Soviet Union.

    Drunken Andy states at the end of his article:
    “I want for America what Russia currently has for Russia. I want a proud leader, who makes the people proud, who is willing to stand up and say “glory to God and glory to our people!”
    There he goes again, yammering drunken inverted shit.
    You should want for America to have nothing.
    You should want a leader so inimical to Whites that is willing to say “We must end Whiteness, no more White jobs, no more White marriage, etc.”
    Accelerationism is the way to ‘salvation’, Andy.

    But it really doesn’t matter what these cultural-xtians think about NATO or Putin or (((god))).
    Their real god, the Dollar, will crash. Poverty and crime will soar. More and more Whites will wake up and bail out of the system. America will become so weak that it’s only card left to play in the Hegemony game will be it’s nukes.

    And when the nukes start flying, to paraphrase Vikernes, Life will have a new meaning.

    America delenda est.

    1. A quotable quote that I’ll use this morning…

      By the way, a former commenter on this site is saying that troll Dr. Morales is now posting under your name at Adunai’s site (here).

      1. Thanks for the heads-up.
        Such a time wasting troll, that Morales.

        I only post in your blog. WDH and Volkish are the only blogs I read.
        I don’t post at Volkish because I’m a Med, it wouldn’t be right.

        1. And in another thread at Audinai’s, the Brazilian Morales even said under your name that you was concerned about blond ephebes being killed in Ukraine…

  2. Huh. Well, sign me up on the traitorous NATO/Satanism side, then. I’ve been to Ukraine twice. I wouldn’t have gone so far as to bet serious money on the heroic – and nationalist! – resistance they’ve displayed, but I’m not remotely surprised by it. When it comes to the question of whether a nation exists or not and is worth defending or not, the only and final decisive answer is provided by the people of that nation, themselves. The Ukrainians get the final vote. They are not Vladimir Putin’s pawns in ideological grand projects, they are not Andrew Anglin’s pawns, they are not yours. They are their own people and they have the right and the ability to determine for themselves their own futures.
    They have cast that vote, pretty decisively; I now think it is possible that within a month or two we will see a full-scale rout of the Russian military due to snowballing logistics issues.

    And this is a good thing.

    It is nationalism and defense of one’s homes and neighbors and relations, opposing high-handed meddling from far away by somebody who believes his own bullshit. Putin has single-handedly done more with this one move to destroy his rhetorical and ideological position than anybody else has done for the past 30 years; he has single-handedly done more to reinvigorate NATO and the American-dominated international system than anybody else could have dreamed of accomplishing. And it was entirely his doing: he was the one, not Biden, not Kamala, not Hillary, not Obama, just Vlad himself, who ordered the tanks to cross the border.

    NATO is a tool and a pretext: as the saying goes, the purpose of NATO is “to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”. American hegemony is preferable to all these different peoples because the Americans are way over there, not right next door. The trannyism and rainbow flag stuff is American-promoted, sure, but it wouldn’t stop if all the Americans went home overnight; it’s symptomatic of deeper issues in the adjustment to post-industrial society. Much more immediate for Russia’s neighbors is the prospect of tanks on the border and cities flattened by artillery. NATO is a tool to stop or discourage that, and an effective one. So long as people are more afraid of artillery shells than of gay parades, NATO will continue to be viewed as a positive – and you would have an extremely difficult time convincing any Ukrainian to take a different view right now, and just because they disagree with you does not make them wrong.

    If you come to the conclusion that people cannot, in the end, be trusted to decide their own futures for themselves, you deny the entire basis of nationalism. I’m not Vladimir Putin’s kid and he’s (visibly) not smarter than I am. Nationalism and self-determination of identity groups go hand in hand. What the Ukrainians are doing right now champions that principle above and beyond what anybody else has done for nearly a century, and what the Russians are trying (and failing) to do transgresses and betrays it on an unforgiveable scale.

    When Putin declared that Ukraine was not a real country, did it ever occur to him to ask the Ukrainians what they thought of the matter?

    When Putin decided that Ukraine should be returned to the Russian fold, did it ever occur to him to try to get the Ukrainians to WANT that outcome and to work toward it of their own volition?

    Putin has destroyed himself, and it’s entirely his own fault. I stand with Ukraine, for whatever it’s worth, and I am glad to see NATO supplying what help is practicable without triggering releases of canned sunshine.

    It is very regrettable, however, that the racialist right has once again managed to pick a ideological position that marginalizes and alienates them from any ability to influence outcomes toward a positive long-term result for the values they claim to hold dear.

      1. >but from the desire for the American government to collapse.

        I get that.

        My point is that this desire is irrelevant and wrong. The question is what value is to be promoted and defended. I am promoting and defending the value of local populations having control over their own destiny, and the prevention of imperial overreach. You are promoting undirected destruction.

        My value can be used against American imperialism just as much as against Russian imperialism, especially with the advantage of real-world examples to draw on. Your value creates and preserves nothing, not even what you claim to be defending.

        From any point of view, even and most particularly the point of view that values the heritage of white achievements and white genetics, this is wrong, stupid, and self-destructive.

        You should stop that.

    1. You are a normie and your normie mind is appalled by one single gesture of force. Why are faggots like you allowed on Chechar’s blog? I will never understand. Meanwhile an original like Adûnâi is persona non grata.

      1. The Ukranian Adunai is persona non-grata for his idealisation of Stalin.

        I told Adunai that only if he read all the volumes of The Gulag Archipelago could we enter into a discussion. The only thing Adunai does is to call Solzhentisin a ‘homosexual’ without reading him, like a typical stubborn Russian-Ukrainian, who doesn’t want to see that tens of millions of his compatriots died during the Red Terror.

        Solzhenitsyn complained that the Russian Holocaust considerably diluted ethnic Russians in the USSR. An article in Counter-Currents talks about the POV we should have towards Putin’s Russia, abridged in this site.

        P.S. I tolerated several of Rollory’s comments because he was kind enough to send me a book as a gift.

      2. >he was kind enough to send me a book as a gift.

        Which I did entirely at your invitation and only because you promised to write a “full, in-depth” review of it, and instead you reviewed the introduction and part of one chapter in the middle, disregarding or completely unaware of most of the argument. It is was an interesting demonstration of what your word is worth.

        I’ll retract that statement if and when you actually do what you said you would do.