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On Satan buffs

‘America will become so weak’, said Mauricio this morning, ‘that its only card left to play in the Hegemony game will be its nukes. And when the nukes start flying, to paraphrase Vikernes, Life will have a new meaning’.

Those who have read Covington’s futuristic novel will remember that, in the race wars, the US would commit terrible blunders by putting primitive Blacks and wise Latinas in command. A once-powerful but wounded beast can become very dangerous. I have often thought that a bitch like AOC in power wouldn’t hesitate to, say, try to implement a no-fly zone in a war like the one we are witnessing, or even use nukes if the likes of Golden Dawn were to reach power in Europe after the collapse of the dollar. (That might be the scenario we need to wake up the American semi-normies commenting on the racialist forums.)

Changing subjects, yesterday I criticised Anglin for his pious mention of the god of the Judeo-Christians but today I would like to say that, regarding Satanism, I completely agree with him. Anglin wrote today:

Atomwaffen was publicly exposed–mostly by me–as a literal satanic death cult that was killing cats and sacrificing goats, as well as having sex with trannies, in order to get power from demons. This was all confirmed on discord links.

If what Anglin says about animal sacrifice is true, what would Savitri say (cf. my other entry of the day)? For context to the debate between Satanist racists and saner folk see an exchange, on this site, from two years ago as a result of my post ‘On the Atomwaffen Division’.

4 Replies on “On Satan buffs

  1. Would “Satanism” even exist without Christianism? Would Liberalism exist without Christianity)

    1. Satan isn’t a pre-christian deity, it’s a pastiche of every deity early christians wanted to separate themselves from. Satanism is just a protest against christianity within a christian framework and that’s why it’s ineffective.
      There is no volkish pre-christian satanism. There just isn’t. It’s not part of anyone’s heritage.