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Flawed sci-fi genre

On Mondays a ‘market on wheels’ passes near my house that doesn’t exist in the neighboring country to the north: Indians who sell food and other household items to the more bourgeois classes. For the ridiculous price of $15 pesos (0.72 dollars) yesterday I bought this year’s version of Dune.

I still remember when I saw the first film version of Frank Herbert’s novel in 1984 and I thought it was a very bad movie. But the 2021 version is worse as the accelerating trend toward Evil continues in these eschatological times, as Savitri would say. I mean the mania of putting more and more non-white actors on the big screen. The $15 pesos I spent yesterday for a pirated DVD of Dune was a good investment, as I prefer to give that amount to an Indian than to Hollywood dogs (tonight my sister and my nephew will watch Dune on the Imax screen).

Although, with the exception of this darkening of actors, the visual aspect of the 2021 film improves on previous versions, there will never be a good movie because Herbert’s novel is flawed.

When I saw the 1984 film, I was unaware of the existence of psychoclasses. Recently, in one of my comments on Savitri’s book, I said that the Spaniards belonged to a higher psychoclass than the Aztecs, who killed and ate their children. The mistake of Herbert and all fans of science-fiction is that they ignore the existence of psychoclasses. With the exception of the books that I’ve been promoting on this site from the pen of Arthur C. Clarke, the only thing that the authors of the futurist genre do is extrapolate the present of this fallen West to a future where technology has been developed.

But that is not the future.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, the future of the Mesoamerican and Inca world would be the destruction, thanks to the Europeans, of an infanticidal psychoclass, a psychoclass of serial killers (see the central part of my Day of Wrath) through an amalgamation between Indian and Spanish in which, at least, the filicide aspects of the Amerinds were overcome.

That doesn’t mean that I identify myself with the Castilians. I represent a psychoclass superior to theirs inasmuch as I have always been repulsed by bullfighting (as I tell in one of my autobiographical books, my grandmother and my godmother were fans of this sadistic art). In other words, internally I already made another quantum leap from the Spanish psychoclass to a psychoclass that feels infinitely more empathy for animals.

The mistake of Herbert, who once had a personal fight with Clarke, is that he was blind to psychogenic evolution; that is, to the development of empathy (think about how Hitler’s first measure when he came to power was to pass laws to prevent the cruelty to animals). Herbert extrapolates the human psychoclass from our time to the future as if there won’t be any psychogenic breakthroughs. For example, one of the anachronisms of the movie that I saw yesterday is the hobby of the House Atreides (the movie’s good guys), who had representations of bullfighting art in their palace, including the head of a sacrificed bull on a wall.

In fact, it is impossible for the current psychoclass of humans to grow indefinitely because with such advanced technology they would only end up self-destructing (which is why we receive no signs of intelligent life in the Milky Way). Only the Aryan overman, the followers of a new Hitlerite religion, could inherit the stars.

Unlike Herbert’s Dune, in a few of Clarke’s futuristic novels humans stop abusing children and animals. When in 1992 I wrote him a letter, and asked him what was his favourite novel among the many he wrote, the famous British author informed me that it was The Songs of Distant Earth (except for my address that I’ve just deleted, Clarke’s letter can be read: here). The novel has its problems, of course. Clarke was bisexual and this shows in The Songs of Distant Earth. But at least he acknowledges that psychoclasses may evolve in the future.

But I would like to say one more thing about the darkening of the actors in the 2021 version of Dune and Hollywood in general.

Yesterday I saw a segment of Fox News. The axiological lie on which the US is based, a lie that is exterminating the white race in that country, is something that even anchors like Tucker Carlson share. Last night Carlson said: ‘…the funding principle of the United States, to sum up, is the Christian belief that all people, regardless of their skin color, are equal before God’.

Well, they certainly aren’t equal before me.

5 replies on “Flawed sci-fi genre”

Just by checking the physiognomy of the mongrel director, Denis Villeneuve, I already knew Dune 2021 was going to be a very toxic film.
The cruel Harkonnens are all white skinheads. The Bene Gesserit are feminist fantasy powergirls. The underdog Fremen are desert niggers.

I only read the first book; the futuristic setting was interesting, the revenge plot wasn’t very convincing, and aside from Paul and his mother, most characters were forgettable.

I heard that in the sequel books, Paul’s son and heir to the throne becomes a combination of Bran and Kalki: a God-Emperor psychic prophet who leads a genocidal Jihad across the galaxy against degenerates and subhumans.
Interesting, but I prefer Warhammer 40k – which itself was heavily inspired by Dune.

But the best exterminationist novel ever written was The Turner Diaries.

Science-fiction in general is trash. Look at any of the biggest names in the genre and it becomes obvious that they are anti-White, neo-xtian manuals of deceit. Two in particular [Star Trek and Doctor Who] owe their existence to Jewry as both shows had Jewish creators. It should be no wonder that such shows continued to encourage and popularize degeneracy among Generation X by spreading the so-called “Outsider Story” style.
Even science-fiction written by gentiles is rarely better, often worse due to being easier to digest. Case in point: Star Wars. It has always been implied that the Empire in Star Wars is some sort of mishmash between the British Empire from the 1700s and Germany from WW2 while the Rebel Alliance is a mix of random aliens and 99% white humans with women in charge of critical positions. The way how the rebels manage to fight off wave after wave of Stormtroopers is similar to the delusional cliche of the “Lone American Hero” who defeats a foreign horde by himself as seen in countless anti-German movies from the 1940s and 50s. It is no surprise that J.J Abrams had such an easy time writing both Star Wars and Star Trek considering how absurdly xtian both series already were.

Even in the case of so-called “right-wing science-fiction” there is little to salvage. Many cite Dune or the terrible “Starship Troopers” as exemplars of right-wing [really, Dumb-Wing] media. However, a close inspection reveals nothing but better hidden anti-White gibberish. Disregarding the degenerate film directed by Paul Verhoeven, the original book has a Filipino protagonist and female commanders in its “militaristic” society. From everything that I have heard about Dune it seems that is only somewhat better than ST.

Indeed. This is a passage from my book On Beth’s Cute Tits:

The same with intelligence. Even those female child prodigies from China trained to become chess masters are no match for male grandmasters. And the same can be said about the careers of physics, mathematics, engineering and computing. Men perform far better. The System’s solution? The blogger doesn’t mention race but what is being done with the weaker sex is exactly what is done with blacks: lower the math standard for women and the coloureds. This is the official policy in the universities. Once again, Hollywood brainwashes us with films like Starship Troopers where the main characters, Johnny Rico and his girlfriend Carmen Ibañez, travel in a spaceship to conquer a bug planet. Johnny had obtained low math grades and has to work as a mere infantryman while the smarter Carmen got high math grades obtaining a job to pilot a starship, just as The Queen’s Gambit: a shameful inversion of reality.

Very good assessment of the so-called “sci-fi” genre. Yes, I agree completely with you, particularly about that very mediocre action film “Starship Troopers” where the people in charge of the wardrobe, either because of a tragic lack of creativity or because they had very good taste, dressed the troopers in uniforms very similar to those wore by the German soldiers in WW2.

Overall, sci-fi is trash and, like the awful popular American cartoons, a 100% Jewish creation. I remember an excellent German article published during the war that said “The roots of American popular culture are Jewish”. Very true!

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