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Racial right Tom Sunic

O Christians!

The quantity of Christians in the racialist right still surprises me, and I’m not just talking about Americans.

The last time I saw a video of Keith Woods, it seemed to me that this beardless boy was in the process of abandoning racialism in pursuit of his parents’ religion. Now he interviews an apologist of his faith on YouTube (here): a channel that hasn’t been taken down because Woods’ message isn’t a threat to the System’s narrative.

I think I should link here some of the most incisive criticisms of various racialist authors of Christianity because the message of this site seems to be being preached on deaf ears. No Christian that I know of has tried to refute, say, what we say in the masthead of this site (here). Even the shortest articles don’t seem to have prompted them to reflect.

Let’s start by quoting Tom Sunic, who unlike the beardless Woods is a mature intellectual: ‘Christianity became a Universalist religion with a special mission to transform the Other into the Same. The seeds of egalitarianism—albeit on the religious, not yet on the secular level—were sown. Many Whites make a fundamental mistake when they portray new civil religions as part of an organised conspiracy of a small number of wicked people. In essence, civil religions are just secular transpositions of the Judeo-Christian monotheist mindset’.

Sunic is European. In America, writing about today’s Christian racialists, William Pierce said: ‘They ignore the Jewish origins of Christianity’. Also in the US, Jack Frost compared Christianity to cancer that started as a sort of Jewish psyop in the first century: ‘Cancer, too, doesn’t necessarily kill immediately. You can have cancer for years until it suddenly metastasises and kills you. You can have it and be apparently strong and have many accomplishments; but nevertheless, you have it, and it will eventually kill you’ (read the long text: here). Frost had in mind something akin to what another commenter has said and I quote on the sidebar: ‘1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values’, the current metastasises that is killing the West.

What Wood’s apologist says about the mischaracterisation of Nietzsche and that the state ideology (the George Floyd incident) is unrelated to historical Christianity, is unfounded. See my article in English (here) that has recently been translated to German (here).

Okay, I am an obscure blogger. But Woods and his Christian apologist even ignore what Hitler said about Christianity (here) or what William Pierce said about the same subject (here). New visitors of this should know the ideas of a Swede that prompted my awakening to the Christian Question (here).

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Of course: The Fair Race, which summarises the POV of this site, contains Ferdinand Bardamu’s scholarly article ‘Why Europeans must reject Christianity’ (pages 125-185): an original for The West’s Darkest Hour.

Christianity = {universal moralism, egalitarianism, race-denial, brotherhood of man, pathological out-group altruism, liberalism, conservatives, marxism, communism, leftism, americanism, zionism, colonialism, political correctness, exogamy, miscegenation, slave morality, pacifism, dysgenics, affirmation of the sick and defective, untermensch}

Aryan = { positive In-group altruism, ethnocentrism, racial solidarity, affirmation of hierarchy and inequality, sexual polarity, master morality, eugenics, endogamy, will to power, racial aristocracy, affirmation of war and conquest, racial hierarchy, soldierly virtues, racial fertility, racial purity, übermensch, beauty, health, vitality nobility, national socialism, 14/88, Hitler, Himmler, Rudolf Hess, Aryan imperium}

Christianity ∩ Aryan = Ø

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