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Lebensraum, 4

‘White’ to me just means ‘European’, which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown.

–Greg Johnson

Abducting the future Sabine women

The image below says: ‘New Wolf’ [see first comments below] and below other letters seem to indicate that it is a text for the racial policies of the NSDAP.

To found Rome, on this site I have talked a lot about the abduction of the beautiful Sabine women, who belonged to an ethically related people of the Spartans. We have also talked about how the Spartan state nationalised small kids to garrison them.

But neither Sparta nor Republican Rome still suffered from the miscegenation that would fall on Europe centuries later. Since the extensive interbreeding with mudbloods was already well advanced in the last century, the Germans were forced to kidnap the most Nordish-like children from the conquered countries to educate them as god intended.

If the white race is to be saved, these kinds of measures will have to be retaken along with the repudiation of white nationalists who, following the egalitarian fashions of the darkest times in the West, reject Nordicism. Let’s just compare the above heading to the policies of the NSDAP and we will understand what the word quackery means in my mouth when I refer to white nationalists.

But let’s go back to the non-quacks who wanted to save the race.

Despite the successes, Himmler admitted that Lebensborn households couldn’t produce enough children to fulfil his dream. Even counting German-speakers in newer regions, such as the Sudetenland, the Third Reich’s population didn’t exceed seventy-nine million, well below the 120 million that had been proposed.

To increase the number of inhabitants, Himmler gave the order to the soldiers of the occupied countries to abduct Nordic-looking children. This strategy was carefully put into practice in some areas of the East, especially Poland. The children were divided into two groups: those with Slavic features were deported to the east or became labour; those with Aryan features could be Germans with all their privileges. The result was a real hunt of blond and blue-eyed children.

After this examination, they were classified into three different categories: desirable, acceptable or undesirable. Having gypsy features automatically made a child undesirable, which, in practice, carried a death sentence. Many of them were sent to the camps.

The past of the chosen children was painstakingly erased. Usually they were told that their parents had died and, after giving them a new name with Germanic resonances, they were sent to Germany. (At this point it’s necessary to recall the quote from Who We Are in the last article of Daybreak in which Pierce tears his garments when speaking of the ethno-suicidal American custom of bestowing Hebrew names on children.) There they entered a home where they strictly forbade them to speak Polish. Those who were unable to learn German or who didn’t adapt to their new nationality would be sent back to Catholic Poland.

This same fate happened to the children of many other parents, including Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, and parts of the Soviet Union. One of them was Alexander Litau, originally from Crimea, who was only twenty months old when, in 1942, Germany invaded the peninsula. With his blue eyes and blond hair, the little boy matched exactly what the Germans were looking for. One day, some SS officers saw him playing in front of his house and took him away.

Alexander was first sent to Poland, where German doctors made sure that he was healthy and met all the requirements. The examination was thorough and it was found that the child didn’t have any Jewish traits. He was then placed in a Lebensborn home, Sonnenwiese (Sunny Meadow) in Kohren-Sahlis, Saxony. Here, now under the name Folker, he was offered up for adoption along with others.

‘My first memory is being in a room with thirty other children. People would come in there and they would line us up as if we were puppies looking for a new home. Those people were going to be my parents. They left and came back the next day. Apparently my “mother” wanted a girl, but my “father” preferred a boy… I placed my head on his knee and this was enough: I would be his son’, Folker recalled.

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“The image below says: ‘New Wolf’…”

No, it doesn’t. It says Neues Volk.

“and below other letters seem to indicate that it is a text for the racial policies of the NSDAP”

Indeed. Rather than puzzling out the “other letters” a search for the actual title reveals:

“Neues Volk (German: [ˈnɔʏ.əs ˈfɔlk], New People) was the monthly publication of the Office of Racial Policy in Nazi Germany.[1] Founded by Walter Gross in 1933, it was a mass-market, illustrated magazine.[2] It aimed at a wide audience, achieving a circulation of 300,000.[1] It appeared in physicians’ waiting rooms, libraries, and schools, as well as in private homes”

I assume this issue appeared before the Fuhrer outlawed Fraktur type in party and Reich publications, for exactly this reason: a typeface that only Germans could read was inappropriate for a nation that would be the center of Europe, “which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown.”.

Volk/Wolf —these kind of old letters confuse me.

As to Greegy’s quote, you have missed his many pronouncements where he even called Turks whites. Like most anti-Nordicist WNsts, he’s a race traitor.

I’m by no means a sympathizer of Grindr Greg but to me the term “White” is meaningless. As a European and N.S., I don’t think like that. The Aryan race-cousins can’t be lumped in together under one “color” label. To me, a pure Spaniard is as European as a pure Norwegian, but they are not the same. Each of them may think of themselves as preferable and that’s fine and natural. They both have a right to their respective homelands. W.N. never appealed to me on that level alone, because “White” is too vague for me. W.N.s (who are mostly to be found in the U.S.) also tend to promote intermixing of European nationalities, and that’s just laughable from a European’s POV. Just because they don’t see a difference doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Furthermore the label “White” is dangerous because visual appearance takes precedence, hence some idiots start saying jews are “White” as well…
I can very accurately pinpoint a European’s ancestry by looking at them. It is as normal to me to distinguish between Europeans than between Europeans and blacks. That said, co-operation on some super-national level has to happen – and it does. Nationalist groups in Europe often work together against our common enemies. Without compromising their own race-family.

Of course: even the Sicilians are Europeans. But unlike the American eugenicists of yore, today’s racial right in the US is biased against Nordicism. Most of them even treat Meds (think of the ugly Sicilian faces in The Godfather) just like those Americans who vote for the Republican Party treat mestizos: as equals.

With that username, I wonder what you’re doing here…
The SS had a particular requirement: gottgläubig. I think for good reason.

I prefer a tragic outlook on the world. Gung-ho attitudes have clearly been mistaken. What use is there in returning Danzig to the Reich or indeed paying lip service to the so-called “god” (read: Jesus) when the entire being is rotten? Hitler was too easy-going, Himmler too optimistic.

I wonder what C.T. would have done, had he been Führer in 1939. I for one would not have attacked Poland, but instead would have turned Germany into a “reverse psychiatric asylum” – a land where Christians are persecuted once more, and with bitter vengeance. Hitler’s revival was so ephemeral, in truth, we never had that much more men than we have now.

Digging up Aryandom out of this mud requires calculated and fatalistic effort. Such a sense of urgency, cynicism and defeatism is what I don’t see in the NSDAP. Instead, it was all flowery cockiness and a vision of a sunny future. All the while the Aryan race was lying on her deathbed, WW2 notwithstanding.

Yes but you have to understand that the real enemy were the Anglo-Saxons. Without their astronomic treason in WW2 the white race wouldn’t be condemned to die.

That’s why I preach infinite hatred toward Americans and the English on this site. They, far more that the Jews, are the actual architects of the extinction of the white man.

And that is precisely what the German NS did not understand. I believe you have uncovered the correct paradigm, and the NS themselves did not take Marcus Eli Ravage’s testament to heart. Had they done it, they would have expected the Anglo betrayal in all its depth. They would have understood why the English opposed the Italian colonisation of Abyssinia, out of the sheer goodness of their Christian heart.

What is the use in a unified German state built on rotten foundations? What is the use in defending Christians from Bolsheviks? It is easy to assume the role of a haughty leader of an 80 mil. strong nation ready to burst with young virile energy. It is harder to see the illusion through the façade.

In this minute, I might even say that were Hitler to fail anyway, his demise would have been more heroic killing his fellow Germans in a savage civil strife, akin to Pol Pot or Mao Zedong. A Cultural Revolution striking at the heart of the issue – Christianity. Where was his hatred? How could Chamberlain take him for a respectable gentleman?

The spirit of March 1945, of the Nerobefehl, should have been there in 1935. Germany must have been plunged into an inferno of barbarism that would have put Lenin to shame. Crucified priests and raped nuns, burned libraries and demolished cathedrals. The Western democracies should have been so horrified, they would have intervened by 1938. And then they would have been seen for the Christians they are.

Both Socialism and Nationalism are irrelevant. It is the vengeance upon Christianity that alone can heal the Aryan soul. Germany must have become a giant Auschwitz – for the Christian culture first, and the Jews second. Inward Barbarossa – against Wittenberg and Rome!

The invasion of Poland was Hitler’s astronomical blunder. However, all hatred must be directed towards the Allies.

This is a metapolitical site because before going to guerrilla warfare à la Diaries, whites must understand what they are fighting against: Christian ethics, especially in secularized form.

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