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Elephant in the room

In his article yesterday ‘Ron Unz: The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism’, Hunter Wallace is right to criticise Unz. Wallace writes: ‘In my view, we are living in the post-World War II era which is defined by self hatred or what is called “antiracism”. As such, White Nationalism has always been considered morally, culturally and politically illegitimate since 1945’.

So far so good. But Wallace, who dislikes World War II as a subject, is reluctant to concede that his nation’s astronomical crime—what they did to the Germans—is directly responsible for today’s anti-racist self-hatred: a couple pieces chosen for Part I of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

Like the Jew Unz, American white nationalism is so bankrupt that they continue to ignore the elephant in the room. Remember:

Sooner or later the world will recognise that Hitler was right and that until the West accepts this fact, they will continue their ongoing self-destruction, especially in the US and the UK.

Either way, massive destruction is unavoidable because after the Second World War the Allies must pay a massive karmic debt.

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In the comments section of the Unz article Robert Morgan said today:

Whites turned their backs on their own survival as a race when they fought the Civil War to free the negro and make him a citizen. They confirmed it again in WWII, when they fought an unnecessary war against a regime that explicitly advocated the superiority of the white race. They doubled down yet again with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, integrating the schools and the military, and setting up the EEOC to persecute with civil lawfare anyone even suspected of practicing racial separation. 3400 words aren’t necessary to see that “white nationalism” is a lost cause in America, and has been for a long time.

Yes: history has an enormous inertia, and white nationalists are clueless about the tectonic plates they are fighting against. If they were not, they would hate both the US and Christianity: the plates that are crushing whites right now.

Absolutely C.T.. I am rather new here. But I have been following the blog/page for about 3 years without a WordPress account until a few weeks ago I finally opened an account. This is the only site that I feel is in line with A.H. and his vision for European nations and his selfless enormous attempt to save Europe, Germany and her people.

I live here in the U.S. and I am surrounded by these white nationalist goons who are proud of the outcome of WWII and the killing of their European and German ancestry. The JQ and the CQ are indeed one in the same.

My background is an Italian mother, Calabrese Neapolitan and my father was German and Norwegian. My family never lost our European roots. So that makes me German, Italian and Norwegian.

The white nationalists that I see in America could never comprehend the deep expansive intellectual core of this blog.

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