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Floki the Loyal

After the series that I recently translated about the ‘holy wrath’ among Scandinavians, I was curious to see Season 4 of the TV series about the Vikings; season of which, yesterday and today, I saw several episodes. But first I must clarify something.

If I had children I would not let them see neither Vikings nor Game of Thrones. As we know, both contain liberal messages, very toxic for the fourteen words. However, Game of Thrones at least captivates the viewer with the plot of the author of the novels. In Vikings, on the other hand, we only see a more or less distorted version of the Norsemen without a captivating plot. Both series put female characters acting like men: something I never saw in the movies I watched as a child, when the female characters maintained their femininity.

This said, it’s worth citing some words of Aslaug, the wife of Ragnar, after he began to woo a Chinese slave that Aslaug had bought from a Frank, a slave-dealer.

In episode four of the fourth season, Aslaug, of archetypal Nordic beauty, has a conversation with Floki: the eternal faithful to the old Scandinavian gods. Floki had been humiliated, and even sent to torture, by Ragnar and his son when Floki murdered a Christian monk who Ragnar had brought as spoils of war on his first pillage excursion in the first season.

Although I would not let my children watch television (even the Chernobyl miniseries invents a woman scientist who didn’t exist in real life) it is worth quoting these words from Aslaug:

‘Floki, I came to deliver my precious son into your hands. This is Ivar [her little blond son], who I love more than anyone else alive. And, Floki, I know he is clever. I want you to teach him the ways of our Gods. Teach Ivar the true path. Teach him to hate the Christian god as you hate the Christian god! Only you can do it, not Ragnar. I will bring him to you every day. Teach him to be a Viking. Teach him the deep, and ancient, ways’.

3 replies on “Floki the Loyal”

If Floki teaches Ivar, he can be the mental father of Ivar. This in a sense turns Ragnar into a cuck.

Not really a cuck…… It was not always considered an honour to be made to look after children of someone higher than you.

Fostering of children (while parents still alive) was often done in pre-christian times to help the children of high born learn things they would not in their wealthy home. (The practice of sending children of leaders to live among common folk appears in many historical stories and legends).

P.S. I don’t claim to have perfect knowledge of ancient scandinavia. 🙂

This happened in Season 4, when I gave up on Vikings as it became ridiculous almost all the time…. but I won’t analyse the series here 🙂

Giving it a modern twist, if we don’t all become Floki the state will make us into cucks with the LGBTWZ and climate hysteria our children are been brainwashed with.

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