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Kali Yuga

Chernobyl in the West

In real life, fire-fighters were trying to put out a fission reactor core burning at Chernobyl ignoring that it is impossible to do it with water. ‘You are dealing with something that has never occurred on this planet before’ is my favourite line of the recent HBO television series:

The West’s Darkest Hour is not a website for news, as many white nationalist forums are (e.g., The Daily Stormer). But today I’ll make an exception and say that recently Canada’s Ontario province has passed legislation that allows the government to seize children from families that refuse to accept their child’s chosen ‘gender identity’.

There are thousands of grotesque news items like the above throughout the West. To me, it is only a sign that the societal collapse is approaching. Psychotic people in the government are pushing the System to the brink of disaster, just as the bureaucrats of Chernobyl did it right before the explosion.

3 replies on “Chernobyl in the West”

Whites are Psychotic race, more than Jews. Ask yourselves a question, what kind of race destroys its own history, culture and adopts a Jewish faith.

Whites have never shown any sense of gratitude or appreciation towards their own pre-Christian forebearers, they denigrate them even today. The white man is corrupt, decadent. He deserves all that is coming towards him.

In a way, very true.

Today’s Whites are definitely not the Pioneers and Cultivators of a Real Culture with Honor, Pride and Dignity.

Especially more so since the French Revolution, the ego of Men (particularly referring to Whites) has been ruling and causing the endless recurring tragedies for Western Civilization, and the Jew simply sits behind the curtain and finds way to maneuver and capitalize upon these things to his advantage. Although the Jews also had a hand in the French Revolution.

I believe part of the problem for the White Race is that Whites are too ambitious, and this ambition leads to an insatiable lust in chasing success and to pride oneself off these successes and to attain them at any cost, even at the betrayal of a brother. Very few white people these days think in the interest of their White Brothers, and want little to no commitment to them when a day’s work is complete, in the long haul.

I sometimes wonder where are the decent Whites left, if there is any way to find them, or where they would like be, how to be more likely to interact with them. The question is where are such Honorable Whites left to be found!?

Because as far as I can see, Whites subsist off of wearing endless amounts of masks to shadow themselves and appear flawless in front of one another, and they love mindless entertainment and witty conversation and satire, and are completely uninterested in anything that requires serious dedication or sacrifice.

Very few whites say what they mean or mean what they say when it comes to anything. Everything, even up to National Socialism is viewed as an opportunistic means of some wave of new money-making or status-bearing endeavors they seek to capitalize on.

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