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On cucks in Alabama and Tennessee

Nine years ago Hunter Wallace asked Trainspotter:

Care to explain how worshiping Adolf Hitler as a religious figure or advocating the destruction of Christianity is supposed to ‘prepare the cultural ground’ in states like Alabama or Tennessee?

Wallace and the rest of American southern nationalists, of course, ignore that the only way to save the race is precisely through destroying their cult. What Wallace is saying is like a staunch chain-smoker that will get cancer asked us this nonsensical question: ‘Care to explain how worshiping MDs as religious figures or advocating the destruction of the tobacco industry is supposed to prepare the ground for addicts like me?’

Unlike this site (follow the white rabbit in the sticky post), neither southern nationalists like Wallace nor white nationalists like MacDonald have advanced a profound diagnosis on precisely what has been destroying their race.

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The entire American southeast is a giant cesspool of subhumanity. The fact that “Southern” anything is tolerated or promoted by self-professed warriors of the white race is proof that 99% of these “warriors” are pathetic buffoons.

Only a fool, a complete utter clown, would seriously take the capitalistic Confederacy and ascribe any kind of role model from its corrupt, non-functioning state. The brief, intermittent quasi-nation that was the C.S.A was a sort of black sheep among bastards: it existed merely to secure profit from human capital. It had literally no concern for race other than the justification behind its “King Cotton” monopoly. They even had Jews in charge of powerful sections of their economy including the cowardly Judah Benjamin who was Secretary of War and State as well as Attorney General all at once. Not to forget the greatest irony of this yid being that he wasn’t even born in the south but rather the Virgin Islands–a borderline foreigner. Being a typical Jew he fled the entire country after the war and worked as a grubby barrister in jolly old England for the rest of his life. Not once did he ever return to the land of cotton.

If the south was to ever become a nation ever again, it would disappear into an East Asian-run serial supermall complex of meaningless buying and selling. Southerners are born idiots and have literally no capacity to run a state. They are lower than Polacks who at least compensated with men like Jozef Pilsudski. Having lived in the south I can confirm that it is like living in a third world country. My advice: leave while you can. There is nothing to preserve as there was nothing Noble created in the first place. Even the weather wants you dead if you are white. Even the cucked New England states are better for a white man than the humid mosquito dung-heap that is Alabama or any state south of Pennsylvania.

All of the New World is a pit of subhumanity. Even Murica was founded under Enlightenment degeneracy.

Tomorrow I’ll start a series on the Vikings. You can only imagine a hypothetical American continent with zero Xtians and conquered by the blond beast…

That cringey asf ignorant clown Hunter Wallace just got his beloved Occidental Dissent suspended!
Good ridance.
I was so sick and tired of that site. All that navel gazing southern history ideological necrophilia. Btw, Hunter Wallace was a Lutheren, that part is extremely important as he had to always incessantly remind his readers.
But what most angered me about these alt-lite clowns was their self-satisfied high-brow belittling and dismissing of Andrew Anglin, particularly when he was getting banned all over the place. These petty jealous women were even happy about that! And now their heads are on the chopping block!
Excuse me for not shedding any tears.
The extreme right sure as hell needs LESS of these opportunistic, self-advancing narcissists and homosexuals.
I really hope I don’t hear from that clown again.
Heil Hitler!

Macht Frei’s blog has also been banned recently.

Anglin says in the above-linked article that all pro-white sites will be deplatformed in the near future and that we will need to move to the Dark Net.

I am taking precautions. I’m starting to upload PDFs of all the 308 pages of this site since 2011 to a DreamHost provider. It was precisely Anglin the one who recommended me DreamHost…

P.S. It looks like OD is back again.

Save the comments of your post too. They have sometimes meaningful statements, like the one made by Kris Krusher above.

Regarding cuckery.

Gates of Vienna has returned to somewhat normal activity. We learn a few things about their marriage in one of the followup posts.

I am about to be extremely rude and disrespectful here. I don’t think the Baron visits your site and I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I do want to point out facts illustrating patterns because they are important.

Dymphna was 10 years older than Baron Bodissey.

When they married in 1979, she had three teenage children already.

They had one more child together.

These are people from a different epoch. At the time, this was seen as an honorable and respectable family to form. Today, this sort of life pattern would be a by-the-numbers post on reddit.com/r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen/ or possibly reddit.com/r/theredpill/ or on dalrock.wordpress.com or any of the variety of other manosphere sites. It would be a point-and-laugh item of ridicule; “oh look, another sucker falling for a woman’s bullshit”.

You have the woman who jumps to another man she sees as better than her previous one and gets him to pay to raise that previous man’s three kids. In return he gets one – one! – of his own. Alpha fux, beta bux.

Even typing those last four words implies utter contempt for the people involved. If a healthy white society is ever to be re-established, that contempt will be essential.

Presumably, a man who gets a virginal woman would obtain three or four children of his own from her. Were her genes and companionship really worth giving up those extra two to three kids, and spending the resources for them on some other man’s kids?

The Baron, no doubt, would answer “yes”, and possibly get angry at even posing the question.

Increasing numbers of young men today, evaluating things from a materialist and genetic perspective, would answer “no”.

The world is changing.

The Baron is an ox. I remember so well he tolerated hysterical outbursts of his wife directed to some commenters apparently for no reason. Once she ‘shouted’ by using capital letters to a Robin Waters (not sure I remember his name after so many years) and even Conservative Swede asked why Robin was banned or not posting.

Tolerating irrational outbursts was so ingrained within the Baron’s character that, when the Jew Takuan Seiyo started to make tantrums at GoV because of some Jew-wise comments, the Baron simply obeyed him and did not let pass anymore those comments.

Although I never met the couple personally, I guess that the Baron’s relationship with Dymphna was one that, in our times, would be labeled as codependent: precisely the kind of submission that my father showed before my mother in more than half a century, but that’s another story.

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