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Toxic Oscar

Alfonso Cuarón won best director for his semi-autobiographical Roma. Yalitza Aparicio (pic) is the first indigenous Mexican woman to be nominated for best actress at the Oscars.

The movie, filmed not so far from my own district when I was a child and teenager, is plagued with toxic messages. This was expected, as Cuarón is openly anti-racist, as I informed last year.

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When I saw the TV news highlights of 2019 Oscars they said “Green Book” won big, and they showed some 15 seconds film of an african sitting on a throne looking like a king.

Internet search shows “Green Book” is another white & black “buddy” movie against the “evil” southern USA in the 1960’s. Its very similar in concept to “Driving Miss Daisy” where the role of black passenger and white driver are reversed, and yes it also won the Oscar for best picture in 1990. To top it off it is also set in the “deep south of USA” also.

Thank the Gods Hollywood is dead, many more people will be playing the newest computer games like “Call of Duty” than seeing “Green Book”.

Using Call of Duty as an example is an insult to video games. There are some military simulators (Forgotten Hope 2, Red Orchestra, Insurgency, Project Reality), but they have a few thousand fans.

You are crucially correct, however, in that the older means of propaganda are loosening their grip. A more archaic poison looks like a cure nowadays (see the longing for the 1950s). South Koreans on ILBE blame their whores on communism, even though North Korea is much healthier…

What’s annoying is that millions of stupid White normies will watch this pro-cucaracha poisonous propaganda piece, furthering their Xtian suicidal tendencies of love for the inferior races.

Millenials and Gen-Z’ers (Zoomers) must learn how to dissect the venomous glands inside modern films. A good podcast is the Poz Button. Although the host is not Anti-Xtian, he does make good analyses of movies and shows from a J-woke perspective.

But in general, young Whites should avoid every film made in the last 30 years, with very few exceptions.

I’m going to watch A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958) tonight.

That’s two hours much better spent than watching this Cuaron’s garbage story.

Cuarón, somewhat younger than me, was not my schoolmate because I was in a more advanced course at the Madrid School, but he was my brother’s schoolmate.

People like Cuarón, who studied at that school where our classmates were liberals and even atheists (especially the children of refugees from the Spanish Civil War), can fantasise that they left Christianity behind. The truth is that these former students of the Madrid School, who sympathize with the anticlerical folks who fought against Francisco Franco, are also Christians to the core from the axiological point of view.

More than forty years ago the message of the films was reversed from positive to negative. As a child I saw many old movies, as Cuarón did. I remember perfectly the occasion, in the mid-1970s (times of the Madrid School), in which I couldn’t explain to myself the 180 degrees shift to a self-defamatory message in an adaptation of Robinson Crusoe’s story with Peter O’Toole. Instead of putting the White man as superior, the screenwriter put the Negro cannibals as normal and O’Toole as bigoted for not having accepted the sexual proposition of a Negro.

People from more recent generations to mine have no idea that there were specific years in which the film messages were simply reversed. (For example, I still remember how, on the black and white television that I saw as a child, the Indians were always the bad guys and the English settlers the good guys.)

Mexico must be wiped off the face of the Earth, period. The few Mexicans who are white (less than 1% of the population of Mexico) are garbage and hate pure Aryans. They support brown Mexican invasion in the US and Canada and want white Americans (and Canadians) to be bred out of existence!

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