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Blue-pill continent

Last year I sent an email to Prof. Kevin MacDonald complaining about an influential Mexican Jew and he asked me if I’d okay publishing it in his webzine, with a little editing. Of course I accepted and it can be read: here. But I knew that if I had written a lengthier piece I’d have mentioned something even more alarming. In Latin America, Jew and gentile intellectuals are on the same page. A single example will illustrate my point.

Every Monday the Mexican viewers of Foro TV can watch a roundtable with two Jews and two gentiles. Leo Zuckermann presides the program Es la Hora de Opinar. On Mondays he usually invites another Jew, Jorge Castañeda (second from left) and two non-Jews, the mestizo Héctor Aguilar Camín and the criollo Javier Tello Díaz.
Earlier this year I heard Castañeda pronouncing these lovely words in that program (my translation): ‘…the fact that Angela Merkel has allowed almost two million refugees to enter—and how good she did it! How good—I mean: we should congratulate ourselves, and congratulate her for having done so’. [1]
Not surprisingly, the two gentiles, Tello and Aguilar, not only agreed with such outrageous statement but even expanded Castañeda’s premise, concerned about the recent surge of nationalist sentiments in Germany in face of the so-called refugee crisis.
This has been my experience with intellectual gentiles in Latin America: the way they see the world is the same as the Jews do. This is why I have so many difficulties with the single-cause hypothesis of Western malaise. Not even those gentiles who phenotypically are indistinguishable from the Spaniards, like Javier Tello and many others, think different. In fact, there’s no single notable intellectual in the whole of Latin America that I am aware of who defends the white race from the ongoing exterminationist campaign.
That’s why I call it the blue-pill continent. That’s why I have almost zero contact with the intelligentsia in the country where I happen to be living. That’s why I have been forced to blog in a second language.
[1] ‘…el que Angela Merkel haya dejado entrar a casi dos millones de refugiados—¡y qué bueno que lo hizo! Que bueno, o sea: hay que felicitarse, y felicitarla, por haberlo hecho’.

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The single-cause hypothesis is a simple explanation tailor-made for simple minds. It’s a fund-raising tool for political organizers, the bread and butter of guys like David Duke and Andrew Anglin, the latter of which has openly said that the Jews should be blamed whether they are at fault or not. It’s an unserious explanation for a serious problem. Rather than concentrating on what whites are doing to hurt themselves, which they could actually change, fans of the single-cause hypothesis would rather hold a pity party to weep and wail about what the Jews are doing, which they don’t have the slightest prospect of changing. Single-cause propagandists are actually system apparatchiks who unknowingly provide vital support to the status quo. They keep whites passive and helpless by leading everyone off into conspiracy nut land. The system needs them to keep potentially rebellious eyes averted from true causes, lest true solutions be found.

Considering Jews are the sole force behind the social programming that has led to the nihilistic, suicidal bent of the white race, how can the problem with whites be any more effectively addressed than the root Jewish problem?

Nihilism, I have noticed, is an inherently Aryan problem. The same is said for certain subcultures like Emos, juggalos, Goths, Hipsters, and other such dead weight.
Degenerative behaviour such as promiscuity, drug use, miscegenation, prostitution, sex orgies, homosexuality, depressive personalities, oestrogenisation, abortions, animal cruelty, and child cruelty, are seen in societies that have no Jews to be found.
For example, Nero’s Rome had sex orgies, and yet had neither Jew nor Christian with any influence. Valeria Messalina, whom was married to Claudius frequented brothels due to her nymphomania (a disease typical of women too civilised). The Athenians incorporated non-Whites into their city-state and allowed the Aryan citizens to make mongrels (they were not Christians by the way).
Then of course there is my personal favourite of the Catholic Spaniards who arrived in New Spain, and were stupid enough not to take many women with them from the old land.

Degenerative behaviour such as promiscuity, drug use, miscegenation, prostitution, sex orgies, homosexuality, depressive personalities, oestrogenisation, abortions, animal cruelty, and child cruelty, are seen in societies that have no Jews to be found.

Because of this we are to give Jews a free pass when they push this destructive crap on our culture? I’m not sure about those cultures with no Jews, but I look at western civilization today and see every aspect from finance, to media, medicine, law, and government completely dominated by Jews.
As a child, I never heard the word “nihilism” spoken and never knew anyone that was suicidal or depressed. That began with me and my generation. I was the first person I knew that felt like committing suicide. I instinctively knew this world was a shit-hole hell. It has taken a lifetime to understand why this is the case.
About a year ago I saw a young “millennial” on a park bench reading a book. He was dressed in black and wore a small coffin around his neck. Curious as to why someone his age was actually reading a book instead of a cell phone, I stopped to ask him what he was reading. He replied Catcher In The Rye. I was stunned to hear that someone his age would even know about that piece of nihilistic, Jew mind-porn. I was even more stunned to hear it was a popular book with his peers.
My mind reeled back to when I was his age. I knew a guy in the Corps who held up that crappy piece of Jew programming as his bible. He talked endlessly about the nuances of the book until I was sickened. The book had long been a must read for many of the hippies I knew, along with fag Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. Yet after reading a few chapters I was at at loss as to why these books were so popular. Now I know.
Not long after, I had another friend who thought the same thing about Nietzsche Thus Spake Zarathustra was his bible. Go figure how literary garbage like Catcher in the Rye and the penultimate nihilist Nietzsche have held such a firm grip on the minds of America’s youth for more than two generations. Tell me it’s just a coincidence; that this is simply due to white people’s predisposition towards nihilism.
I look at other “great” literary works like that of Sartre and Kafka; books my generation doted on. Yet many of our parents had never heard of these authors, or if they had, they called them “avant-garde trash.” So once again I ask, how are white people to make any headway in a world where Jews dominate all the major media and educational sources, enabling them to push their nihilistic, suicidal garbage down youth’s throat?

Well, there were many Non-whites who engaged in equally as depraved and degenerate behavior
(E.G. The Carthaginians with their burning of children in those effigies of Moloch Baal, some groups of Dravidians engaging in wife sharing with their own brothers and Jews, prior to the ‘revelation” of the ten commandments and their own journey away from engaging in the same savage practices as their semitic cousins in Carthage)
Of course, China has also historically struggled with the prevalence of buggery too.

“Considering Jews are the sole force…”
Hard to establish that Jews are the sole force. Even MacDonald admits that there are other causes. For example, in the CoC preface, he cites “modernity” as a contributing factor, and in his first reply to Cofnas, he points to an “indigenous culture of critique” as contributing, by which he apparently means the Christian worldview that led to abolitionism, among other things. Indeed, restricting the search to a sole cause — as if pointing to the serpent in the Garden of Eden — is just another part of the Christian mindset, and shows how deeply Christianity still controls white modes of thought.
But because MacDonald never attempts any kind of apportionment between these various causes, rating their relative strengths and detailing their influences, people easily come away from his writings thinking that he’s saying that Jews are the sole cause. Yet if you go back to American Civil War, you can see that whites were entirely capable of causing themselves great racial damage with no help from Jews at all. Mass media, finance, the welfare state, and the educational establishment as we know them today didn’t even exist. The fields of sociology and anthropology barely existed, and Franz Boas was still a child, only three years old when the War started. Edward Bernays hadn’t even been born yet, nor was propaganda even a field of study. America was virtually 100% white and Christian. Yet they still tore their country apart and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of each other in an insane effort to make the negro their political equal and give him the vote, which they calmly and deliberately proceeded to do once the War was over. That being the case, how can you know that today Jews are pushing whites in any direction they don’t want to go, or wouldn’t have gone anyway? You can’t. And despite what he says, MacDonald can’t either.

Ah yes, the benefit of the doubt. How many times have I heard, “Wait a minute you can’t say ALL, why I know a good Jew, a good Negro, you can’t blame ALL of them.”
If the white man has one horrible flaw, this is it – the benefit of the doubt. While Jews say “even the best of the goyim must be killed,” the white man says, “wait a minute, you can’t blame it all on Jews, there are other causes as well.” While the white man gives everyone else the benefit of the doubt for their actions, he alone takes responsibility for the murderous actions of his enemy. By contrast the Jew never takes a shred of responsibility for his actions, he blames everything all the world’s problems, on his enemy.
The Jew first, foremost and always plays the victim. In fact the Jew continually paints his sanctimonious chosen card that says his god has assigned him unblemished sainthood. While Jews work tirelessly to bring the world the benefit of their Tikun Olam magic, the white male takes the blame for the singular evil trying to prevent it. Therefore, it makes sense for Jews to ally with lesser enemies like the African Negro and Muslim.
Note the difference? Jews make all out attacks on their enemy without the slightest shred of mercy for even the best of them. Never do they question their actions or themselves for a moment. After all, like their actions, they are the will of god. That is why the white man will lose this war; that is why the white race will disappear.
History’s epithet for the white race will read, “They died because they gave their merciless enemy quarter, they gave their enemy the benefit of the doubt. They took responsibility and blamed themselves while the enemy drove knives into their backs and slit their throats.

Non-Whites engaging in this behaviour is different thing because that is how they are naturally. Whites, however, need a sort of incentive, whether it be Jewish influence, or civilisation in inhumane quantities.
@Arch Stanton
Rome engaged in degenerative behaviour without Jewish influence. Saying that all we have to do today is kill the Jews and then everything will fall into place is not focusing on our flaws as a Race.
I don’t really understand why you are claiming that I believe we should “give Jews a free pass”. I was saying that we also have responsibility for this.

Yet if you go back to American Civil War, you can see that whites were entirely capable of causing themselves great racial damage with no help from Jews at all.

You need to do more homework
“European Whites did not bring the slaves to America. On the contrary, it was the Asiatic Jews who brought them here. Below is a listing of the Jewish slave ships and the Jewish owners of them.”
Name of ship:
Four Sisters
Anne & Eliza
Prudent Betty
White Horse
Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks – Jews
Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson – Jews
Moses Levy – Jew
Justus Bosch and John Abrams – Jews
Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix- Jews
Mordecai and David Gomez -Jews
Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell – Jews
Wm. De Woolf – Jew
James De Woolf – Jew
Jan de Sweevts -Jew
John and Jacob Roosevelt – Jew
Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks – Jews
Ever heard of this Jew?
Take a look at this image.
Note Benjamin’s image is at the very top of the “Confederate Chieftains”.
Judah Benjamin withheld critical supplies from advancing Confederate generals As with the later case of Germany in 1917, Jews stabbed the confederacy in the back.
“Establishment historians will later claim that Benjamin’s stubborn defiance of the Generals was due to a lack of supplies in the South. But given how early it was in the war, the claim that supplies were low seems like a cover story. If “lack of supplies” had been the cause of Benjamin’s decisions, Generals Stonewall Jackson and P. G. T. Beauregard would not have hated Benjamin as they did.”
Biographer Eli Evans wrote that Benjamin:
“…achieved greater political power than any other Jew in the nineteenth century — perhaps even in all American history.”
Historian Charles Curran, in a 1967 issue of ‘History Today” wrote:
“Judah Philip Benjamin must be bracketed with Disraeli, who was his contemporary, as the ablest Jewish politician ever born under the British flag. But his career outdid Disraeli’s in audacity. Benjamin lived three lives in one.”
As the war collapsed Benjamin used the Jew’s usual rat trick of fleeing the sinking ship of state while proclaiming loudly that he would return. He fled to Britain by way of the Caribbean where he lived out his life as a successful barrister.

“Ah yes, the benefit of the doubt. …”
Doubt is part of science, which MacDonald claims to be doing. No doubt = not science.
He’s an excellent propagandist though.
“… the Jewish slave ships and the Jewish owners of them.”
Much of this is based on negro scholarship such as found in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, isn’t it? I’m sure it’s absolutely top flight.
But even if I grant, for the sake of argument, that no white man ever owned a single slave ship, and that they were 100% owned and operated by Jews, that still seems to me like someone blaming the pizza delivery guy for the fact he’s a fat pig. Who ordered the pizzas? Who paid for them? Who forced him to eat them?
“Ever heard of this Jew? ”
Yes, I’ve heard of him. Blaming Benjamin for the entire war, the ending of slavery, and granting citizenship and the vote to negroes always seemed like a stretch to me.

I note your tone is considerably different than the “Spahn Ranch” that presented a civil war battle flag juxtaposed with a portion of the national socialist flag as his avatar. Do I detect a Jew troll hiding behind an identity theft? How typical of the cowardly Jew.

Different guy, different nick, different website.
I chose Spahn Ranch as a nick because when I first started posting at this site, Manson was being talked about, and as you may or may not know, Spahn Ranch was where the Manson group lived at one time. I was going to say a few words about Manson, who always seemed to me an interesting character, but I never got around to it.

Yes and no. I do not spend time on the backbiting and carping among various white factions. My question is why the same identity ? Did the other Spahn Ranch steal your identity? Sowing such confusion, especially in regards to names, is the mark of the Jew. My favorite is “Ashley Montague.” Oh Jew! Give me a fuckin’ break already! Oh wait, I forgot “Neffer forgive! Neffer forget! Giving a break is for stupid goyim.

The point of the above-linked post is that a well-known WNst was utterly convinced (is he still?) that I’m a crypto because I don’t endorse the working hypothesis of many WNsts: that Jews are the sole force behind the downfall of whites.

If what you did is not accusing somebody of being a Jew then I don’t know what is. This is what you say:
“Do I detect a Jew troll hiding behind an identity theft? How typical of the cowardly Jew”.
“Sowing such confusion, especially in regards to names, is the mark of the Jew”.
It is very telling, the fact that you have resorted to this childish behaviour at the exact same time as you have stopped addressing his arguments.

Try it again this time in english. Do I detect is an interrogative, asking a question. An accuasation reqis astatemtn e.g. You sir are a Jew troll
The remark about Sowing confusion merely sates an observb astion Ia hev made abotu Jews.
Yopiuu need to spedn more tiem studying Jewsih wordsmitihgn .

I accidentally, hit the enter key while editing. Here is the comment
Try it again this time in English. “Do I detect?” is an interrogative, asking a question. An accusation requires a statement, e.g. You sir, are a Jew troll.
The remark about Sowing confusion merely states an observation made about Jews.
Perhaps you would do well to spend time studying Jewish wordsmithing.

Don’t insult my intelligence. I understood your ridiculous and know-it-all crap the first time.
What happened to you? You always struck me as intelligent and forthright. If you were talking to me in real life the way you are now, I would break your occipital bones at the very least.
So, is this the same Arch Stanton? I highly doubt it. The one I am thinking of wasn’t an obnoxious little prick, and acting like an adult when losing an argument.
P.S You are correct – I am a Jew.

By the way you have mounted what is called an “ad hominem attack,” the classic Jew technique for discrediting the messenger when a Jew doesn’t like the message.

I’m sorry, mate, but you are going to have to try a bit better than that if you want to prove anything. And I will ask again, what is your major malfunction? Did they not teach you how to respect people in the military? All you have done is make schizophrenic-tier accusations and spoken to me like I am the one out of the two of us who needs to take a break and cool off.

@Arch Stanton The book Anti-Humans you’ve recommended is actually a breeze and a wonderful read!
Even though I do think Bolsheviks were a bit too humane to those students. I hate students. Today, they’re nationalist “heroes”, tomorrow, they drink pepsi and suck Americans off. Oh, and yesterday, they betrayed Germany.

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