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The good Jew

Last year Franklyn Ryckaert said on Carolyn’s site:

Kevin MacDonald is under the illusion that there exists such a thing as the “good Jew” and he hopes he can make a deal with him: we support Israel as the ethnic state for the Jews, and the Jews support an ethnic state for us. That is not going to work. The Jews want it all: ethnocentrism for themselves, but multiculturalism for us. Recently he allowed a Jew to write an article on TOO. That decision was severely criticized by the commenters, including by me, then Kevin closed the comments on that article and threatened to close comments on TOO altogether if such criticism didn’t stop. This might be the beginning of Jewish infiltration of TOO. If the Jews will have their way with TOO, it will become like AmRen, allowing criticism of Blacks and Hispanics, but not of Jews.

Today a guest responded:

Excellent comment, and thanks for outing AmRen (Jared Taylor), as well. I dumped McDonald’s site, TOO, a couple years ago when I realized all the site consisted of was commiserating our respective situations in the west. Yes, it was commiserating at an academic level, but high brow complaining was all it was. There were never any solutions offered. When I messaged the editor about possibly publishing some strategic articles regarding social and political action plans so we could actually DO something about all the issues TOO was complaining about, the terse response I received was that if I didn’t like the site, I could leave it. So I did.
McDonald had nothing to lose in truthfully addressing the holocaust question. He’s retired from CSULB with an enormous public pension that’s protected. He failed a crucial litmus test here and only confirmed my thoughts about him. As they say, make of no man an god, for idols always fall on those who worship them.

But all WN sites, not only The Occidental Observer are only commiserating, right?

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But all WN sites, not only The Occidental Observer are only commiserating, right?

it isnt good to only generalise. not all wn sites are the same. thats good and bad. theres no action plan that people can rally around. remember the first commandment of the protocols: ‘jews – even if you hate each other work together’. which is by and large what they do. new world europeans are more into individuality. the sites mentioned in the article serve a purpose and even if they dont spell everything out they do provide a lot of factual information. many people take those next steps intellectually on their own – its a slow learning process. it could be said that theres a paucity of really intelligent thinkers at the top of the white awareness tree so cutting people like macdougall off doesnt really help – even if macdougalls vision is a little blinkered. his descriptions of jewish ethnocentricity are extremely valuable in raising peoples awareness

TOO began refusing to post my comments. When I wrote directly to ask if this was an accident or intentional, I never received an answer. While I must say they have had some excellent articles in the past, I visit the site infrequently these days. I was unimpressed after meeting Jared Taylor in person. Like his views, he seemed limp-wristed, much like Greg Johnson.

You’re not alone. TOO began refusing to post my comments as well!
I was actually told by their (busybody, pseudo-intellectual) moderator that I’m ‘not allowed’ to criticize MacDonald for dancing around the Jewish problem.

TOO is constantly attempting to shield their jew writers like ‘Marcus Alethia, PhD’ from all criticism. Craven coward ‘Dr.’ MacDonald seems to have permanently ordered his toady moderator(s) to turn off/heavily moderate all future comments.

MacDonald is trying to be a political organizer, so he wants to build a viable constituency. Though he’s frequently considered by others to be an anti-semite and a racist, I doubt he considers himself one. Even if he does though, he probably thinks it’s in his interest as a political organizer to present a public face that’s more moderate. In a Christian culture such as the USA’s, coming off as someone who wants to gas all the kikes will get you nowhere.

No, it didn’t. All Hitler’s peace offers, Dunkirk, delay in responding to Churchill’s bombing German civilians, on and on. The criminal delusion of the July 1944 plotters – did they really think that the gangsters in London and Washington would negotiate in good faith with them? Gangsters without a shred of honor. Particularly egregious was Junger’s betrayal of Hitler and National Socialist Germany. He had personally lived through Versailles and experienced what the (((Allies))) had planned for Germany’s future. Junger converted to Catholicism very late in life. That just about says it all.

People like Junger are exactly why National Socialism would not have survived far past Hitler. From a power structure perspective, a dictatorship is no different than a monarchy. Jews love monarchies and dictatorships because there are only a few top goyim that must be threatened, bought-off and controlled. This is also why their greatest fear is Anarchy, a system that provides a power base so broad it cannot be effectively controlled.
There are only two reasons Jews rebelled against a monarch or dictator.
(1) It’s what they do. Jews masturbate over civil unrest, bloodshed and chaos.
(2) They did not exert sufficient control over the monarch or dictator.
With a heavily centralized government like NS Germany, it would not have taken but a few leaders before Jews would have once again wormed their way into the government to subvert and buy control as they did with Cromwell. The result would have not been much different than what is seen in today’s German government.

l am of the view that if sir adolf is alive now (and there are some who contend that as an avatar he is coming back) he will have morfed into a celto/aryan pagan. his thinking will not remain static as it were. its like looking at the performance of the economy – you can only observe what has happened in the past and then use that to try and get an idea about whats going to happen in the future. its very imperfect way to make an evaluation.
for european celto/aryan pagans there will still be a requirement to be martial as we are and will always be confronted by enemies. martial, yes, but not nececarily based on recent past models. we need to make a leap in thinking beyond the recent (chriastian) past. sir adolf was doing just that. by now his thinking is further developed – lets face it the guy was extremely inciteful but also a captive of his age

I’ve never really liked MacDonald and I’ve never read any of his books. One can learn everything about the Jewish question without the input of Kevin MacDonald.
As to TOO just commiserating our situation, as Cesar says that is the same for most WN websites. In my 13 years involvement in WN I’ve noticed very little discussion of solutions. A lot of talk about our problems but hardly any serious discussion of solutions. When I speak to white people in real life about solutions their attitude is essentially “there’s nothing we can do now, the solution is for later.” This is because the solution will involve violence and illegal activity and they want nothing to do with such things. Solutions to our dilemma can only be carried out offline, in the real world and are highly dangerous to enact. So nothing get’s done
Well, if our race won’t have serious discussions about solutions then it deserves everything it gets and will deserve to perish.

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