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Racial right

What is wrong with white nationalism?

White nationalism, Alt-Right, race realism. You name it: it is a thoroughgoing weak movement. Once you reach the other side of the psychological Rubicon (pro-white exterminationism), these stepping stones look like a thing of your past. Last month, for example, Jared Taylor told Grégoire Canlorbe, Vice President of the Parti National-Libéral:

If Europeans are to be replaced, I would far prefer that we be replaced by Asians than by Africans or Middle-Easterners and, certainly, by Muslims. I hope, of course, that Western civilization will survive, that white people will carry their civilization and their biological substrate forever into the future. I hope that’s what happens. But, if we are—if we really are—to be bred out of existence, or if we do not reproduce ourselves, if the continent of Europe becomes non-white, if North America becomes increasingly non-white, I would prefer they became Asian rather than African, Middle Eastern, or Latino. Asians are a high IQ group, and they would organize superior societies, whereas if the United States became populated by people like Guatemalans, Haitians, Syrians, then the United States would become a Third World mess.

You can imagine an exterminationist like the William Pierce who wrote the Diaries talking like that!

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i wonder that a key whitie genetic defect/ weakness is an all too ready attraction to and consumption of the fantastical. and the two biggest fantasy capitalism supply chains? MSM and christian religions. both jew dominated. (how much would both the white & jew worlds change if whitie bricked their tee bees, burned their bibles and stopped churching, en masse?)

When one finally moves beyond any hope of redemption, at last they must face reality. In doing so, they must face an ugly truth – whites have been almost wholly turned against themselves.

The vast majority of the white race is working diligently for, or slavishly supports, its own destruction. At the very least, white birthrates have fallen below replacement levels in every formerly white country in the world. Jews have stolen everything; the white man’s birthright and inheritance.

Worse, Jews have stolen the white man’s mind, his essence; replacing them with (((their))) mind, (((their))) essence. That theft enabled the theft of our history, our truths, our laws, our justice, our morals, our beliefs, our wealth, our religions, our children, our very way of life and thus our future. The only thing Jews have left us are fruitless hopes and dreams and that was no accident.

Thanks to the control of the Jew’s media monopoly, whites have become their own worst enemy and Jews have made certain there is no hope of changing that now.

Whites have slated themselves in their own minds for their destruction. Facing the Jew’s manufactured abyss, all that remains for those precious few aware whites, is to ruminate over how it happened and lament the fact, as they now lament Professor Faurisson’s passing.

You can call me a defeatist, but those who do are not facing facts – Jews have stolen everything. As witnessed by sham trials going on in the “European Union,” especially Germany, Jews have both the political and financial power to destroy even the smallest resistance to their agenda with utter impunity. (see below)

Even more telling is how Jews now possess devastating technology to obliterate vast swaths of civilization at their whim, as witnessed by what happened on America’s west coast this last summer using white technology and white sycophants.

It is said the Jew magazine The Economist telegraphs (((their))) intent on the cover of this rag. If so, one can surmise short-term future events by the fact the cover of the last issue was all black with but a single white number – 2019. Know the Jew, know your future.

Face the grim fact, the white race will soon become the human equivalent of the Dodo bird, a fitting biological parallel if ever there was one. The world now belongs to Jews and their mud slaves. As far as I’m concerned, they can have it and may they dwell forever in their own world of shit.

As that old song goes: It’s the end of the world as we know it, it’s the end of the world as we know it, it’s the end of the world as we know it – and I feel fine.

Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP Albert Burgess
5/8 the Sanctuary

23rd October 2018

Ref Tommy Robinson

Dear Geoffrey

This farce has gone on long enough from start to finish the arrest and subsequent actions on the part of the police and the Judge who sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months in prison, has been to use the law as a weapon and not as it is supposed to be used as the fount of all justice.

This travesty has come about by the extreme dereliction of duty on the part of the police and government. As a former constable. I would simply have moved him away from
the court, and when given the order to arrest him by the judge I would have said not without a warrant.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for a breach of the peace; this was stretching the law on breach of the peace to the limit and clear beyond. Firstly. constables do not arrest for breach of the peace because our job as constables is to prevent breaches of the peace, the constable who had arrested him had clearly failed in his duty to prevent a breach of the peace this itself is a discipline offence against the constable. However even for a breach of the peace arrest the grounds were the slimmest imaginable.

The holder of the ancient office of Constable is answerable to the law and only the law. No one, not you, the Judge, not even Her Majesty can order a constable to make an arrest without the benefit of law, in the case of a Judge that means he issues a bench warrant on paper. For him to look out of the window and instruct a constable to arrest anyone in the street outside was for the Judge in this case to have exceeded his authority. The sentence of thirteen months was excessive and the actions of a vindictive Judge unsuited to hold the high office bestowed upon him.

If the police all over this ancient Kingdom had done their job and arrested and put on trial Islamic child rapists and who having raped them pimped out our children. Instead of sitting like three wise monkeys seeing no evil and hearing no evil and God forbid our police should call a Muslim rapist and pimp a rapist and pimp. They have betrayed the office they purport to hold purely because they did not want the Muslims in this her Majesty’s Kingdom calling them racists. Had on the rare occasions her Majesty’s Judges not betrayed their office and allowed child rapists to walk out of court because their evil and satanic death cult puts no value on women and instructs them to rape non Muslim women. So they see fit to put aside English law on a whim.

Had our police and courts upheld her Majesty’s law the way it is written there would be no need for Tommy Robinson to put himself to the fore in his attempt to protect vulnerable children from Islamist who are raping and prostituting our young children, on an industrial scale? Every one of them police and Judges is guilty of being an accessory during and after the fact, contrary to the 1861 Aiders and Abettors act if memory serves. Instead of prosecuting Tommy Robinson for trying to protect our vulnerable children. Try doing your job and prosecute those police and Judges who have failed lamentably to do theirs, and ignored the pleas of parents and the screams of the children.

Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

what if i told you that it is not the jews but its white man’s desire to be king of the world , to rule this earth and acquire material possessions , to dance with harlots and participate in sensual orgies ,to be the master of all material wealth has made him slave to the jew.

A Jew would have no power unless white man allowed him to seize his soul.

You sold your soul to the merchant and all that you have got is betrayal and death

Do agree. (((They))) have won; and make no mistake, it’s a victory of death over life. Downfall will come.

But you know what’s funny with these parasites? It took (((them))) over 4000 years to do it and when (((they))) have finally did it (not without ONE SINGLE MAN almost breaking the spell) here’s the result: a fucking drained planet, a shithole!

I’m fine with it, I know I couldn’t have changed the outcome of this freakshow called History whenever or wherever I would have been born. Let (((them))) be, (((they))) will rot anyway. Together with the mass of spiritual slaves.

“(((They))) have won”

Another defeatist telling us we have already lost. Who benefits from that type of talk? Not Whites! Get a grip on yourself.

Here is one of the latest Jew inspired revolutions designed for the white man; red communism with a white American face.

It is amazing how many people today are ignorant of communism’s recent history. But then how many of these immature dweebs know anything about history? Doan’cha know? History is old hat; worthless, with nothing to offer except stories about hoary, old white men’s atrocities. With these kinds of “white movements” obfuscating the problem, confusing the issues and embracing Jewish idealism, what chance is there?

I personally know several white “Millennial” males approaching middle age that think like this. How many do you know? White men like this nuts lock up if you even begin to broach taboo subjects forbidden by Jews, like their sacred Hallowedhoax. They can only see the good in egalitarian principals and the bad in Trump, yet both are Jewish products. When one controls both sides of the argument, what chance is there of losing?

These secular “white movements” are the Jews’ modern versions of Christianity, the religious movement that killed so many white men who thought they were on the side of righteous might instead of conniving, thieving, lying, murderous, Jew psychopaths. After all, Torquemada had to rewrite Vatican dogma to avoid being hoisted on his own religious petard.

“Face the grim fact, the white race will soon become the human equivalent of the Dodo bird, a fitting biological parallel if ever there was one.”

Your defeatism is not helpful. The extinction of the White race is not a “fact”. Regardless of how bad things are, we must fight on. The first step should be to kick Whites like Jared Taylor to the gutter, but that takes courage, and the “pro-White leaders” in the movement do not have it. We MUST put our own house in order.

My oh my! So which one of you brave lads will step to the forefront, sword in hand, to lead the way in slaying the Jewish dragon and rescuing the fair, white damsel? No doubt it is sobering to realize those behind you guarding your rear will be shooting their arrows at you.

This talk reminds me of Superman. Christopher Reeves fell from his horse, severing C1 and C2 of his spinal column to become a “sip and puff” man. But Chris was not going to give up! He was going to fight his injury and victoriously return to health and vigor.

It took a few years for it to sink in what severing C1 and C2 meant, it always does. He died a few short years later. Most terminal cancer victims also dwell in denial, dreaming there is hope. Hoping, dreaming, they will be among the exceptions.

The uncomfortable fact is the white race has a terminal infection that has mutated and metastasized throughout its body. The white body is now in the terminal stages of a disease that has long been a noted killer of civilizations. The terminal prognosis is the same for the white race as it was for the infection’s other victims.

The truth is seldom pleasant, dreams are much nicer. As I said its time to face reality. Make peace with yourself before (((they))) slip up from behind to put the noose around your neck.

Forget politics. Stop lying to yourself out of sheer cowardice. Take the black pill. The world ended and we are just living deads.

It’s true that Sauron has won. But what WNsts don’t want to see is that the financial crash that is coming will be equivalent to the One Ring being handled to Frodo. WNsts believe stupid things like 9/11 conspiracy theories while at the same time discount Austrian economics, that predicts the crash. In other words, WNsts believe a pseudoscience and dismiss a real science. If you don’t commit suicide you’ll see that I am right and sceptics of Austrian economics wrong.

Cesar, do you actually believe the official government story about the trade tower attacks, that nineteen Saudis using boxcutters, simultaneously hijacked four airliners and then successfully flew them into the Trade Towers and Pentagon? That evidence of all four aircraft was vaporized, leaving not a single flight recorder or identifiable aircraft or body part?

I believe that every single person who believes in 9/11 conspiracy theories suffers from what I call focalised psychosis: as there’s no single shred of evidence that anyone but Al Qaeda orchestrated the attacks.

Demonstrating the psychosis is easy for anyone who follows the above links. But that’s something that focalised psychotics won’t ever do precisely because they are in a state of psychosis and extreme superbia regarding this matter.

Exactly the same can be said of JFK conspiracy theories, Fake moon landing, so-called Satanic ritual abuse (that I studied for some time) and more.

And by the way I believed that Osama orchestrated the attacks before any statement by the US government, as I followed the Mexican reporters in September of 2001—before the US government ever pronounced any official statement. These non-American, non-Jew reporters argued that Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks.

“Forget politics. Stop lying to yourself out of sheer cowardice.”

ezra91, I forgot about politics a long time ago, after being educated by Dr. William Pierce. White revolution is the only solution.

Accusing me of cowardice for not being a defeatist is foolish.

Your death is imminent regardless of anything. Nobody gets out of this world alive. Every cradle is a grave.

Those are traitorous words from Jared Taylor. By just talking about a scenario like that is inexcusable.

The question here is why all the shock? Years ago, it took me about five minutes on his website to realize Taylor was no ally and of no use. So I moved on, never looking back. Perhaps I should not have been amazed to have met him at one of Greg Johnson’s get togethers.

There was another individual, whose name I cannot recall and now faded from the limelight, that focused on the Negro problem to the virtual exclusion of all other problems. He too was another useless individual. It took even less time to detect the misdirection there than it did with Taylor. What I fail to understand is why white men elevate such individuals to the status they enjoy.

Such clowns are legion among various “white “movements.” Their prominence has led me to the conclusion white nationalism is little more than a bowel movement whose recognized individuals are in truth Jewish administered enemas designed to purge genuine solidarity and leadership among whites.

Whats really not-so-funny is the way scum shit Jews like Abe Foxman paint these idiots as a real threat to Israel’s – er, I mean – America’s peace and security.

Personally, I doubt that all, even most missionaries, are feds. I only say so due to the fact that I’ve met multiple Christians who’d engaged in such work and they did not appear to engage in any unusual activity or do anytbing that’d suggest to me that they were federal agents- just thoroughly convinced worshippers of the king of the Jews whom, through their own will, wanted to share this semite reverence with negroes.

Jared Taylor is a race traitor for being friends with jews and not talking about the jew problem, and if the pro-White movement had leaders with intellectual courage, they would all be calling him exactly that. Alex Linder is the only one I know of who does it. Alex Linder calls Jared Taylor the “polished turd”, and he is right to do so. I judge Jared Taylor to be an enemy of the White race. The pro-White movement is not brutally honest enough.

I would call Jared Taylor a typical Neo-Christian. He no longer believes in the dogma of his pious parents but clings, like secularists Greg Johnson and Kevin MacDonald, to Christian ethics. That is the problem when you fail to transvalue your values when you give up Xtianity, as Nietzsche saw so well.

Jared Taylor isn’t even of the WN generation, but even Richard Spencer is also on film pushing the asian high IQ argument for whatever reason???

These respectable humourless conservatives who thinks everyone will see and realise the facts just if they were shown them are dangerously dumb.

i’m the only one of 10+ over-55 whitie tenants in a tiny co-op who does not have a tee bee and therefore does not patronize joo story board shit entertainment products. why?
– i refuse to enrich the fukers
– i refuse to further wreck my mind, already wrecked by early, mid and late childhood and corporate adult life imposed malware. the malware all joo invented and fueled.

alas, with the absence of a revolutionary whitie leader the likes of william pierce or george lincoln rockwell, my only concrete support for “the movement” goes wanting. do i look forward to death by suicide? youbetcha. daily ideation. death is certainly preferred to sitting passively on the sidelines watching from the apartment windows and getting irritated with the sight of much shit blackie walkthrough traffic trekking the middle of the street between the local hud highrise and the liquor store and neighborhood free — to the sordid solo black mama’s w/ their trail of younguns — health clinic.

the present state of WN’s are too chicken shit — me included — to do anything more than blog.
– pound the shit out of blackie? no fuking way. i don’t want to go to jail.
– form a local WN chapter that might support the rise of another peirce/ rockwell leader? no fuking way. i don’t want a physical confrontation w/ soros-imported antifadas. and risk going to jail.
it’s easier just to go out and die.

But we still can do something, like convincing WN bloggers that Xtian ethics and Mammon worship by whites is behind Jewish takeover.

If they could be red-pilled (WNsts are mere purple-pilled) that would be a great step forward in the right direction.

yes, c.t., the seeds of the true movement need your blog and its commenters. and will need the “word” and the “logos” forever, really. in due time, the universe will conspire w/ the likes of us to provide another leader in the line of hitler and rockwell. i would be more surprised than not at whitie’s extinction. the fourth reich will get it more right than the previous ones. until then, at best each of us is at least seed and some like yourself are plants of various species. maybe even there are a several young trees that are presently tap rooting.

I take the position that we whites are where the Jews were at in 70 A.D. They were nationless. A lot of them apostatised to Hellenism, or intermarried. Jews could be killed on sight by the Romans, and their literature burnt.

But the Jews just kept on keeping on. We whites have to take the long view. Although not an atheist, one of the things that I like about the atheistic paradigm, is that with nature, there is no forgiveness of sin: only consequences. The white adoption of Christianity was a Blasphemy of the atheists’ equivalence of the Holy Spirit. An unforgivable sin. There is no forgiveness, with nature, for this sin: only consequences. We have sinned for 2,000 years with Pauline delusions. The consequences will be grave. But hopefully, millenia in the future, we shall have expiated this sin, and shall return to being nature’s apex predator.

Be like those Japs in the jungle who never found out that World War II was over and kept fighting a lost war.

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