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Voting Republican this November?

by Hunter Wallace

The Alt-Right keeps saying we have to vote for the GOP in the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, the FBI and Trump’s Justice Department continues to hunt down and charge members of the Rise Above Movement, while turning a blind eye to Antifa violence

These people are American Nationalists.

They are being charged by the FBI for fighting with Antifa at the pro-Trump rallies in Berkeley and that March 4 Trump rally in Huntington Beach.

The message being sent here is that if you go to pro-Trump rallies and get attacked by Antifa and defend yourself the FBI and Trump’s DOJ will go after you.

The [Antifa] people who show up to every single rightwing event for the sole purpose of disruption by engaging in violence and who are getting arrested like virtually every single weekend for it are ignored.

I don’t even think these guys were in Charlottesville.

3 replies on “Voting Republican this November?”

Hunter is right but as a Christian, he fails to recognize what is driving white suicide. Today Gaedhal commented:

One of the things that I like about the atheistic paradigm, is that with nature, there is no forgiveness of sin: only consequences. The white adoption of Christianity was a Blasphemy of the atheists’ equivalence of the Holy Spirit. An unforgivable sin. There is no forgiveness, with nature, for this sin: only consequences. We have sinned for 2,000 years with Pauline delusions. The consequences will be grave. But hopefully, millenia in the future, we shall have expiated this sin, and shall return to being nature’s apex predator.

So true! But American nationalists and Sothern Nationalists have few years, not millennia, to recover their sanity through a true apostasy from Judeo-Xtianity. Otherwise, it will be too late.

Alabama man Jeff Sessions has come out of hiding to report the capture of the White Hispanic (?) impotent patsy bomber.
The rapey van covered with “reich winger” stickers is right out of central casting.
I’m going to need more popcorn for this third rate kabuki theater that even Netflix would laugh at.

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