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WN and I are two

That the white nationalists and I live in parallel universes can be seen in today’s commentaries on the visit of Witch Theresa May to the African country that is ethnically cleansing whites from its soil. I just saw a few seconds of this Ramzpaul video on the subject but I won’t see everything. A year ago I wrote:

The South African government had six atomic bombs. If the South Africans had nuked Washington, in addition to New York (which would dispatch quite a few non-gentiles) and Hollywood (thus destroying the Jewish virus factories for the Aryan mind), together with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (which would have emboldened the surrounding Muslims to re-conquer Israel)—with the surplus bomb being retained for London, Paris, or Moscow—South Africa would have been destroyed by the Evil Empire, but at least it would have died with honour.

In addition to Ramzpaul, other white nationalists and people of the Alt-Right are commenting today on the Witch’s visit to South Africa. Well: I would bet that nobody says, not even remotely, what I wrote a year ago and also through the spoken word in one of the podcasts.

Pierce saw it clearly in The Turner Diaries: if a fraction of the atomic weaponry falls into the hands of revolutionaries, it must be used immediately, even if it is a move of enormous risk.

Nobody thinks like Pierce today! They prefer to follow the loving ethics of humanity, so full of flowers, inspired by Christianity. Next month Greg Johnson publishes his book White Nationalist Manifesto and I’m sure he will continue to say that racists should continue to use porcelain guns instead of fighting.

Yesterday I saw part of this video by Jean-François Gariépy (known simply as JFG in YouTube) about whether the future of the white race will be great or will be extinguished. As far as I watched, at no time was armed struggle discussed as the royal path out of the death trap in which the white man has fallen.

I live, as I said, in a universe parallel to that of white nationalists, folks of the Alt-Right or Alt-Lite vloggers (JFG, for example, is a libertarian). For me it is more than obvious that whoever wants to save his race must convert himself into an army: an army of a single soldier!

That’s why I can no longer tolerate more than a few seconds in sites or videos of WN / Alt-Right. Their lack of martial spirit, and lack of desire to annihilate the Enemy even if that leads to their own death, make me sick.

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Yes. He’s a Mischling. His Mommy is of the Tribe. He referenced his DNA in a video right before he went to Hungary. He then tried to walk it back, saying it was a joke. Think about his vidoes, his behavior, and his hatred of White Nationalists and “Nazis”. I know a longtime, genuine WN gentleman who met Ramsey as one of the Amren confabs, and told me he was one of the biggest assholes he ever met. Ramsey was late for his speech, and held every-one up, and behaved insufferable to the attendees.

nairobi, kenya, anyone? home to the world’s largest slum?. i give SA less than 10 years. black genetics are averse to engaging what little cognitive resources they have. talk..talk..talk..screw..screw..screw.. (even nigger football is utterly boring me too shit.)

Modern sports by large are degenenerate. Even ignoring the damn Niggers there’s the White women dressing in ways that rival hookers in indecency and gyrating in front of Niggers all while these women’s fathers don’t stop it. Apparently so many White men have no issue with both other White men’s daughters and their daughters whoring themselves on camera and off-camera considering coaches have been recorded offering cheerleaders to Niggers.

What a brilliant idea from the (((“British” “Empire”))) to “conquer” people with IQs around 70 and impose upon them an European language, schools, agriculture, roads, railways, medicine, hospitals and so on.

They don’t even use their fucking foot. It is just a poor man’s rugby.

But I honestly am starting to be in line with what Joseph Walsh believes in regards to SA: That they are doomed and there is no hope for them. They are not even helping themselves and, what’s more, Those such as Trump are not even doing anything and just saying “killing White people is mean!”

So nothing will ever be done unless they do something for themselves. Wake me up when that happens.

I’m certain South Africans sealed their fate when they abolished Apartheid and gave Blacks the vote. They are merely suffering the consequences of their actions. They can’t claim ignorance of what would happen to them and their children-they witnessed what happen throughout the rest of Africa since WWII as countries under White colonial rule came under Black rule and became the usual violent, disease-ridden shitholes that Blacks create. They had the example of Rhodesia destroying itself and becoming Zimbabwe on their doorstep. Yet they still took the easy way out.

I’m not going to whine about what the Blacks are doing to the Whites either. Blacks are obviously racially healthy as they are genociding their enemies from their territory. If Whites were healthy we would be doing the same as the Blacks only in Europe rather than Africa. The difference is when we kill our enemies we kill in a civilized manner whereas Blacks in South Africa murder in a savage manner as only savages can. It’s incredible that just 80 years ago, in 1938, Whites had our own homogeneous countries with no immigration and dominion over 9/10th’s of the globe including all of Africa. National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy existed. Fascist Italy had conquered Ethiopia a few years earlier. It appeared we had a future. Yet today the Blacks have the entire continent of Africa back for themselves AND access to White countries where they have a priviliged position above us and can kill and rape to their hearts content while living off White taxpayers money.

Not that I’m solely deriding the South Africans as Whites globally are behaving the same as the South Africans. If the demographics in all White countries were the same as South Africa (7% White) then it would be especially noticeable it is just less obvious due to better demographics. But give it time and certain White countries could go the same way as SA. I remember listening to a SA caller on a radio show who had moved to America laughing at the American host when he said he thought Americans had more of a fight in them than the SA. The SA explained that things were very racial and nationalistic among many SA, a much higher percentage of SA were racist compared to Americans today yet when the transfer of power came, despite all their talk of revolution, nothing happened. The SA caller said he expects the same to occur in the USA.

Jan Lamprecht of Historyreviewed.com has done an analysis of the potential that Whites in SA have that gives them an advantage over their Black enemies. I guarantee they will never use it though. However they will cling on to Christianity.

Save that surplus atomic bomb for the Vatican.
“b-but muh Roman temples and Colosseum!”
Fuck ’em. They’re broken piles or rock.

BTW, isn’t Gariepy a kike too? He’s interviewing porn actresses now.

What do people on here think of “Nuke Lies” and “Rerevisionist.” I used to see him comment on white nationalist blogs. He argues that Nuclear Weapons are fake.

I agree that nukes don’t exist as we are told. Nuclear energy generation is real though. Just generates steam of course, but really, really well.

I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories – but I’m too stupid and lazy to prove or refute them, so I always keep them in mind but mostly for a fun perspective. Back in 2011-12 I was reading a Russian dude on falsehood.me who created an entire cosmology with maths and graphs about concave Earth, fake clouds and our society as a theme park for alien souls…

César himself was taken into a cult at a young age; I definitely can see the draw of out-of-the-ordinary personalities (that’s why I’m here, after all), but I’m way too careful not to lose my sanity, so I try to worship science and academic history.

Believing in large conspiracies does lead down a wonky path. Did all geologists conspire to lie about the Korean nuclear tests? I doubt compartmentalization can explain that.

Vincent Bugliosi spent 20 years of his life to refute JFK conspiracy theories. If I was immortal I would spend the same to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories. You’re right: it sucks time as hell.

When I believed in parapsychology, to disabuse myself I had to meet two professional debunkers of it that subscribed all parapsychology journals (to be able to debunk the claims)…

Cesar wrote “For me it is more than obvious that whoever wants to save his race must convert himself into an army: an army of a single soldier!
That’s why I can no longer tolerate more than a few seconds in sites or videos of WN / Alt-Right. Their lack of martial spirit, and lack of desire to annihilate the Enemy even if that leads to their own death, make me sick.”

Guess you don’t really want to save your race then. You identify as White and cry big tears about the loss of the White race; you are unmarried and without children. Why aren’t you out there killing the enemies of Whites even at the risk of your life?!

Really, it’s astounding how hypocritical you are. You must make yourself sick. Funny how none of your readers ever mentions it.

@ Carolyn,

IIRC I already responded to you in another thread where you made the same complaint (or was it Tom Rogers the one who asked the same)?

Short answer: This is a site for ‘priests of the 14 words’. This is one of the guidelines I recommend for such priests: ‘Speak only to Aryan males’ (regarding profound subjects & matters that women shouldn’t get involved such as violence).

Therefore, I would recommend you to find another forum. Otherwise, I’ll keep violating the guideline every time you comment here.

@Aldo I have never understood how Americans can be so strict about sex overall, and yet be fine with half-naked schoolgirls dancing on their football matches. Is there anything deep about it, repressed? Or just weird Americans?

At the same time, it’s important not to be against female body per se – burqa is not the opposite of sexualization, just like out-group altruism is not the opposite of egoism (the opposite is in-group altruism, i.e., racism).

@César About African genocides, there was a great story from 2014 about a Christian Negro population in CAR exterminating all local Muslims – and a Christian priest was defending the latter! Just like in Europe centuries ago!

@Mauricio I listened to a few podcasts by JF, he’s a bit better than his friends. For one, he’s not a blind supporter of the right to free speech, at least, not for his enemies – he said he was perfectly fine with Count Dancula being raped in prison.

He also had a tragic affair with a psychotic girl, and he was talking against psychiatry in this context, that psychotic people are not considered human, etc. Pretty interesting. But he’s a self-admitted nihilist, even though he does subscribe to complete biological determinism in everything (“genes over memes”).

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