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Take your pick

I was amused in the first hours of this day with the classification, in White Right Hub, of several blogsites where we learn that Mark Steyn is a ‘Normie’ and the Zimmermann Blog a ‘Crypto Jew’. There is a useful category, ‘Borderline Alt Right’ that includes Taki’s Magazine. But I especially liked the category ‘Alt Christian Cuck’ which includes the following:

Brother Nathanael
Lasha Darkmoon
Millennial Woes
Occidental Dissent
Political Cesspool Radio Show
Vox Popoli

What I enjoyed the most, however, is the classification of Ned May’s blogsite Gates of Vienna as ‘Gates of Tel Aviv’! According to the criterion of the admin non-labelled sites, which includes my own one, apparently are okay.

4 replies on “Take your pick”

Gates of Vienna wrote an article (in 2015 IIRC) comparing the events surrounding the 410 Sack of Rome to the “Islamic takeover” of the West.
The main point was that the Goths who sacked Rome were granted amnesty by Rome, and basically subverted it from within.
Of course,​ there was no mention of the Foederati, and how Gothic women and children were being murdered indiscriminately (another reason to be reading Who We Are).
Imagine lying about a tragic event in Aryan history to prove a point.
Goblin-dicked Normies…

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