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Beam on the Aryan problem!

Louis Beam said: ‘The real problem is you… that has given this land to the enemy… There is no such thing as Jewish domination. There is only white submissiveness. Refuse to submit and there is no longer domination’.

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To be more precise, the problem is white male submissiveness in particular. White Men have handed what was once their power over to their inferiors—first Jews, then their own women and now finally the coloured races so that everyone who is not a white male has been ’empowered’ and ‘liberated’ by the White Man.
If all white men became ‘racist’ again, stopped obeying and serving a system that wants them dead and started serving their OWN interests our multi-racial, feminist nightmare could be ended overnight. But that is not going to happen with the majority of white men. So far only a few white males have broken ZOG’s laws since WWII.
If our race goes extinct it will be partly because most white males kept obeying ZOG even to the point of their own race’s extinction. White Men have nothing to lose and everything to gain by rebelling against their government’s laws and fighting their enemies in the real world using physical violence. In our degraded, servile state what is there to lose but our Masters chains? What racially conscious White Man really gives a fuck about our treasonous government’s laws at this point? Why respect them? What do we have to gain by obeying then?
We don’t need all white males to revolt and the vast majority won’t anyway. But we need the 3%, the revolutionary minority, to find its balls soon. The survival of our species hangs in the balance.

Goddammit, how long will you fucking intellectual nerds spout on this? The most terrible and shameful thing is none of you who post “the good intentions” here is those 3%, the revolutionary minority, the balls-finders!

I doubt you are too much different from us “intellectual nerds”. Got any examples of White Men who are of that 3%, the revolutionary minority? Evidently all of us on the internet are waiting for them to do what we’re too cowardly to do ourselves.

At least thank you for the confession. And you are right, of course, it’s a shame for me too – to be among pessimistic intellectual nerds rather artless but revolutionary guys, but in my younger days I sincerely and unsuccessfully tried to become “too much different”. I have get upon an idea that the Internet twaddle about a racial holy war, a radical change of Christian paradigm or something like that is just a background noise of a dying European culture, last sparking coals of diminishing Nordic testosterone flame. We all are bourgeois nostalgists, radical but within legal boundaries in their comfortable armchairs by the fireside. A real fight happens only on dirty and dangerous streets, not in blogs. And if we white males are in blogs, we utterly lost.

Yes all us white males have retreated away from the real world onto the internet in our comfortable homes. Obviously we can’t save our race from the safety and comfort of our own homes. I am very aware of this.
What use would me taking a lone wolf attack be? If I was going to do life in prison I would make it worthwhile but even a strong attack hardly makes a dent in the anti-white system. I wouldn’t mind so much if I was killed by police at the scene. But there is some fear and cowardice in me mixed with some sense about the uselessness of immolating myself in a lone wolf attack.
You are probably right that this is just the “background noise of a dying European culture, last sparking coals of diminishing Nordic testosterone flame.” Probably our race is finished. It’s going to be a long, slow, painful decline to total extinction.
And I know you are not too much different from others on this blog-all white males are the same these days if you know what I mean….

A rhetorical question for you, for us: does it suit you to be a silent witness of this unnerving process till your decease, to be an idle contemplator of this dreadful way for your white and fair children in the muddy and ugly world? Everyone will answer no, it doesn’t. So why don’t we, in many respects more active and in many places still a majority, change the status quo? Really, we are the problem, a fatigue of racial metal which is just on the point of irrevocable fracturing.

I think the real rot is in the Anglo-sphere, which includes the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Other so-called whites in the world, such as in Eastern Europe and Russia, are not as badly cucked and have a better chance of long-term survival than the Anglo-sphere which is busy replacing itself with third-world trash including the worst of that trash, blacks (aka niggers).
In my opinion, the Anglo-sphere will eventually lose both its power and its majority whites, and considering its war of destruction against NS Germany and all the lies the Anglo-sphere has told and continues to tell, the Anglo-sphere deserves what will happen to it.
Since I believe in reincarnation, I’m already hoping to not reincarnate back here in the USA where I currently live, because life as a minority white is not something I want to experience. At this point I’d rather be Chinese in China, or Japanese in Japan, than return as a USA minority white under the same kind of (((government))) as we have today only more corrupt and anti-white than it already is.

Spot on. You overlooked adding Rhodesia and South Africa to the Anglo-sphere…Whites there haven’t much longer to hold out; a perfect example of what awaits us here in the States…although in our case we are much more deserving of our fate. When the Jews won the last war, the White race and Western civilization were essentially doomed to extinction. The only (very slight) hope for saving ourselves is the occurrence of some cataclysmic event – the complete collapse of the world economy, for example – that sends us into a downward spiral of utter collapse. Perhaps then our healthy instincts will prevail and survival can be attained after the ensuing race war. I also agree with you: The best hope for our race now lies with the Russians and other peoples of Eastern Europe. I wish them the very best. I’m not convinced about reincarnation, but I sympathize with your sentiment about not wanting to come back as a White in what looks to be a bleak future world. I hold the line on ever wanting to come back as someone other than an Aryan, however. =)

carroll quigley, a professor and historian who died in 1977, and a believer in diversity is strength — whatever — got this right, i quote form wikipedia, Democracy tends to emerge only when the best weapons available are easy for individuals to buy and use.[12] This explains why democracy occurs so rarely in human history.[13] only when its citizens can group together and hold the governing board accountable, just as stockholders can a corporate board of directors, does democracy work. the advent of astronomically complex and expensive high tech weaponry, results of the world wars — thanks tribe — put the state and its citizens on different playing fields, the state controlling the game. until the pagan gods of the germans come to the aid of the citizen aryans, the tribe remains in control. magical thinking.
@box456, i hope to find the hole in this cosmos, allowing me to get the hell out of this prison when i exit my present life. magical thinking. (i expect the first hand offering help on the other side is of the tribe, trafficking in souls they can sell to whomever uses them to embody new negro flesh offsprung by the black mama hordes and their penis-driven jacob zumas. i hope i can muster the guts to flip ’em the bird.)

I would suggest the following most brilliant and hilarious thought experiment.
If the Jews suddenly got a wish to preserve the Aryan race, would they be able to?
Of course, no! The greatest desire of Christian Whites is suicide, and it is totally autonomous of Jewish power! The Christian time bomb, planted two millennia ago, cannot be reversed but by the most eucatastrophic of “awakening”!

Gigi Hadid is a childless 23 year old whore.
Even a Bolshevik from the 1980s would see her for what she is. But the morals of Anglo-Saxons and non-Slavic Europeans is beyond repair.

That is a good point you make and that thought experiment occured to me a few months ago funnily enough. If the Jews started filling our media with pro-white propaganda they would probably have a lot of complaints from a large number of Whites.
Don’t believe me? Witness Jew-created and Jew-run websites like Breitbart (created in Israel), the Gatestone Institute and heavily Jew-supported Donald Trump receiving intense hatred from whites with a death-wish just because they are right-wing and anti-Muslim. Witness the spectacle of the Jew Milo Yiannopolous who is a homosexual race-mixer married to a black man being attacked and shouted at by rioting left-wing white students just because he made some vaguely pro-white, pro-free speech, right-wing comments.
Even Jews can’t program sense into the Aryan lemmings! Perhaps even the genocide of Whites that has been ongoing since 1945 is more a case of white suicide, it was begun by whites and Jews are just taking advantage of our death-wish and working to genocide us themselves. Difficult to know. I’m sure Jews have a back-up plan if Whites survive and will continue to adapt and maybe attempt to genocide us some time several centuries later.

‘The real problem is you… that has given this land to the enemy… There is no such thing as Jewish domination. There is only white submissiveness. Refuse to submit and there is no longer domination’.
There is a deep contradiction within the racial right about this, because in the opinion of a large faction, one of the white race’s most valuable characteristics is its law-abidingness. As I’ve mentioned before, this is likely a side effect of the civilizational process. For thousands of years now among whites (and it is the white race that forms the core of technological civilization), law-breakers have been culled, and the system has rewarded submissiveness. The current generation of white sheeple is the product of that artificial selection, and it should have been easy to foresee this result.
There’s nothing unusual about it. In fact, law-abidingness is still something that all governments encourage, including, presumably, a National Socialist government should one come to power somewhere. A government interested in taking an active role in this genetic selection might even institute a eugenics program to weed out genes for criminality, as Germany did with its T4 program.
Unfortunately, you can’t have a revolution without breaking the law!

Today’s law, morality, and religion shackle the fighting spirit. A leader gets the law on your side.
No one has defined the law properly. The law is what is best for the community. Is it best for the community to have WWIII? No. It is against the law and those fomenting it are outlaws. A new state that pledges not to start WWIII would have sympathy to get itself off the ground.
Your enemy is not your equal and doesn’t have a say in your society.
Is it best for the community to let your enemy have a say in your society? No. It is against the law to give jews free speech, property rights, media control, etc. The jew is an outlaw.
Jews are maggots on a dead race. However, the race is not equal in condition. There are stronger and weaker parts in our social fabric.
You don’t have to be Rambo to win the system. There will be a DAY OF THE TUBES and the people will seize the means of deception (television stations) and turn them into a means of awakening. Once the state loses control over the media and people hold their ground, ZOG is toast. We aren’t in a battle with police or the military. We are in a public relations battle. Whoever fires the first shot loses.
You need to plan and manage your scenarios to smooth things out, provide incentives, diffuse situations, buy time, reduce people’s risks, assure amnesty, etc.
Reducing risk is a leader’s job. If people are cowards, and not fools, you have to motivate them and remove risks.
Protest NEVER works because it is a position of weakness. Seize a point of power and keep it. Now you have power. The Anglin-Spencers increase risks (machine-gun march) and pick fights where nothing can be won, as in Charlottesville/Whitefish MT. These failures drove whites over the cliff because they weren’t needed anymore. Trump won.
Write a one-paragraph story about seizing a television station. What would you say? What do you play? Now make it two paragraphs. Now make it two pages. What have you learned? Cycle that again and again. Thousands of people need to do that.
If someone in every community wrote a story and if they mutually-agreed to a DAY OF THE TUBES, say 9-11, what could the elites do? Make it a genre. If people shared their stories, they would learn fast, what seems to work and what doesn’t.
National Socialism gets the best out of men, women, and the youth; it aims to get the best out of the races. Jews bring out the worst in everyone. Under Jews, blacks wear their pants down by their ankles.
How would Hitler dress blacks? How would he have them speak? How would he get them social fabric? Blacks need Hitler to get the Jew off their back. That’s how you isolate the Jew.
You paralyze yourself into inaction, frustration and doom-saying, if you think you have to kill off 80 percent of humanity with lone-wolf pea-shooting. How would National Socialists handle the same problems, but in the context of the American sheet-hole?
I’m certain the elites want us to kick their ass. They want discipline. They want a father-figure to stop them from eating human flesh. They want someone to throw them in the fire, so they can see the light. That’s all they talk about. Light this and light that; enlightenment, etc. They are living in a darkness that no money or power can satisfy.

There will be a DAY OF THE TUBES and the people will seize the means of deception (television stations) and turn them into a means of awakening.
Was it alter Kämpfer Tom Metzger who said that any plan that relies on the people rising up is a bad plan? Whoever it was, he was right. Louis Beam’s point is that white people could do what you propose right now, but they aren’t doing it; and the point of my comment is that there’s a very good reason they aren’t doing it. They remain submissive. Their reverence for the state’s law (not some higher moral law, to which you seem to be referring, and about which everyone has his own opinion), and their love of having an orderly society is what keeps them that way. They’ve been taught to respect private property, respect authority, and yield to what they imagine are the rights of others. It isn’t cowardice. They are sheep because that’s what thousands of years of civilization have bred them to be.

“Jews are maggots on a dead race.”
This sounds like a quotable quote, but we cannot use it because your name (or pen name) sounds Jewish.

I should point out too that, as a symptom of their love of “law and order”, their affection for the police, and their desire to ingratiate themselves with the people, even those on the racial right revile lawbreakers such as Ted Kaczynski, and Charles Manson. The racial right’s hatred for Manson is particularly difficult to understand. He’s a man much demonized, and as much by the right as by the left. It’s understandable that the left should revile him, since he killed (or more precisely, was held responsible for killing) the wife of a Jewish pedophile, but the revulsion the right has for Manson is harder to comprehend. You’d think they might apply the axiom, which they are so willing to do in other cases, that there simply has to be something good about anyone so hated by their enemies. But of course, they don’t. No, even though they realize a negro might break into their house tomorrow and choke them to death with their own intestines, and he’d get out of prison in seven years (if he didn’t get off scot-free, like OJ), Manson — supposedly a dangerous menace to society even at the age of 80 — had to be held captive for life. In fact, he spent almost his entire life behind bars. He was very much a creation of the system. If he was a monster, the system created him and made him so.
Despite the swastika tattoo, most on the right don’t realize that Manson was a racist and a white supremacist. His attempt to start a race war with the Tate-La Bianca murders seems hare-brained in retrospect, but in the context of the times — the numerous race riots, the Kerner Commission report blaming negro failure and civil unrest on whites, the recent assassination of MLK, etc. — it might actually have worked.
I think what scared them the most though was Manson’s power over his women. He was one white man who didn’t get the word that white women were henceforth to be the property of negroes and Jews. He didn’t bow down and accept it like all the good white Christian citizens did back in the 60s, and still do today. That got them scared, and very pissed off. That’s why he had to be made an example of; why Manson’s name became synonymous with evil.

This is a topic I disagree with most WNsts, perhaps because I’m old enough to remember what Manson did as depicted in the Mexican press—and especially among family members, as I did not read much the papers then.
It was perceived just as an evil act. Nobody mentioned Jews here, or negroes or revolution. It was just a killing like those sadistic killings you see in Hollywood movies.
I remember my mother back then commenting that Manson said it was all about the ‘establishment’, and I imagined the bourgeois standards of the American way. It was hippie times and I imagined just that (I myself used flared trousers as it was cool to imitate the hippies!).
Nobody knew, at least among my relatives, that Manson could be racially motivated. It was a Hollywood crime, just as those in the films. At least that was the perception among the bourgeois Creoles. I disliked Manson then only because I liked Polanski’s comedy about vampires, starring Sharon Tate, that I had seen on the silver screen.
Maybe you are from a younger generation (Pierce himself suggested James Mason dissociate from the image of Charles Manson)?

Nobody knew, at least among my relatives, that Manson could be racially motivated.
Some on the right claim he wasn’t, and Manson-as-racist was an invention of the prosecutor Bugliosi. But of course, Manson was indeed a racist. A white man can’t spend nearly his entire life behind bars and not hate negroes. Then too, James Mason knew him personally, and he isn’t a fool. It would have been very difficult for them to become friends unless Manson was a racist.
Maybe you are from a younger generation (Pierce himself suggested James Mason dissociate from the image of Charles Manson)?
Pierce wanted to organize a political movement. Giving Manson any kind of sympathy is bad politics, and expressing support for law and order and the police is good politics. That’s easy to understand. But the flip side of supporting the police and respect for law is that it perpetuates a condition that makes revolution impossible. A pre-revolutionary condition can only be reached when there’s no respect left among the people for the state’s law.
With respect to the Jewish angle of the murders, I’m not saying that Manson did it for that reason (or for that matter, did it at all), just that it’s odd he gets no respect from hardcore anti-semites despite being convicted of doing what they would have liked to do themselves, i.e., attack pedophile Jews and the white race traitor women who, like Sharon Tate and Mia Farrow, open their legs and wombs to them. Even Pierce included taking revenge on such women in a passage in The Turner Diaries. Day of the Rope!

Yes I know. But when I was a kid I thought Polanski was simply Polish. I didn’t know of ethnic differences within Poland. And that was how my classmates also saw him.

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