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On Bardamu's essay

Instalment 17 of Ferdinand Bardamu’s essay revealed things I did not know about the history Christianity. It also reminds me of one of the passages that most haunted me of Nietzsche’s The Antichrist, which I have already quoted a couple of times but it’s worth re-quoting:

§ 61

Here it becomes necessary to call up a memory that must be a hundred times more painful to Germans. The Germans have destroyed for Europe the last great harvest of civilisation that Europe was ever to reap—the Renaissance. Is it understood at last, will it ever be understood, what the Renaissance was? The transvaluation of Christian values: an attempt with all available means, all instincts and all the resources of genius to bring about a triumph of the opposite values, the more noble values…
To attack at the critical place, at the very seat of Christianity, and there enthrone the more noble values—that is to say, to insinuate them into the instincts, into the most fundamental needs and appetites of those sitting there…
I see before me the possibility of a perfectly heavenly enchantment and spectacle: it seems to me to scintillate with all the vibrations of a fine and delicate beauty, and within it there is an art so divine, so infernally divine, that one might search in vain for thousands of years for another such possibility; I see a spectacle so rich in significance and at the same time so wonderfully full of paradox that it should arouse all the gods on Olympus to immortal laughter: Cæsar Borgia as pope!… Am I understood?… Well then, that would have been the sort of triumph that I alone am longing for today: by it Christianity would have been swept away!
What happened? A German monk, Luther, came to Rome. This monk, with all the vengeful instincts of an unsuccessful priest in him, raised a rebellion against the Renaissance in Rome…
Instead of grasping, with profound thanksgiving, the miracle that had taken place: the conquest of Christianity at its capital—instead of this, his hatred was stimulated by the spectacle. A religious man thinks only of himself. Luther saw only the depravity of the papacy at the very moment when the opposite was becoming apparent: the old corruption, the peccatum originale, Christianity itself, no longer occupied the papal chair! Instead there was life! Instead there was the triumph of life! Instead there was a great yea to all lofty, beautiful and daring things!…
And Luther restored the church.

By the way, it is nice that Jack Halliday, as a kind of spokesman for The West’s Darkest Hour, is trying to communicate, in other forums, our message as in this thread of Occidental Dissent. I wonder if the admin of that site, a Lutheran, has been following what we have been saying about Luther, the Reformation, and Christianity in general.
But I understand the distant neighbours of the North. Here in the south all secular intellectuals, without exception, are idiots, including the criollos (in English see here and in Spanish here). It seems that the apostates of Christianity fall automatically into a much worse ideology: ethnosuicidal liberalism and cultural Marxism. But that is also courtesy of Christianity itself, as we have been seeing in Bardamu’s essay.
Since I mentioned Jack Halliday, I would like to take this opportunity to mention another commenter of this site, Spahn Ranch, who is keen to see aspects of Christianity that I couldn’t say better.

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I think that Nietzsche here is speaking of Leo X. I think Leo X was Pope when Luther revolted. Leo called the Christ of the Bible a myth, and a demon that one should throw holy water at. I lament the reformation as well. Renaissance men were almost succeeding in getting the Catholic Church to chose “the book of nature” over the obscene book of Jewish fairy tales, the Bible. Unfortunately at the counter reformation, the Catholic Church regressed to a Biblicism so as to compete with protestantism.

I’ve read that (((Leo X))) was, to repeat, tribal. “What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!”

Yeah, a lot of Popes were. I think that Joseph Atwill is correct: the Piso-Flavian dynasty has run the Vatican since it’s inception. I was watching a video by a Zionist Jew, and he said that the Flavians killed more Jews, proportionally than Hitler’s six million. Yet, and all they interbred with the Philos – a rich Alexandrian Jewish family, The Rothschilds Of Their Day. Also they intended with the Herods, an Edomite Semitic dynasty. So the Flavians became by this method cryptos. César is right: the Aryan problem encompasses the Christian problem. The white race has always been racially blind, willing to let Jews defile our aristocrats for the same of short term expediency. This predates Christianity. Christianity merely exacerbates this fatal tendency In whites.
In Genesis, Pharoah lets Joseph screw his wife and export grain to the Unholy Land in a time of famine! This Pharoah was the first cuck!

Thanks for the hat tip, C.T. Yes, these essays by Bardamu are brilliant, and should be required reading for anyone who hopes to understand the poisonous nature of the Christian worldview and how it came to transform everything about the ancient world. As Jacques Ellul says, when the triumph of a propaganda is complete, it disappears from view; i.e., it becomes something everyone “knows” and takes for granted. Thus, we are mostly unaware of the Christian origins of our modes of thought.
Liberalism developed in a Christian environment, and probably only could have developed in such an environment. Non-Christian countries don’t seem to suffer from it.

“Liberalism developed in a Christian environment..” Yes, countries outside the West don’t seem to suffer the worst of Liberalism-cultural Marxism:- feminism, radical egalitarianism, etc. Asia, Africa, Middle East.

CT, it is terribly haunting to think how close the West has been to throwing off the spiritual poison of Xtianity – Titus 70AD, Emperor Julian (what an Emperor he had the potential of being – soldier, scholar), Renaissance, NSDAP Germany.

This is exactly the big tragedy of the West: and if Aryans in the future don’t manage to make big films about those historical events they won’t recover their lost self-esteem.

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