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Why Europeans must reject Christianity, 2

by Ferdinand Bardamu

The Gospel of Semitic lies?
Jesus Christ is a mythological figure. The gospel narratives, his personal “biographies,” are not based on any underlying historical reality. What we know of Jesus comes not from eyewitness testimony, but largely contradictory hearsay written some forty or fifty years after his supposed death. Unlike the mythical Jesus with whom he is often compared, the philosopher Socrates is significantly more well- attested in the historical record. Contemporary eyewitnesses like Plato and Xenophon wrote detailed accounts of the life and death of Socrates.
The discovery that the first Christology was a “high” one provides additional evidence substantiating the mythological origin of Jesus. This is contrary to the position maintained by the older 19th century biblical scholarship, chiefly represented by Wilhelm Bousset’s “history-of-religion” school. This approach is best exemplified in the now forgotten Kyrios Christos. In this work, Bousset argued that cultic veneration of Jesus only became a reality when the original Palestinian faith community was exposed to Hellenistic and Oriental influence.
In contrast to Bousset’s “history-of-religion” approach, modern biblical scholars argue that the original Palestinian faith community began with a “high” Christology. Maran atha was an Aramaic prayer transferring the title lord (YHWH) to Jesus, asking him to establish his kingdom on earth in fulfillment of Old Testament eschatological hopes of a coming Messiah. The “high” Christology embraced by the first Palestinian believers paved the way for Gentile views of Christ as an object of religious devotion. Among the earliest Gentile believers, Jesus was worshiped, placed on an equal footing with God himself and designated Kyrios, the Greek form of the tetragrammaton in the Septuagint. He was even the object of prayer. This makes Jesus no different from any other mythological figure venerated in the ancient world, such as Dionysus or Hercules.
The inescapable conclusion is that Jesus is a figment of the imagination, like the gods of the ancient Greeks. To those who argue that Jewish monotheism was a barrier to the immediate divinization of some mortal, it must be pointed out that the Logos theology of Hellenistic Judaism first presented the word of god in semi-anthropomorphic terms, laying the groundwork for the explicit “binitarian” character of primitive Christianity.

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After reading your Dies Irae, I imagined a similar thought-experiment:
You wake up one day in the Vatican City, and you realize you’re the Pope himself, the pontifex,maximus, the leader of worldwide Catholic faith. As you walk along the opulent halls of St.Peter’s basilica on your way to the Ecumenical council, you think to yourself:
“What can I do to save the White race? What steps should I take in order to collapse this Temple from within?”
The “Earl Turner method” would be to use the connections within your Israeli brethren’s network, smuggle an atomic bomb into Rome, and bring a nuclear end to the Eternal City, along with the Vatican.
The “Positive Christianity method” would be to slowly, but gradually, transform the Jewish bible into an Aryan bible, and convert the white Catholics from spiritual syphilitics into hardcore Blut-und-Boden fanatics.
I would tend towards the Pos.Xtianity method, but I wouldn’t know where to start. I thought about installing Christological heresies into the Catholic software, to delete the archetype of Jesus from God.
But there’s already the Christ-denying Jehovas Witnesses, who wouldn’t dare harm a hair on a jew’s beard or a nigger’s dreadlocks.
Neither the Protestants, nor the Mormons, nor the Mennonites…none of these pseudo-heretics are willing to spill enemy blood.
The more I think of it, the Nuke method seems the most effective way to accelerate the end of Christianity.

Establishment Christianity Is Far Cry FM Real Thing
Hello: I certainly agree whites, to survive, must reject ESTABLISHMENT Christianity–or “churchianity.” But it’s most important, first, to understand the real Christianity taught by our dear Lord and Savior in the LITERATURE of New Test., and the Gospels, Gosp. JOHN being most philosophic and definitive thereto, along w. St. Paul.
Thus Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, as noted explicitly at Gosp. JOHN 14:6, and Christ opposes the Pharisees (Jews, Talmudists–see Talmudical.blogspot.com for Talmudic expo), and He opposes Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). So the dichotomy and anti-theses are really quite clear in that great New Test. literature and the dialectic within.
Note further that in order for there to be TRUTH (= Christ), there must be an objective reality as criterion (Aristotle). Thus truth (= Christ) opposes Jew lies founded in subjectivism, extreme subjectivism being satanism, holding reality as mere construct or product of consciousness/mentality–making oneself God–as Jews insist, in accord w. their filthy, satanic Talmud by which they pretend to “interpret” Torah.
Note further, Jews are extreme collectivists (enough of them, anyway), and they combine to collude upon a collectivistic subjectivism/satanism–much like thieves and criminals–and the free-masons of history and present-day, close collaborators of Jews.
Thus it isn’t surprising these collectivistic satanists, led and dominated by Jews at the top, collude and conspire to leveraging and manipulating all the rest of the satanists, and their dupes (like the lower-level masons, for example), the gentiles far less organized and collectivistic as Jews.
Thus the Jews and top satanists run the ruling criminal-enterprise, called central-banking (see Mises.org for best expo, use their search-engine), literally legalized counterfeiting, by which to buy and own all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, the Jews-media, and practically everyone and everything for running the one-world dictatorship and agenda-21 and -2030 addendum genocide, esp. of Christians and white people, as we see now in the Muslim invasion of Europe, and the Black expropriation of white farms in S. Africa, for examples.
So I submit that we patriots of white race and culture need merely grasp and preach the REAL Christian anti-satanism and hence anti-semitism founded in reason and objective reality to opposing this present-day rampant and even ascendant satanism dominated by Jews against intimidated and demoralized world population.

Jack Halliday must be kike–he just, like typical kike, asserts moronically, without any substantiation–like a little Jewwy brat mouthing-off at someone who said something the kike didn’t like, ho oh ho ho oho. And no one is “superior” in a totally objective, hence deterministic reality, kike. Stinking filth.

Sorry, got ahead of myself there.
Ladies and Gentlemen, apollonian is a typical example of Nigger behaviour: Notice his use of a “word salad”, saying lots without actually saying anything because he is too stupid to formulate an actual sentence. Notice the poor use of punctuation which Koko the gorilla whom had an 84 IQ was better at. Notice how he immediately labels those who disagree with him as a particular thing which he does not like, in this case, if you are critical of him you are a “kike”. Notice his use of strange, orgiastic noises, which is die to the fact that he literally thinks with his dick: “ho oh ho ho oho”. Notice how he is quick to talk shit to those who are not as mentally weak as him because he has a crushing inferiority complex.
Apollonian – I have yet to see Negrified freaks like you to even sound slightly like this angel:

Leonidas and his 300 Spartans begat the agrarian warrior glory of western civilization while Huntington’s Clash put Athens in the Islamo-Soviet zone. Sparta colonized Sicily, hence begat Rome, while Athens colonized Scythia hence begat Russia. Alexander’s dad choked Athens by grabbing the Besant straits to choke off Scythian wheat. Macedonia was Great because the population was mostly Albanian Illyrian Pelasgians, and the royalty was from Spartan Argos. The Athenians are the source of all heathen leftist ideas like globalist commerce, Delian central banking, cowardly philosphers and socialist taxation. Athenians are full of Oriental notions of incomprehensible truth and the holy dialectic of the Trojan horse just like Sun Tzu’s war by stealth. Herodotus (i57,ii1,vi137) knew the Arvanitas of Koropi were Pelasgians which is why Metaxas expunged it. Northern Greeks today have more Albanian than Slavic DNA. All the emperors of the Besant married Athenian women which is why they begat Islam and communism.

I wish to refound the Templar Order of Marcion, Mauricio, so as to do precisely that. I dislike the term ‘Christianity.’ To the Aryan, Christos is concentrated goodness. Chrestus means good in Greek. Christos is the good wrought upon the earth by the sun. Chrisma is the oil, the concentrated goodness of the sun. Unless Positive Christianity means this and nothing else, I disown the term. Cesar has condemned me for this approach. He still has my surname in the comments, although he was kind enough to remove it from the blogpost. Catholicism and Orthodoxy can be Aryanised, however low-church Protestantism cannot. If you want to contact me, I am sure Cesar will put you in touch with me.

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