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The source

‘The Church, the Christ-cult, is the source of liberalism. Soul-equality is where political equality begins. We are all one (we of all races) in the body of Jesus translates politically into civic nationalism, human rights, one-man, one-vote maybe not on ground, not overnight, but that’s the undeniable logic of it’.

—Alex Linder

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The mercy towards your enemies probably stems from this, too. Sure, ancient Germans could use POWs as thralls, but the main argument in our time is that the enemies in your earthly battles are ultimately your equals and deserve some mercy. Absolutely degenerate.

“The Church, the Christ-cult, is the source of liberalism.”
John Locke, the father of liberalism, made extensive use of the Bible to “prove” his points.
Further, it’s very clear that the Christian’s obligation is to extend love (agape) to everyone. After all, Christ’s supposed love was for all mankind (John 2:2), and according to Paul (Galatians 3:28), his message was for everyone, regardless of race or gender. Also, Acts 17:26 explicitly states that all men are of one blood (“ex enos aimatos pan ethnos anthropon”) i.e., of the same race.

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