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Hunter hunts Greggy

After the strong meat of our anti-Christian articles, it is always a delicious dessert to read the discussions between Hunter Wallace and Greg Johnson; this time, about American nationalism (here and here).

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What I inferred from your title was that Greggy had been murdered by a mental superior. A “Hunter” like in Pierce’s novel.
Greg says: “If you would put one tenth the energy into destroying American civic nationalism as you did into your repugnant apologetics for the slave system”.
You know, I don’t know where to begin with this. Greg claims to be anti-Christian or so I have heard, but his morality is as Christian as every other White out there. He actually feels bad for a bunch of monkey-men being sold into slavery. How can any respectable White person actually feel bad for a Negro at any point in their lives?
It is funny because I used to think this way, but now that I have set aside all the Christian axiology that is possible for the time being, I have forgotten what it is like to have thought patterns like Greggy does. How does one feel bad for a Negro?
“But, as if that were not already enough of an uphill battle, they will also have to sell Americans a raft of anti-American ideas: cranky conspiracy theories about Jews and Freemasons, Southern Nationalism, and the like.”
What is he even trying to say? That the Jewish Question is cranky? Why take him seriously?
“Finally, the anti-Americans will have to explain away their use of symbols which are at best alien to Americans and at worst are freighted with highly negative connotations.”
He is spitting upon the swastika yet again. I remember him once using this point against someone else, and they said something like: “Oh yes, let’s not show Americans that they have been lied to, instead let’s just keep enforcing these lies.”

That’s exactly why I call him ‘Greggy’, as he hasn’t grown up. And yes: he criticised Hunter some years ago when Wallace wrote ‘What’s wrong with [Dixie] slavery?’ If you get a copy of my Day of Wrath you’ll see how it starts with an essay, ‘Dies Irae’, mentioning Greggy’s Xtian ethics.
As to the OD thread I especially liked the guy who responded to Greggy thus: ‘Don’t quote Tolkien. America is not Gondor, it is Mordor… [Saruman’s] wickedest deed: the interbreeding of Orcs and Men’, which of course is also happening in your own town.
In another WN forum, other guys have commented about the same debate: ‘American nationalism to whites is like Soviet nationalism to Russians’ and ‘We shouldn’t associate ourselves with flag and symbols of the federal government that is in the process of ethnically cleansing us’.
Andy of The Daily Stormer is exactly on the same page with Greggy regarding ‘American nationalism’. This is so silly that even Richard Spencer, after minute 1:24, criticised this Americanism yesterday:

I love it when Hunter says this in the first article:
“If Trump and the GOP are doing such a great job as the American Nationalists hold, why should anyone bother with White Nationalism? What is there to gain from committing to White Nationalism?”
This is my question to those like Anglin, who suck on the kosher cock of Trump yet still “fight” for White interests. If Trump is secretly trying to cleanse Jews from his administration (Daily Stormer actually believes this) and he is himself fighting for White interests then why do they even have their site? Why are they continuing with political “activism” if Trump has a plan to stop these problems that they are complaining about?
Answer: Andrew Anglin does not take this seriously and sees this as a party. I mentioned this on a previous OD article, but people like Andy see the White race as a means to an end rather than the very reason for why we fight. Same as Greg. Alex Linder once said that Johnson is $$$-motivated, and most of these Alt-Righters are.
And that is Americanism for you: “How much money can I make and how much playtime will I get out of it?” I openly spit on the face of Anglin, and Greggy too.
But anyway, England is becoming not only a cesspool of non-White migrants, but a breeding ground for mulattoid-mongrel Semitic types, or as I would describe them: Goblin-imps. It is 1984 if the Kalergi plan was a part of that novel’s plot. It is funny how George Orwell was so opposed to ideologies like ours and yet the book describes our predicament perfectly (Orwell was trying to demonise both Fascism and Communism).
The Americans should be burning their flags and their constitution, and raping Lady Liberty. No evidence that they are even close to this.

Most of Wallace’s first article is good as a diagnosis of the roots of white decline in his country. Those at the TRS forum who are insulting him just cannot cope with the fact that the US was, from the beginning, hard-wired to become New Zion.

No other White or Nordic country deserves death more than England. England bears the greatest responsibility for the defeat of the Aryan race in the 20th century. I’m amazed at how great the malice and/or the ignorance of their elite must have been.

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