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Christendom Matthias Grünewald

Taking a leave

As we know, this month I am busy reviewing the syntax of my last book. The terrors of Christianity of other times are something that new generations have not experienced. (On my last trip to Spain I was told that some people among those of older age suffered from fear of damnation.) The new generations of Christians, in which I include white nationalists, remind me of a Russian teenager. Those who suffered the Gulag asked her ‘Do you know how many died in communism?’ The brat replied ‘Fifteen?’

One reply on “Taking a leave”

I was tempted to say something about the recent scandal between the two Christian Matts, both far younger than I, but prefer to pick up a quote that could serve as food for thought while this site takes a leave:

In view of the complete lack of spirituality, intellect, political awareness, and moral courage in the American population, the possibility of an American revolt against Jewish domination has been entirely omitted. Such a thing is only a possibility after America-Jewry suffers a thorough military defeat, and even then only if it is followed by large-scale economic disasters.

—Francis Parker Yockey, ‘The World in Flames’, published in February 1961. (For more food for thought see my latest comment on The Occidental Observer.)

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