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Monologe im Führerhauptquartier Quotable quotes

Führer quote

‘It’s Christianity that’s the liar’.

Hitler’s Table Talk, page 61

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“Yes, but the Table Talks are obviously fake. How could a man who included so many Christian allegories in Mein Kampf suddenly forget all this and say a bunch of Atheist shit. You are an idiot who cannot back up shit they say with evidence…
“By the way, Jesus, Mary, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham were White.” *sniffs cocaine* “I know this because the bible says so. It’s so fucking obvious! WE WUZ JOOZ!”

It is easy to mock advocates of CI, but those WNsts who belong to the mainstream churches are equally dangerous to the cause.
If you want to start a little war with this dangerous people, as you said in the previous thread, perhaps the best way is to link, in their blogs, the text you have been correcting (I’m reviewing the 3rd chapter) once the PDF is ready.
Evropa Soberana’s essay is the most powerful pro-Aryan text I’ve encountered after reading the book review of Goodrich’s Hellstorm in 2011.

We may only conjecture what will about to happen for changing in average man’s mind and the word “Christian” would become a sort of ultimate abuse analogous to hostile label “Nazi” in the nowaday mainstream rhetoric and totally synonymous with the most vulgar invectives which express extreme scorn. But some day the New Aryan Era will pass Christianity up with icy indifference and forget this two-thousand-year cultural nightmare after the Awakening.

“White” as in pork the other white meat, Christianity is poison to the European races. Period.

Very very easy.
It was not Xtianity per se what defended the West with Charles Martel and centuries later, at the gates of Vienna: it was the White Man himself.
Hadn’t the ‘apocalypse for whites’ happened in the 4th-7th centuries, the Roman Empire would have been so vigorous that Islam would not have conquered anything. As Europa Soberana says, it would have been a Germanic Greece-Rome II: an irresistible force on Earth.
Islam only was born because of Christianity, just as today the Islamization of the West is happening because of Xtian ethics. WNsts talk about ‘cultural Marxism’. They are historically myopic: we should talk about cultural Christianity.
P.S. See also this:

I read that post about a year ago. Count Julian was a coward. Worse than the Moors he let in (he allowed to happen a lot of those nasty and disturbing turn of events).
If it were not for Christianity, there would be a good chance you would not be mud blooded (though you could still have Carthaginian blood).
On top of this, we would have millions of Aryan Iberian girls who would NOT have been abducted from their homes and race, sentenced to a life of being raped by greasy Semites every night till they grew too old to be attractive to them. There would be no Slav or White Greek girls in the harems of the Ottomans. No Rotherham.
A female family member of mine has been watching “Magnificent Century”, which is about Sultan Suleiman the magnificent, and his Russian slave girl. This is a Turkish TV series so the romanticised image makes sense when coming from the point of view of a Matriarchal perspective. The slave girl in the series is a Nordic redhead (the actress is basically a White Turk).
The depiction of this girl getting Stockholm syndrome and becoming pleasured by her position as if it is to be admired is bad enough, but this relative of mine trying to rationalise it is a prime example of this “I-DON’T-GIVE-A-SHIT” attitude that Westerners today have.
Orientalism (the art form) and other such attempts to idealise these horrific events should be considered race treason.
“Yes, but there was a hierarchy”, my relative says. “The women could gain a higher position and have more stuff.”
Don’t our women, of the past and of the present, deserve to be remembered in more honourable ways than this?

I often go on bitter nights
To Wotan’s oak in the quiet glade
With dark powers to weave a union –
The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell
And all who are full of impudence during the day
Are made small by the magic formula!
Adolf Hitler, 1915

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