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Deranged altruism

Sandman quote

‘Whites seem to have this knee jerk response in giving approval to other races but the empathy is rarely reciprocated. It’s like living in a fantasy. I guess the desire to avoid being called “racist” is so strong in some people they’d rather see their entire race collapse than be called the R word. But the other races don’t seem to have this handicap’.


2 replies on “Sandman quote”

“they’d rather see their entire race collapse ”
Race is an American thing, however. Other nations might be called “racist” by American standards, but in reality, they’re more obsessed with themselves, not some “brotherhood” of Mongoloids or brownies.
The idea of the survival of the White race is quite catholic/universalist in origin and not something that ever was in history.
Trying to make a union of White nations or whatever, and instilling the sense of racial brotherhood is artificial.
Eugenics, racialism aimed at dividing (e.g., Nordics from mudbloods) instead of uniting, is a different matter. And it’s still quite artificial. Especially if we remember that the Nordic elite in every White nation in history perished.

Indeed, there are many White groups, we are not all one race in that sense. Australia for one example, was originally intended to be a kind of outpost of the ‘British’ race. A great idea I think. Too bad though that this country is now being lost to the non-British and has been since well before I was born.
Hmmm, I remember seeing a negro male in real life for the first time when I was about 10 or so, and being absolutely astonished at how he stuck out like a sore thumb. The real danger was felt, but at the time I wasn’t entirely sure why. Previously I had only seen them on TV.
Well of course, nowadays they still stand out, just as the others (Asiatics, etc) do, but the mind becomes accustomed to things, out of necessity…

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