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Greggy’s standards of whiteness

I’d never attack Tara McCarthy, which seems to be a decent woman. But scrolling down a long thread in Greg Johnson’s recent article about women in the movement, I spotted some little gems starting with this comment by him:

Jews and most Indians are non-European Caucasians. With those sorts of admixtures, I told Tara that she’s basically as white as she wants to be. Meaning that it is a question of what part of her heritage she identifies with. She identifies with White people and expresses that in her work. Richard Spencer married a woman who is part Georgian. Does that make him a race-mixer?
Non-European Caucasians are closer to us than, say, Asians, Amerindians, and Blacks. There are many people who identify as white with marginal admixtures from other races, including races more foreign than non-European Caucasians. This is why I have a pragmatic attitude about past miscegenation. From the point of view of a political movement, the best policy to cut off whiter-than-thou sperging is simply to have an amnesty for past race mixing and a moratorium on future race mixing.
Racial purism should be left to individuals and families in the ethnostate. If you don’t want Tara’s DNA in your bloodline, then don’t marry her. She’s taken anyway.
Sven Longshanks said…
So if Obama said he identified with his White portion, it would be fine for him to interbreed with Whites? Whether someone is White or not is a biological fact, race is not a social construct, you cannot say ‘I was brought up White so I am White’. Tara is a 5th non-White. Any adulteration is adulteration and it will always be there in her descendants, or DNA testing would be obsolete and it would not be able to tell who someone’s ancestors were.
Georgia cannot be compared to India, they came up with the idea of sanitation for themselves in Georgia and as far as I am aware, they also have White people there, not various mixtures of Dravidian. If Spencer married someone with Non-White ancestry the same applies to him, but being of Georgian ancestry is not sufficient to prove that.
Past miscegenation will always be there and marginal admixture is even worse than obvious adulteration, as it makes it far easier for the adulteration to pass into the White portion that is left of the nation. The only policy to have if you want to preserve the White race is to insist that White means White and non-Whites breed only with non-Whites. Otherwise we will just go the same way as India, Egypt, Persia etc who all will have thought they could somehow breed the purity back in.
This is not something that can be left to individuals if you want to put a stop to the gradual darkening of the entire race. I have yet to meet someone with slight adulteration who was not selfishly looking for a White partner, or looking to marry their children off to Whites in the hope that the next generation would be that little bit lighter only also that little bit more dangerous to the rest of us who do not have any adulteration.
If Tara wants to advocate for Whites, then destroying the purity of her future White partner’s children is a funny way to go about it, especially when every single ancestor of his preserved it for him.
This is not meant to be an attack on anyone, just pointing something very important out that cannot be ignored. Our culture comes from our biology, not the other way around. This isn’t purity spiralling or sperging, this is the biology that makes us White, if that goes, then there is no chance of bringing us back.
Greg Johnson said…
You are welcome to try to build a racially pure movement if you want.
Think through what that would require and get back to me.
I think that it will always remain marginal and fractious, splitting over endless quibbles about subracial types.
In the meantime, our race’s programmed march to extinction will continue.
I suppress all forms of purer-than-thou and whiter-than-thou spiralling [Editor’s note: What does he mean, suppressing the whole nordicist debate?], and I also reject the idea that people have to have always been White Nationalists, because you can’t build a movement with mass appeal that will have a chance of saving our race if you allow Jews and Leftists to go around and say to every sympathizer, “You know, these people will be calling for your extermination if they find some sort of surprise in your genetic profile, or evidence on your Facebook page that you took an Asian chick to the prom.”
Enjoy your smug sense of superiority and “purity.” I am sure it will console you while the world burns.
If anyone needs to be culled from the movement, it is people like you. [Editor’s note: Wow! Would Greggy also cull Madison Grant and all nordicists back to Gobineau if they were alive?]
Sven Longshanks said…
You have just avoided every point that I have made with your reply Greg.
A racially pure movement is already what I am in, I am a White Nationalist and I seek to preserve what is left of the White race. That means having no tolerance at all for miscegenation. An ethno-state means a state composed of one ethnicity, not civic nationalism, which is nationalism based on ‘sharing ideology but not biology’, which is what you appear to be supporting. White is synonymous with purity, this is not ‘spiralling’ these are facts that everyone used to be well aware of when getting involved.
I don’t believe there is any need for extermination, and I do not care what people did before they realised the truth. We are not talking about White people race-mixing in the past, but mixed-people looking for Whites in our movement to partner with right now. I am just making the point that someone who is the product of miscegenation is not White and therefore not a candidate for White Nationalism or a White ethno-state. They could be guests maybe, but certainly not citizens or partners with Whites.
This isn’t about superiority either, that is a leftist response. This is about preserving what we have left and I am certainly not smug about the many damaged people out there who are like that through no fault of their own. That does not mean we should give them a free pass to destroy what’s left of it though to assuage ours and their feelings.
Integrity is a valued trait, if people make exceptions for non-Whites for short-term gains such as numbers, they sacrifice their integrity and lose the morality of what they are doing.
Greg Johnson said…
Or you have missed every point in my reply.
If I thought that your approach would amount to anything, I would already have accepted it.
Good luck though.
Sven Longshanks said…
Thank you Greg, I look forward to your next podcasts and I will say I do enjoy them, but I do feel you are trying to defend the indefensible here.
Steffen Krauter said…
Interesting conversation to read. It I’m interested Sven if you don’t mind about what you mean when you say race mixing. Do you mean indo-Europeans should not intermingle with uralics? Or that Europeans should not intermingle with other indo Europeans? Or Europeans should not mix between themselves? Like Italians to Swedes or any combination. This may sound like autism but I’m sincerely interested. Love your podcasts btw.
Sven Longshanks said…
Steffen, by race-mixing, I mean anyone White breeding with someone who is not White. That could be anyone from a full dark black negro with an elephant butt, to 1/16 non-White ancestry and beyond. That would mean no Indians, no Persians, no Japanese, no Koreans and no quadroons, octaroons, etc.
Europeans will still damage the integrity of their ethnic nation if they breed with someone from another European nation, as one nation will lose that branch depending on where the couple settle. This is not a problem in the New World and America would have been well on the way to forming a new White ethnicity if it wasn’t for the recent immigration of the last 70 years and unfortunate small fraternisation with the natives in some isolated areas.
You use Swedes and Italians as an example and that raises a good point. There are areas of Italy that still have a population of Whites with similar features to those seen in Sweden, usually referred to as Nordic, but there are also areas where everyone has a portion of mixed blood and are commonly referred to as having a ‘Mediterranean’ look. Like should breed with like, if they wish to produce offspring with harmonious qualities. To mix the Mediterranean type with either the Swedish or the non-mixed Italian would not be good.
Genetic Similarity Theory predicts that racial types will try to breed with similar racial types, so even in America with many different White ethnicities having emigrated there, most will have picked partners with the same biology as themselves, even if originally from a different language speaking area.
I don’t think it sounds like autism, we have to have ideals even if we have problems keeping to them, this is why I think it is wrong to say mixing is fine because there are a minority already mixed. If there is known non-White ancestry in any percentage then having a White partner should be frowned upon. Most seem to agree that this should be based on knowledge of family history, obvious mixture, or coming from an area known to be mixed beyond all shadow of doubt, such as Persia, Lebanon, Syria etc and not discredited tiny percentages in commercial DNA tests.
Franklin Ryckaert said…
Tara McCarthy has herself said that she is 1/8 Indian and 1/17 Jewish. Together that is 18,75% non-European. See her video on You Tube, “Deleted by Tara McCarthy: ‘What’s it like being a mixed race ethno-nationalist?’ – mirror”. I will pass no judgment on her racial make-up. She is handsome and intelligent. Her videos are of high quality. She should continue.
Lauren Southern’s real name is Simonsen and that is definitely a Jewish name. She has also tweeted about her grandparents who had to flee from the Nazis. See YouTube “Exposed: Lauren Southern is (((Lauren Simonsen)))”. I have not seen her videos, so I can’t judge them. If she serves as a stepping stone then she is acceptable. If she serves as a gate keeper, she is not.

15 replies on “Greggy’s standards of whiteness”

Sven Longshanks wrote: “I have yet to meet someone with slight adulteration who was not selfishly looking for a White partner, or looking to marry their children off to Whites in the hope that the next generation would be that little bit lighter only also that little bit more dangerous to the rest of us who do not have any adulteration.”
Yes, this is what Tanstaafl wants for his 1/4 Jew children – that they marry into the 100% White Appalachians where he moved his family to from California. He told me this himself. He might not have been totally serious but he sounded like it at the time. And he thought he could judge me as not being a good enough White Nationalist,because too much of a “Germanist” to suit him. Well, I am a Germanist because that’s where I feel comfortable. Tanstaafl is made up of five different European nationalities; I am only one.
I agree with Sven’s statement: “Our culture comes from our biology, not the other way around.” And also that ideally one should procreate with someone from one’s own ethnic group for the best results. Like attracts like is the law of life … it’s wise to follow it.

Ergo, even Richard Spencer mated outside his ethnic group, something that not even Sven seems to acknowledge (the NS men would not have trouble to see it, as I remember a passage in Table Talk about dissuading German soldiers to marry the natives at the Soviet Union).
When I see pics of Spencer’s wife I become alarmed: she’s far less white as should have been for Spencer’s pure stock. Alt-Right leader Spencer clearly mated and reproduced below his own ethny.
White nationalism is a farce, and Spencer’s and Greggy’s POV attest to it. WN must die in order that the religion of Hitlerism emerge again.

@ Cesar,
To take your logic a step further, are you suggesting that White Nationalism is an organised way of suppressing nativist (small ‘n’, ‘small ‘s’) national socialist instincts in Western countries?
I am not personally interested in who Spencer marries and has children with, on the proviso that they are white (and let’s not overlook that Spencer is American and therefore does not have a discrete ethny as such). What does bother me a little about Spencer is his naked enthusiasm for “white-mixing”, which is not Nationalism proper and can only lead to the lowest common denominator (and is thus also very unNazi) and will also lead to mixed-racial diversity (which is completely self-defeating).
There again, we must remember that Spencer is a white American and this type of ‘white nationalism’ arises from their history post-1870. You will say that Spencer, regardless of his own precise ethno-genealogy, should be upholding the Nordic (i.e. WASP, German, Dutch, Scandinavian and Ulster-Scots) aspect of American identity, which is the true White American identity and the original basis of civic American nationalism, and I would agree with you, but there again Spencer might respond that he has to build a movement, and whether he likes it or not, that requires him to be pragmatic.
A lot of this boils down not so much to abstract principles, but how you implement principles practically in a given scenario, which can often lead you to a situation where what you do in reality doesn’t much resemble the abstraction. The world isn’t a perfect blank canvass. Principles have to be implemented in a messy, three-dimensional reality.

Spencer married with someone I consider non-white. Let me explain it with my most recent visit to the UK.
When I escaped London for Scotland I noticed that the Scots were of a different type of whites than the pure English (now a minority in London). Scots have more ‘Red Nordid’ blood and the English more ‘White Nordid’ blood (see the most scholarly article in this site, ‘Gens alba conservanda est’). Both are real whites.
Then I visited Arthur Kemp on the western side of England. In his car he showed me several towns and cities and even the place where the Welsh inhabited.
Some of them were very different than the two types of whites I was used to see on the films: the Welsh were much shorter and they looked like Hobbits.
When we visited Chester, Kemp explained me that the English of other times prevented the Hobbits to enter certain parts of the city or else.
Since the most beautiful kind of women I’ve seen on earth are the English roses, I can understand such attitude, and why the English used such measures against the white Hobbits. In fact, if I had power I’d even use the pure English DNA as Himmler fancied using the pure stock of a Scandinavian town as a template for the people of the Reich.
So any marriage below your level of purity is a crime according to my point of view. Greggy et al are part of the problem of Aryan suicide. It’s them, the WNsts, who convinced me with their inconsistencies that the JP is secondary.

I’m not defending Dr Johnson, he can do that himself, but his comments read to me like ‘Movement pragmatism’.
That said, I must admit that the opening sentence of his first response to “Longshanks” [Q. Why don’t people just use their real names?] does throw me a little. Johnson states:

“You are welcome to try to build a racially pure movement if you want. Think through what that would require and get back to me.”

Surely the whole point is that we are racially pure and, at the national level, ethnically cohesive as well? If we disregard that requirement, then the raison d’etre of Nationalism dissolves and we just become a bunch of culturalists or conservatives.
Obviously racial and ethnic requirements do have to bend to practicalities somewhat. For instance, almost-all of us are ‘racially impure’ in the proper sense that we are not pure Nordics – that’s near-inescapable and it should be noted that even Hitler was not a pure Nordic – but the baseline requirement is that we should be white European, and, for those of us in Europe itself, we should preferably also be of the ethnicity of whichever country we are in, or at least be able and willing to assimilate.
The quote above from Johnson, even when considered in context, seems to disregard all this and in effect adopts a free-floating attitude to the racial basis of a movement. That, to me, is unacceptable. However, if we were to excise that quote and consider Johnson’s responses without it, then what he says is not so bad. I do not watch these Alt Right videos, and I barely know who Tara McCarthy is, still less care, but if she is sincere, then my personal view is that her racial genealogy should not be made an issue. That is on the proviso that she holds no leadership position in the Movement. On that proviso, she and people like her should be made welcome.

I welcome Tara as a stepping stone. My beef is with the men at my immediate left, and I cannot help stop punching left every time I see idiocies in the movement (as Sven told Greggy above about ‘trying to defend the indefensible’).

@ Cesar 10.58 a.m.
Yes, apologies, I’d overlooked the nuance you mentioned that technically she could be considered ‘non-white’ on the basis that you believe she is not Nordic/Nordish. And yes, having just googled her, she does look like the Eurasian type: I don’t know anything about her, but my guess would be she is either eastern Ukrainian or Georgian, or something closely similar, with Asian or Semitic admixture.
I also agree with you (assuming you are implying this, I think you are) that one of the cardinal raciological sins among what I call the ‘white-mixers’ is in thinking that all Russosphere ethnies are Slav(ic), ergo, they are acceptable. Putting aside the question of whether Slavs are ‘acceptable’ for assimilation, the fact is that not all are Slavs, even among Russians – a high proportion of white Russians are in fact hybrid Eurasians, maybe all of them.

In western England I also asked that very question to Kemp: What percentage of Russians are mixed?
Even one of my heroes, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, had that typical ‘Slavic look’ in his eyes: reminiscences of the massive rape of pure Slavic women by the Mongolian hordes centuries ago, a subject discussed so well in Kemp’s book.
I do believe that the English have to keep their blood pure even when considering another candidates for whiteness (such as the Russians, etc.).

In all seriousness, Ceasar (I know I’ve left a joke comment here before so apologies, hope you can overlook this and answer my question.) But what is your answer to the growing phenomenon of White Nationalists co-habiting, fornicating and even producing children with East Asian women? A subreddit, r/hapas (hapa is a term used to describe a mixed raced individual who is half East Asian and half something else, usually white) has been dedicated to documenting and chronicling instances of this matter. Be warned, the general tone of the subreddit is hyper liberal. But even before I found out about this site, I was growing more suspicious of this growing trend among white racists, guys like john Derbyshire, Kyle Chapman and Chuck Johnson et al. What do you have to say about this matter? .

I’ve just randomly stumbled upon this cute girl with a soft voice, weird beliefs and a murky past. In the video here, at 13:53, she makes some of the best cuck-hating tirades I’ve ever heard!
Sure, at the start she seems like a typical hater of White Sharia, but her honest hatred of cucks is worth it.
She also talks about pornography/masturbation! And the potential danger to the entire planet! She’s into cults and conspiracies, too, however.

I left out the period in the link intentionally, didn’t want to make an embedded window (it’s watch?v=6tqMGl5DQ5s&t=13m53s).
I’m mentioning it here because it’s somewhat connected to Tara McCarthy. I want more self-critique, more correct self-hate. But too many on the alt-right “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world” (like Proud Boys). They have to be ashamed for creating it – on the ruins of Germany.

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